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Three days earlier he first made reference to it. “Daria” He said. “You keep it up and I’m going to take a switch to your bottom.” It was said in passing, and as I felt a twinge of heat run through me I put the comment aside forgetting it for the moment. It hadn’t been a serious matter and I took it to be a kidding wisecrack.

The next day on a hot July afternoon, I was standing next to him while we chatted with some neighbors on the front lawn of his house and the conversation turned to children and discipline. Thinking myself quite worldly I listened with interest, inserting a comment or two, when I thought my advice on the subject might be useful. He seemed a bit annoyed with me, something I had noticed all day, then looking down at me while speaking to the neighbors he said. “Well I’ll tell you, if this one’s attitude doesn’t improve real quick like, she can expect to get her bare bottom warmed. I felt a hot flash of embarrassment run through me as my face turned scarlet. I managed a smile that tried to indicate I knew he was kidding, but his tone and the look on his face told all of us he wasn’t kidding. Not in the least. Smiles passed among some of the neighbors at his comment and the nodding of approval indicated they too felt this might well be appropriate for a particular disobedient young lady.

It had been a while since he spanked me and I believed it was part of my past. I thought myself far too old for a childish spanking. Though it was well understood that it was his house and as long as I was staying with him he had total parental responsibility and authority. I knew this and accepted it. Still I was too old for a spanking, or so I reasoned to myself. Though on another level deep down I wasn’t so sure. The conversation turned to other topics and the moment passed.

Later that night in bed I wondered about a spanking from my Uncle. I knew that if indeed I was too old for a spanking that a part of my life would have passed that I wasn’t all that sure I wouldn’t at least on some levels miss. My mind wandered back to the last spanking he had given me. As I lay there thinking about it I slid my two pillows under my stomach pushing my bottom up in the air. I pulled my turquoise silk pajama bottoms down, ever so slowly enjoying the feeling as they slipped along my bottom. I continued to drop them down to my upper thighs exposing my entire bottom. I imagined that I had been ordered to my room and into this position to wait for my punishment. I wiggled my bottom as if I were being spanked. I rubbed against the pillow creating as much friction as possible.

I deserved that spanking, I knew it then and I know it now. I had been difficult for several days in early April and though not purpose I was pushing all the right, or wrong depending on how you looked at it buttons. I had been taking advantage of my Uncle’s good nature in every way I could think of. It was if I had been on a quest of selfish behavior. Though he is slow to anger, when a line has been crossed he doesn’t hesitate to take corrective measures, something I had found to be true when I was sixteen and several times since then.

I should mention that Uncle Mark thinks it’s his duty to see that I get the guidelines and guidance he thinks are necessary to keep me properly focused. I don’t mind all that much, even though he is sometimes strict. He’s not unfair and I know he does it believing it’s for my own good. Since he never had kids of his own sometimes the punishments are some what childish for someone of my age, I just grin and bear it. Why three weeks ago I was grounded for three days. How many girls going to college do you know that get grounded? He does seem a bit out of touch regarding age appropriate punishments. One time he almost made me sit in a corner when I did something he didn’t care for until I started laughing and he sent me to my room.

He thinks of me as a child, which when I want to get my way or have something can be quite useful. On the other hand as a child he thinks it quite appropriate to warm my bare bottom when ever it’s deserved. I don’t view this part as being very useful. When I’m around him I feel like a little girl most of the time, it’s part the way he treats me and part the way he his, sort of quiet and reserved, So adult so dignified. One of the things I’ve learned is what I can get away with, and what I can’t. I can ask for almost anything and get it. I can let chores slide and it’s usually no big deal. I cannot have an excessively smart mouth, an attitude or disobey if I’m told to do something. He won’t tolerate that, not at all, not for a minute. Other than that I have free reign.

I’m not sure but I suspect that since I’m five foot one ( Well almost ) and while I’m fairly developed, I am on the slight side that my size has a lot to with his still viewing me as a child. That and the fact he has known me since I was a baby. One time I almost got spanked while a neighbor was still in the house, luckily he soon left and I got it in private, but it was close. Sometimes he’ll comment how much better my behavior and attitude are after a spanking. This usually flusters me. Especially if someone else is present.

A few years ago when I first came to live with him we went through a rather interesting period. I wasn’t really testing him so much as I was just used to doing things my own way and yes, if you must know getting things my own way. I had tucked away in the back of my memory the summer I had spent with him when I was sixteen and the spankings I got then and I had to relearn some lessons the hard way. I was Nineteen and more than a bit spoiled, at least by his standards. You can’t imagine my surprise the first time. I was in the den watching TV. I was wearing an old, oversize, somewhat ragged very long T-shirt and nothing else. I mean what the heck, I was alone and it was hot. Arizona Hot. He had told me several times to turn off the TV and go to bed, well I’d heard that from my parents for years and never paid any attention to them so ignoring this was standard procedure for me. He had come into the room taken me by the arm and flipped me over the arm of the leather sofa and proceeded to spank my bottom which was exposed as the T-shirt rose up when I was placed in that unfortunate position. I was too stunned to complain and never uttered a word of protest. He spanked me maybe fifteen or twenty swats of his large hand before pulling me to my feet and telling me that in his house children were expected to obey. I nodded my understanding sniffing my tears back. I scampered to my room a chastened young lady.

