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The evening had been going well and Maya was very happy. She had only met her in-laws twice before; once on her and Mark’s wedding day six months earlier, and again at Thanksgiving. Living over a thousand miles away, it was hard to establish close relationships. When Mark had said they were heading east to his family’s for Christmas, Maya had been excited. An only child, Maya’s parents had been killed in a car crash five years earlier when she was 19, and she was completely without blood family. She was excited to be included in the Andrews’ family traditions, and to be accepted as family.

Mark was the youngest of three boys. All three were now married, and Mark’s brothers Matt and Sam both lived in the same town they had grown up in, only blocks from one another, and the boys’ family home. Matt was the oldest, and his wife, Ann, was expecting their first child in the late spring, the first grandchild in the family. Maya couldn’t wait for the day when she and Mark had children of their own.

She was sure the Mark was going to make an amazing father. He was so patient and gentle with her. He was forever surprising her with flowers and cards, a back rub, endless ways of showing how much he cared for her. Maya smiled up at him as the plane made its descent.

Maya wasn’t disappointed in the reaction she and her husband received when they got off the plane. All six of the Andrews’ family members were crowded near the gate. They let out whoops of joy when they saw Maya and Mark, and all six rushed forward and surrounded them in a cluster of hugging arms and back patting hands. Sylvia Andrews, matriarch of the clan, kissed each on the cheek repeatedly, leaving half moons of red lipstick on their cheeks. Maya couldn’t suppress the huge grin that was taking over her face. She wished so badly that they could move here, but Mark had made it clear that his work was in Arizona, and that’s where they were going to stay. The last time she had brought it up he had seemed angry, which had terrified Maya, who had never seen him angry. He was so good to her the last thing she wanted to do was upset him, or make him unhappy. She had never brought it up again.

Mark’s brothers were both dark and handsome like Mark, their wives both stylish and cheerful. His parents were adorable, holding hands and smiling at one another, it was clear how in love they were. This was such a happy family, and Maya felt very lucky to have been made a part of it. Her own parents had tolerated one another, but Maya certainly did not have childhood memories filled with love and laughter as Mark did.

The family home was one of warmth as well. It a large rambling farmhouse, full of fascinating nooks and crannies. The decorations were tasteful, and the house inviting. Though nothing was cooking when they arrived, Maya could imagine the smell of cookies wafting from the comfortable kitchen. Sylvia quickly began busying herself in that kitchen to prepare them dinner, and denied the offer of help from Maya, insisting that she needed to go up to the guest room, unpack and relax before dinner. Mark was heading over to Matt’s with the rest of the clan to look at the pool that had been put in the week before. Maya gratefully took the time to get their things organized and freshen up before heading back down to the kitchen. She was much too excited to rest, and was looking forward to the time alone with her mother-in-law.

“Hi Dear, I thought you were resting,” Sylvia said with a smile as she added the ingredients she had chopped to the salad.

“Oh no, I’m not the least bit tired. I am so excited to be here,” she admitted.

“And we are so happy to have you here. We so wish Mark’s work didn’t keep you two so far away. You would think he could find something closer,” Sylvia said with something close to a pout.

Wanting to be agreeable with her mother in law Maya said, “I know, I’ve told him, but he doesn’t listen to me.”

“Men,” Sylvia said with a huff, throwing up her hands.

Maya laughed, the turned as everyone came back into the house. Mark’s dad, Eric poured wine all around, except for Ann who drank from the water bottle that was always in her reach. Mark gave Maya a warning look; Maya was not great at holding her alcohol. She rarely drank and became easily tipsy. She smiled back at him, hoping to assure him he had nothing to worry about. Dinner was a festive affair that lasted long past the spaghetti being eaten, and the pie disappearing. Long after the Andrews’ family remained around the table, talking and laughing. Eric kept pouring wine, and the drinking and laughing continued. Maya was getting more than a little buzzed, and her voice was getting louder and louder, as she ignored the stern looks she was getting from her husband, as well as the same look on Eric’s face, aimed at Mark.

Wanting to maintain the good humor between herself and her mother-in-law, Maya tried to make jokes she thought Sylvia would enjoy.

“Have you noticed that once men get a ring on their finger, they get a ring of fat around their middle?!” Maya found her own joke so humorous that the wine she had drank was in danger of coming out her nose. She was laughing so loudly she didn’t notice the silence of the rest of the family. It was well known that Mark was uncomfortable with the fifteen or so pounds he had put on, and his frequent trips to the gym left him powerful, but still with the much hated love handles. She also didn’t notice that her husband was clenching his teeth, and the color was rising from his neck up his face.

“I think, “Mark said through gritted teeth, “that you have had enough to drink.” Mark leaned over and took her glass from her hand. Maya was outraged.

“Mark, don’t be such an ass! Give me my damn drink and learn how to take a joke!” Maya was furious and tried to snatch the drink back as her in laws watched with open mouthed shock. Maya didn’t see the knowing looks pass between each couple.

“I think we’ve all seen quite enough,” Mark said as he stood, pulling Maya up with him. He quickly began walking across the room, pulling Maya along by her wrist.

“Let go of me!” Maya was outraged, trying to pull her arm free of his grasp. All those trips to the gym had sure given him a good grip. She had no idea what he was doing as he pulled her up the stairs, and into his old bedroom. She protested loudly, trying to break free the entire way, which didn’t so much as slow his stride. Slamming the door, he finally let go of her arm. Maya made a big show of rubbing it, looking for bruising.

“The way you have behaved tonight is unacceptable. It is time you learn what happens when an Andrews’ woman acts in a way that isn’t acceptable. Get over here,” he said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

Maya gaped open-mouthed at her husband. Her outrage was now mixed with a combination of excitement, embarrassment and fear.

