Screaming Eagles part 19, Heather's spanking story

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I was nervous and could feel the knot in the pit of my stomach as soon as I heard Mom yelling up the stairs waking me up announcing I was late for breakfast. I kicked off the sheets and stretched my legs, rolled over onto my tummy, looking at the alarm clock that hadn’t gone off.

I had reason to be nervous I thought to myself, as I listened to the birds chirp their morning calls while the bright morning sunlight played across the room. Placing one foot on the leg of my pajamas I slid the leg off then the other. Turning my head I looked down at my white bottom and with a twinge of anxiety I wondered how it was going to look in just a few hours.

I wasn’t happy to see Mom had set out a dress for me to wear, she likes to pick my clothes out despite the fact that I’m fifteen. Usually I don’t mind, but today it was a short dress that I would have not chosen. I would have far preferred to see some loose fitting jeans. I could have picked something else, but then there would have been questions and I didn’t care to deal with any questions. I mean like what was I going to say? “Gee Mommy, I’d really rather wear my jeans, since there’s a good chance I’m going to get a spanking today.” No, the subject was best avoided.

My family and I had moved to Frost Prairie only three weeks earlier and already I was in trouble in school. I had joined the girl’s basketball team and was fitting into the school far faster than I would have expected. I had made several friends and was pleased to be in with what I considered the elite of the school.

It had been a bit of a surprise when I signed up for school and my Mother had been handed a form to fill out that read Disciplinary options. I saw the header of the form upside down as she checked off the different questions. When she finished she had a small smile as she put in back on the desk. I picked it up before the counselor, Mr. Penny could slip it into my folder. My face turned red and I felt light headed as I read it. I simply couldn’t believe it. I mean like I’d heard that kids can get spanked at the school but I never thought it was like this.

My eyes grew wide as I read.

Frost Prairie Disciplinary Options ( Girls form )
To: Parents of students attending Frost Prairie High
From: Your School Board

It is our practice and custom that students at Frost Prairie have disciplinary matters handled at school. We feel that in this manner we can ensure consistent and prompt corrective action is taken.

If you feel you don’t want your child to be part of this program, we will suspend your child from the school for all infractions. This will put the student at a severe disadvantage with the loss of class time as they serve out their suspension.

______ Please suspend my child for all infractions ( If this is checked, you need only sign and date the form.)

You have permission to discipline my child as necessary. ( If this is checked please fill out the rest of the form.)

The following will be used as guide lines only, the school administration will make all final decisions.

I authorize and support the following.

Authorized to give punishment

______ Principal
______ Asst. Principal
______ Counselor
______ Teacher

XXXX All of the above


_________ Paddle
_________ Strap
________ Hand
XXXX Any of the above


_______ Over the knee
_______ Bending
_______ Standing

XXXX Any of the above


_______ Jeans or Dress
______ Panties
______ Bare bottom

XXXX Any of the above

We strive to ensure that discipline is administered in a private manner. However when more than one student has been part of an action requiring discipline, group punishments are sometimes mandated.

All other matters, such as how many swats or how hard are left to the individual administrating the spanking.

XXX Please check if you wish to be notified when your child has been disciplined.

_________________ Parent’s signature _________________ Date

And there at the bottom was my Mom’s signature.

I looked at her dazed. “Well honey you said you wanted to be part of the school and fit in, didn’t you?” She looked at Mr. Penny. “All the other kid’s parents have signed these forms, isn’t that right?” She asked. “That’s correct.” he asked smugly. “Every kid in the school has one of these forms in their file.” He continued. “ I dare say that we have the best behaved students in the state in our school.”

And so my fate along with the rest of the students was sealed. Almost any adult at the school could bare my bottom and paddle me any time they felt I deserved it. No recourse and no appeals. If they felt I deserved it. I was going to get spanked.

Frost Prairie was going to be different, that was for sure.

That night at dinner there was some kidding about the forms my Dad expressed. “Well Heather, I’m sure you’ll be on your best behavior at school for a change.” The thought crossed my mind that possibly our moving to Frost Prairie hadn’t been as random as I had had been told.

I trudged to school that morning some few weeks after the form had been filled out wondering what it would be like. I was wondering if we really had to say anything. I mean we couldn’t be sure he had seen us, maybe my worrying was all for nothing.