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I rubbed my bottom as I thought some more about that evening in April. Finally that night he had decided that it was time for action. I had been a supreme brat all day. It was getting near dinner time and my mouth was running non stop about this and that. I could tell he was getting annoyed but I didn’t stop. A few hours earlier as he sometimes does, he had taken me by the arm and holding me in place he had given me five quick swats on my bottom while I stood next to him. He means this as a reminder to change what ever I’m doing. This happens maybe every other week or so. Usually I get the message. Not this time. If he thinks it’s time for a reminder he does it, one time I was just out of the shower and returning to my room and wearing nothing but a towel. I was so surprised I lost my grip on the towel and got ten swats totally naked and still wet. It seemed to sting even more on my wet bottom.

That April evening I was wearing a pair of red satin sweats having gone jogging a few hours earlier. He snatched the back of my tops at one shoulder and pulled me along side him as he walked into the living room. As soon as I felt his hand grip the material I knew. I knew, I was about to ‘catch it’ I could feel it in his tone of voice and attitude. It had been some time since he had spanked me, but there was no mistaking what was about to happen. I didn’t resist, I knew better than that. One time I had tried to struggle free and it had earned me ten swats with a strap on my bare bottom an hour after my first spanking. Never again have I tried to defy him. It was dark outside, I could see some kids playing under a street light a hundred feet away down the block. The living room was well lit and with the drapes open I knew that if they tried, they could see in. The sofa faced away from the window, so if they did look in it would be possible to see that a spanking was taking place but not much more.

Sitting down on the couch he pulled me across his lap. He pulled down my sweat bottoms and my cotton panties. I buried my head in the soft pillows and tried to prepare for what was coming. The clap of his hand on my bottom was muffled to my covered ears but the sting was as real as ever.

I flexed and un-flexed my derriere. My toes pushed against the arm of the sofa and I tried to push forward but there was no where to go. The arms of the couch made for a perfect confinement until my punishment was over. He spanked me until I was crying and making promises to behave and not be a smart mouth.

The spanking wasn’t the worst by far that he had ever given me, it was I suppose fair for a smart mouth and a crummy attitude. It stung and burned. He pulled up my sweats and panties in one bunch and covered my bottom. I wasn’t given any time to compose myself I had to set the table and get dinner as I wiped the tears from my eyes. I sat through dinner trying to make small talk and not pout. He hates it when I pout. I could feel the sting and through my light sweat suit I felt the fabric of the chair on my fanny and the itch increase when I would reach for something or to pass him an item.

I felt the tingling on my bottom for hours afterward, and later that night when I pressed my hand on my bottom and then gave myself a gentle pat I could feel the sensations come alive again.

As I lay there stretched across my bed recalling that spanking it made me feel very much like a little girl. I thought about being stretched across his lap and having to lay there and take my spanking on my bare bottom just like I was ten years old. I had mixed feelings about the spankings. I didn’t care for them when they were happening that was for sure. I mean, they hurt. Afterwards however I liked to relive the encounter and even had some fantasies about the experience.

It was then I heard him call my name “Daria” I could tell that this was something out of the ordinary. He wasn’t louder than usual it was just something in his tone that told me. I quickly slipped my Pajama bottoms back over my bottom and got off the bed. I could feel a small knot in the pit of my stomach, I wondered if it was left over from my mental games or intuition of what might be coming.

I opened the door. “Yes Uncle Mark ?” I asked. I didn’t get an answer, which I knew meant he expected me to come out into the living room. I pulled my bottoms up as far as they would go.

Entering the living room I noticed he was sitting in his usual Easy chair with a magazine that he put down when I entered. “Sit down I want to talk to you.” He nodded to the sofa nearby where I had gotten the last spanking that had been part of my fantasy until just a few minutes ago.

I sat down trying to maintain an innocent concerned look that I hoped would gain me some sympathy. Don’t laugh, it usually works.

“Daria, You know I’ve talked to you several times in the last few days about your comments and smart mouth.” I nodded thoughtfully. “And you know that I don’t care for that kind of thing from you.” I nodded again. He looked me in the eye until my gaze fell away. “I want you to go outside a cut a switch.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’d never had to go cut a switch in my life. I wouldn’t know how. My look of amazement caused a quick slight smile to cross his face. “Come on then, it’s time that a child of your age learned how to cut a switch.” With that he stood up and took my wrist in his hand. I was tugged along behind him, still trying to recover from my astonishment..

Out into the back yard we went, my bare feet made contact with the damp grass, still wet from the early evening sprinkler. The wind gently pulled at my silk pajamas that were far too sheer and never intended to be outdoor garments. I held onto the waist band of my bottoms with my free hand as they started to slip.