“Why? You gonna spank me?” she asked with a laugh that held little humor. She was beginning to grow more than a little afraid of the look on her husband’s face. In answer to her question, Mark once again took a hold of her wrist and pulled her to him. Maya didn’t protest, couldn’t even breathe as her husband undid and lowered her pants and panties to her knees. She simply stood shivering, glancing at the door. She was nearly as terrified someone was going to know about this as she was about what Mark had in mind. Only after he had pulled her over his knee, her head hanging near the floor, her feet dangling just above it on the other end did she begin to breath again. Feeling the cold air hit her bare back side, the reality of what was happening hit her and she began to struggle.

“I suggest that you take what is coming to you. You know as well as I do that you earned this. You are getting spanked now whether you like it or not. It will be a lot easier on you if you just submit to the punishment you earned.” With that he began to slap her bottom with his hand. She found the first few smacks took her breath away again. She couldn’t believe how badly it stung, with him using just his hand.

Maya had been spanked by her parents as a child, and a hand spanking had never been too big a deal. Usually just a few half-hearted swats over her pants, and that was all. The very few times she had gotten serious spankings were with her mother’s hairbrush. She remembered the horrible sting, though her parents were not all that strict and she probably only received five to ten swats, whose sting faded within minutes of the spanking. Still those spankings had terrified Maya as a child, and she had done everything possible to avoid them.

Now as her husband’s hand came down over and over, covering each spot of her bottom and upper thighs, she finally knew what a real spanking felt like. She had long since given up any thoughts about the rest of the family hearing, and was loudly begging him to stop.

“OWWW! Mark, no! OWWW! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!OWWW!! Pleeeeease Mark! IT hurts! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll be good!”

To that, Mark laughed humorlessly, “You better be.” As he continued to relentlessly and methodically slap his wife’s now red backside. He was determined she was going to learn her lesson. Added to that, his family had witnessed her little show. She was not going to humiliate him like that, and he was going to show his family that he, too, could keep his wife in line. He continued to spank her just as hard and fast, and was ignoring all her pleas. She began to squirm even more than she had been and he stopped.

“You’d best stay still,” he said slowly through his teeth, and landed another two hard swats.

She couldn’t control the jump that landed her on the floor and away from his punishing hand. She looked up at him in fear, and made the decision to run for the door, fully ready to race out of the house with her pants and panties wrapped around one ankle. Unfortunately, Mark was fast, and had scooped her off her feet before she got half way to the door. His arm was holding her by the waist, her head poking out from behind him. He carried her across the room as though she weighed nothing. From her view of the other side of the room, she couldn’t see what he was rummaging for in the drawers. A thought hit her of what it might be and she began crying loudly again, craning her neck to see if her fear was going to be realized. Before she got a view, Mark swung back to the bed, and dumped her unceremoniously across his lap. Before she even had time to struggle, Mark straddled her legs between his own, holding down her one free arm and her back at the same time, leaving her virtually defenseless. Panic set in and Maya began to wail and plead.

“Mark, please! I’m sorry, I swear! I learned my lesson! I’ll be good! Please!”

“Maya, I have had enough. I hope you have learned not to disrespect me, especially in front of my family. Now I am going to teach you that when I decide you need to be punished, your best course of action is to accept it, and take the punishment you need and deserve.” With that Maya felt the first crack of the brush Mark had retrieved. It completely took her breath away. She had thought it couldn’t get any worse but she had been wrong. So very wrong. Her bottom, throbbing and on fire from his hand, was now being punished hard and fast with the brush, and Maya couldn’t squirm even an inch to try and avoid the smacks. After the first ten hard, fast spanks landed, Maya lost even the will to fight. She lay over her husband’s lap, sobbing quietly, taking the spanking she accepted as inevitable.

Maya wasn’t sure how long it was that she lay over Mark’s knee after he had stopped spanking her and put the brush down. For quite some time she still lay there, crying into her hands. When she had gained some composure, she lifted herself from his lap and turned to face the man she loved.

“I’m sorry, Mark. I should never have talked to you that way.”

“Everything is okay now, Maya. Come here.” He reached out to her, and she cuddled on his lap, snuggling her face into the comforting smell of his shirt, and cried into him as he gently rubbed her back and hair. After a few minutes, Mark stood and set her gently on the bed.

“Now get yourself together, I’m sure the card game is underway.” He headed out of the room, leaving her to get her pants back on, and check out the damage to her makeup.

Her hair and makeup had also taken quite a beating, and she was glad that she had the advantage of her makeup and brushes in her suitcase. She took a bit longer than she needed to getting ready, but she was more embarrassed than she could stand at the idea of seeing her in-laws. Certainly they had heard everything. How was she supposed to face them, with them all having just heard her get the spanking of her life. Not at all wanting to make Mark mad, she took a breath and headed back to the kitchen, where only Sylvia and Dan were sitting with Mark.

“Hi, dear,” Sylvia said sympathetically.

“Hello.” Maya answered, her eyes downcast. Tears threatened to come again as waves of humiliation washed over her.

“Don’t worry about it Maya, it happens to the best of us.” Sylvia said with a wry smile. “The first Easter Matt and Ann were here, she found he had forgotten to pack the gifts she had bought, and asked if he was stupid. Before I could even blink an eye, he had her over his knee, paddling her right there at the dinner table. So just think, it could have been worse. I have spent the occasional holiday over the years sitting on a warm bottom, so the boys come by it rightfully.”

Maya stood in open-mouthed shock at what she had just learned. It seemed all the Andrews women were spanked by their husbands. Maya took a moment to think about this new facet of her life, then saw Sylvia and her husband lovingly holding hands, looking completely in love, and a smile spread over her face. Going to the man she loved, she put her arms around his neck kissed his cheek, knowing she would change nothing about her life.


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