A block later Sandi came into view. We walked toward each other and were soon side by side. Sandi was my best friend, she was a Sophomore just like me and we had a lot in common, besides being maybe the sorriest players on the team. We had home room and several classes together, we also had something else in common, we were in trouble together. We tried to make some small talk on the way but it was no use. There was only one thing on our minds. Ignoring the other kids as we approached the school we got to the topic that was burning in our minds. “Did he see us, do you think, he saw us?” I asked. “Doesn’t matter.” She replied with a quake in her voice. I tilted my head. “Doesn’t matter? Doesn’t matter? Are you kidding? If he didn’t see us then we’re safe.” She shook her head. “Naw, we gotta tell Mr. Hartman.” We walked a few more steps and I questioned my friend as to why we should have to tell Mr. Hartman, our home room teacher anything if we hadn’t been seen.

“I thought about it last night.” Sandi said. “If we don’t tell and Mr. Snyder did see us smoking as we left the school and he reports it we’ll catch it far worse than if we just confess and take what’s coming to us.” The previous night after Basketball practice we had light up cigarettes as we were leaving the school grounds. Mr. Snyder had driven by. We couldn’t tell if he had seen us smoking or not. We just couldn’t be sure. It was just our luck, the first time we had ever done something like that and we might have been seen. “What’s coming to us is a spanking.” I offered. “Probably, but better that than the strap in the principals office.” She countered.

The bell rang and we slipped into our seats as the other kids quieted down as Mr. Hartman stood up. Mr. Hartman was tall and maybe in his late thirties. Handsome in a rugged sort of way. Dressed in his usual tweed jacket and plain slacks he began talking. I paid almost no attention, able to think only of what was ahead. I had no idea what to expect. We had agreed that when we were dismissed Sandi and I would approach him and confess our sins and hope for a simple lecture. That way if Mr. Snyder did say something we would have reported our selves and it would be over. Or so we fantasized.

The class was dismissed, I pulled my self from my seat and with great reluctance followed Sandi to the front of the room and the looming Mr. Hartman. As fate would have it Alice was hanging around asking silly questions, delaying the inevitable. Mr. Hartman looked at us and asked over Alice’s head. “Can I help you girls?” Sandi stammered. “Uh, no sir, we’ll wait it’s kind of private.” With that he went back to talking to Alice who after three or more minutes finally tired of talking her silly talk and made her way to her next class.

“Yes?” Mr. Hartman inquired of the two long faces in front of him. “Mr. Hartman, we broke a school rule yesterday.” Sandi offered. And with that the whole tale came out. Before we both finished talking we had confessed and admitted that we had been seen. Tears were rolling down our faces as we completed our story of woe.

Mr. Hartman hadn’t spoken more than ten words so eager were we to get the story out and told. I felt some relief. At least it was out in the open and the secret was no longer a secret. Now all that waited for us was a lecture on the evils of smoking and it was all over. He nodded to me. “Heather close and lock the door, and Sandi pull the blinds.” As I turned and walked to the door I could feel my knees wobble, they felt like water. A knot grew in my stomach and ringing filled my ears. There was no doubt that we were going to be punished.

The class room seemed so big and empty with just the three of us. I made my way back to the front of the room and standing beside Sandi I stared at the floor too scared to look at Mr. Hartman. He began talking about smoking and school rules, while he did so he pulled his wood chair from his desk and to the side. It was obvious that we were to get it over his lap.

He sat down and nodded to us, it wasn’t clear who was supposed to go first. Sandi stepped forward, and I instantly regretted not being faster and getting mine over first. Now I would have to wait and watch, suffering while she got her spanking and then me mine.

Sandi had worn a pair of jeans that were the envy of my bottom up until she was at Mr. Hartman’s side and he announced. “Sandi, drop your jeans to your ankles.” Sandi glanced at me for a second as her hands made their way to her buttons which she unsnapped one by one. As the last button was undone her jeans sagged slightly away at her waist exposing the tops of her panties. I took a deep breath as she slipped her jeans down. Her pink panties were a blaze of color against the dull blue of her jeans that were sliding down her longs legs until they were finally crumpled at her ankles. Her panties were pulled to one side having been altered by the jeans being lowered. One of her bottom cheeks was partly exposed. Sandi made no effort to adjust them. She was either unaware of the situation or well aware of what was coming next. Mr. Hartman pulled her across his lap. She went willingly, making no effort to resist. He body draped across his lap, her feet covered by the jeans rested on the floor, her fingers pushed against the wood floor.