We turned into the side yard, with him still holding onto my wrist. In front of a large evergreen tree we halted. Letting go of my wrist he reached out and snapped off a branch. It was about two and a half feet long and thin. He brushed off the smaller shoots with a whisk of his hand. Offering the stick to me he asked. “ I think this should do just fine, what do you think?” As he said that he whipped it back and forth a few times real quick. It made a whistling sound that almost dazed me. I took the branch in my hands and with a pat of his palm on my fanny to guide me, we were on our way back to the house. I was carrying a present I had no wish to own. I held it in one hand. As it rubbed against the side of my leg, I could easily feel it and it’s small bumps through the thin silk PJ bottoms.

I looked down at my feet as we entered the house. They seemed to glisten from the dampness they had picked up on our short journey. The bottoms of my pajama legs were damp. I wiped my feet on the mat, and brushed off a few pieces of freshly mowed grass. I meekly followed him back into the living room. He gently placed his hand on my shoulder and guided me to the center of the room. I noticed that this time the drapes were drawn.

He nodded to me, reached out his palm and I handed him the switch. He turned me slightly to the right and gripping me by the left arm just above my elbow he held me in place. His fingers slipped into the waist of my bottoms at my left leg and with no more than a slight pull my pj bottoms slide down past my bottom, then gained speed and slipped quickly to my knees and then they were at my ankles. I looked down at my beautiful turquoise pajamas bunched at my ankles, covering my feet.

He pulled me slightly forward until I was partly bent over. I place my hands on my trembling upper thighs. He patted the switch across my bottom several times as he gave me a lecture on his views regarding the proper etiquette for children and young ladies.

He made me wait for almost a full minute while he continued his lecture. Bent over and half naked I was embarrassed and apprehensive of what was coming. I loosened the grip of my fingers on my thighs and moved them slightly, revealing small splotches of white on my tanned legs. I tried to concentrate on the small spots and looking at my bare legs rather than what was happening elsewhere around me. I could sense the switch as it hovered near my bottom while he talked. He would occasionally make a point in his endless lecture and the switch would brush up against my fanny and then be pulled away as he turned slightly.

He moved just a bit and I could sense it was about to start. The sting caught me by surprise. It was sharper and hotter than anything else I’d ever experienced before. I let out a screech and shot straight up. I twisted a bit and looked back at the switch in his hand. He was holding it half back and cocked for another swing at my bottom. He said in a quiet voice. “Daria” I looked at him and then taking a deep breath, letting out a sigh I bent back over to receive the rest of my switching.

I was soon wiggling my bottom and trying to twist as the switch struck home. Each time I yelped and howled. A pat of his hand on my side would stop my wiggling for a few more swats and then I couldn’t help it. I kept my hands on my thighs the after the first swipe of the switch, however my fanny was jumping up and down and side to side.


I yelped at the top of my lungs with each stinging swat of the switch.

“OOOWWIEEE” “OOOWwwwww” “OOOoowwwww”

The switch seemed to cut rivers of pain into my flaming fanny.


He meant business that evening, I got about twenty swipes of the switch. My bottom was seemingly on fire. I was promising perfect behavior for life.

“OOOWWWW” “Oowweeeieee” “I bbeeeee good” “OOOwwww”

“I promise” “ooooooo”

Uncle Mark stopped and I could see through my tear clouded eyes the switch was at his side. “Ok Daria, that’s enough. I suspect you’ll be more careful with your attitude for a while.”

I slipped into bed leaving the pj bottoms on the floor and laying on top of the covers I sniffled myself to sleep trying to remember that this was for my own good as he so often tells me.

The next morning I inspected my rear end in the mirror and decided it wasn’t going to be a good day for a bikini unless I was prepared to explain some fading red stripes that would be visible. I opted for a pair of shorts that would cover the damage.

At breakfast I sat gingerly not wishing to cause any of the stripes on my fanny any unnecessary friction. Uncle Mark didn’t make any mention of the previous night. For him after the punishment is over, the matter is closed.

It was almost ten that morning before I decided to make an appearance outside. I was sure that my howling the night before had been heard throughout the neighborhood. He was sitting in a lawn chair talking to another of the neighbors when I approached. He saw me and smiling waved me over. I joined them in some small talk, choosing to stand. Ms. Ellison, who he was talking asked me innocently. “So what did you do for excitement last night Daria?” I was too flustered to answer what was undoubtedly an innocuous question. Uncle Mark smiled and responded for me. “Let’s just say her behavior will be exemplary for a few days.” I blushed as we all knew what he meant. He pulled me close with his arm around my waist then gave me an tender pat on my rump. I put my hand on his shoulder squeezed it affectionately and smiled.

Later that day I found the switch in the trash under the kitchen sink. I took it out and hid it in my room. I’m not sure why. Later in bed in my mind I relived the experience and the details of the previous night.


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