He Shifted her a bit forward on his lap and then as I watched transfixed he pulled down her panties until they were bunched just below her bottom cheeks. Her hands left the floor and covered her face as he pulled down the panties. With a quick WHAP of his hand on her bottom her fingers darted to the floor as she tried to steady herself.

Mr. Hartman proceeded to administer a sound spanking that soon had the room echoing with the swats bouncing off her fanny and her yelps and cries intermingled with the claps. She bounced on his lap with each swat.

Her bottom got red from almost the first swat. The contrast of the growing redness against the pale white color of her fanny had me watching as if this didn’t involve me in any way. Soon her entire fanny was covered with splotches or red and pale white skin that seemed to bounce with each impact of his hand. Her legs kicked raising the jeans up and then down as she flexed her legs almost with every other whack.

He pulled up her panties as she lay limp across his lap crying and gasping out apologies and promises to never smoke again. She got up gingerly and pulling up her jeans limped away. I was next.

It felt like I was another person, so unreal as I walked to Mr. Hartman’s side. I felt his large hand wrap around my arm and gently pull me forward and then down as I went across his lap. With a gentle thud I was in place. I felt the cool air on my legs as he pulled my dress up and then his hand against my bare bottom as my panties were pulled down. I looked forward at the wall that held a tattered map of the world, trying to eliminate what was happening from my mind. It didn’t work, I could feel my bare backside almost shiver as the cool air enveloped it. He gave my buttocks a quick pat, I squeezed my cheeks tightly in anticipation, and then I was brought back to reality. Mr. Hartman smacked his hand down hard and then before I could squeal out a protest his palm landed again and again. I was soon crying and yelping with each swat to my tail. I could feel his hand cover both of my bottom cheeks with each swat. His hand seemed so large and my poor bottom so small.

My legs left the floor and straightened out, I tried to struggle free, to no avail He was far too strong for me. I was in his iron grip and going no where until he was satisfied.

He kept spanking me until all I could think about was the fire on my fanny and the next swat that was coming. I was crying like a baby and didn’t care that I was. Just like Sandi I was soon promising good behavior for life. I could feel the swats move up and down my butt, until from the tops of my thighs to the top of my fanny was a burn that was as hot as the sun. My arms moved wildly and I covered my face crying, as my feet drummed against the floor.

The sounds of the WHAP SPANK THWAP SWAT coming from my tail seemed to cause my ears to burn as well as my butt.

I didn’t realize at first that he had finished, then I felt his hand on my bottom as he gently pulled my panties back into place. The cool of his hand felt good against my hot blistered bottom. Modesty was not in the least a concern at that point, I was simply happy it was over.

He made us stand in separate corners until our blubbering had slowed and we had regained some of our composure. Then handing us each a slip of paper he pointed to the door. We left the room, wiping tears from our eyes making for the girl’s rest room as quickly as we could. We dried our eyes and went our separate ways to class. Mr. Hartman had written passes that granted us no more than five minutes recovery time in the rest room and then we were due in our next class. We didn’t delay, wishing to have no more disciplinary problems any time soon.

At Basketball practice after school we were required by the older girls to relate our experience in detail and present our bottoms for an evaluation of Mr. Hartman’s abilities. The general feeling was that he had done a sufficient job. We worked extra hard in practice having no wish to have the Coach’s paddle make contact with our tails. Sandi was lucky, I wasn’t. An hour into the practice found me with two other girls bending over as each of us got five swats. The flame of the earlier spanking burned anew as the first swat of the paddle struck just right, then each of the next four blazed my poor butt even farther. The cool water of the shower felt good on my tired fanny.

A half hour later I waved good bye to Sandi as I opened the door to my house. I was relived the day was over. Then I heard my Dad’s voice boom out. “Heather get into the kitchen right now. The school called and I want an explanation, young lady.”

“Geeze.” I muttered to myself.


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