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“You’re kidding me right?” I stared my cousin in the eye looking for a trace of humor that would give the gag away. “I’m not. I’m certainly not.” She responded with a small huff in her Dutch accent. “ I would never make a joke about my school uniform.” She sounded so serious I was a bit taken a back, I mean how the heck could any one care about a school uniform? and take pride in it no less? It was beyond my comprehension. “You mean to tell me you have to wear that when you go to school?” “I believe that I’ve made that clear.” She responded, now sounding somewhat hurt by my insensitivity.

I reached out and pulled the hanger from the rack in my closet that held what she had just unpacked and had taken my complete attention. I examined the short skirt, the suit and to my eternal amazement there was even a hat. I choked back a snicker, wanting to do no more damage to international relations for the rest of the day. With a mental shake of my head I put the hanger back in place and wiped the smile off my face and turned to face Moniek.

I suppose I should do some explaining before I go any farther. Moniek and her Uncle Wulfram were visiting from Holland. They were going to be spending a few days with my family before completing their tour of the states and returning home. I had eagerly waited for this having corresponded with my distant cousin for several months in perpetration. I knew she went to a private school but until she had unpacked and proudly placed two uniforms on hangers in my closet I had no idea. I mean really. I never would have imagined. And to boot she’d brought two of the damn things.

“Well I’d never wear one.” I announced trying hard not to offend her anymore than I might have already. She smiled. “I suspect you would if you went to my school.” “Why, would I?” I asked back, one eyebrow arched almost challengingly. Moniek smiled quite confidently. “Because if you didn’t wear it or you wore it incorrectly, you’d be punished.” To my continued amazement she was still being serious. “Punished? Punished? What the hell do you mean Punished?” Well for first offenses I suppose that would get you no more than a bare bottom spanking, if you continued your immature defiance I suspect you’d be caned.” I knew my mouth had just dropped open in astonishment and then with a substantial mental effort I closed it only to open it to speak. “And might I ask, what is caned ?” I listed as Moniek described the process at her school, how the girls were brought to the headmasters and bent over to receive strokes of the cane, usually on their bare bottoms. When I was sure I’d heard everything the world had to offer, her last words caused me to burst out. “Welts, you meant those canes leave welts on your bottom?” Moniek answered with some amusement at my foolishness. “Well of course it’s up to who ever is administering your punishment, but yes, if you deserve it you might well expect to have welts on your bottom for several days after.” We left my room a few minutes later. My head was swimming with what I had heard.

At dinner that night the conversations were flowing freely. I saw Uncle Wulfram lean over toward Moniek and ask softly so that I could barely hear. “Did she like it?” Moniek tilted her head slightly and looked at him, just a touch of hurt was in her voice. “I’m not sure she would want it.” The last part was said just as a silence fell on all the conversations at the table at once. What would have been barely audible almost boomed across the room. All eyes turned to Moniek and Uncle Wulfram. Moniek looked down suddenly finding something of incredible interest in her lap that needed immediate examination. This left Uncle Wulfram to fill in the blanks for the now quiet and curious group around the table.

He looked at me as I wondered what it was that I might not want. Uncle Wulfram cleared his throat and spoke. “Moniek brought one of her school uniforms for you, a present. It’s really a very special honor, she saved her own money to pay for the extra uniform herself.” He concluded with a smile. I felt awful. I had made fun of Moniek’s uniform after she had so thoughtfully brought one all the way over here as a present. I didn’t know what to say. If I could have sunk lower in my seat I would have. My face burned with embarrassment at the thoughtless and insensitive way I had behaved earlier. I thought to my self. “ Typical Daria, just damn typical, any way to make an ass of your self and you’ll find it with out fail.”

I swallowed my chagrin and tucked my shame into the back recesses of my mind and graciously accepted Moniek’s generous gift. I was sincerely moved at the effort and expense she had gone to make the present possible. Mom spoke first after I was finished. “Let’s see them. Please, put the uniforms on we want to see them. A chorus of voices from the rest of the family made it inevitable.

We went up stairs to get into our uniforms. I found to my amazement that she had even brought regulation shoes and panties, I mean like I couldn’t wear my own panties? Geeze this was getting to be more than Halloween.

“Now remember Daria, when ever we wear these uniforms we must do it correctly, we can never dishonor our uniforms. You must agree with this, do you? Please?” She almost pleaded. I nodded my head and spoke my agreement caught up in my friend’s seriousness. “Oh, of course if you don’t wear your uniform properly you can only be punished by a member of the school or one of the Senior girls. No one else can punish you”

Soon we back downstairs being examined by all the family members that had come over for dinner that night. “Ohhh, don’t they so look cute.” Purred Aunt Sarah. My hand adjusted the tie at my neck and I tugged at my jacket as we were examined like a pair of mannequins in a store window.

Uncle Wulfram was the center of the adult conversations as he explained the methods of discipline for the girl’s schools. “Damn right.” Gruffed Uncle Bob, now feeling his third martini. “Have a whole lot less trouble over here if we’d paddle some of these kids.” Dad smiled at me and said. “There are times when I think a good bottom warming might be just the ticket for this one.” “Oh, daddy.” I stammered, flustered that he would say such a thing. “I haven’t been spanked since I was ten.” He frowned slightly. “Yes, and maybe it was a mistake to stop, I’m not so sure we made the right decision.” The conversations continued like this for a while. I even heard one of my Aunts discussing the merits of a bare bottom spanking as compared to allowing the young lady to keep her panties on.” It was a nightmare series of conversations to one who is still of the age that spankings can become part of their life on a parental whim. I was hoping that Dad wouldn’t hear any persuasive arguments for changing his current discipline policies,

Two days later Moniek and I wore our uniforms to the mall to see a movie and do some shopping before she had to leave. I mean it was special to her and I still taken with the uniqueness of wearing a uniform, it was kind of neat I supposed to myself. Despite several cautions from Moniek I played with my uniform. I took off my jacket and carried it over my shoulder. A serious no, no Moniek informed me sternly. I could tell she was distressed at my casual attitude towards the uniform but was trying hard to get along and not argue. I loosened the knot of my tie and flipped the tie casually over my shoulder.

The movie was a stinker, my boredom allowed me more time to violate every uniform rule Moniek’s school had ever put into place or even considered. As we walked out of the theater I was tossing my hat up in the air and catching it, over and over. Moniek was a picture of proper uniform etiquette. I was a disgrace. We walked around for a while waiting for Uncle Wulfram to pick us up. My parents had taken a short trip to take my grandparents home and wouldn’t be back until later that evening.

“Oh, Oh there’s Uncle Wulfram.” Moniek gasped. I looked up, and coming down the center aisle was indeed Uncle Wulfram. I thought to myself. “He sure doesn’t look pleased.” Moniek glanced at me and hissed. “Your tie, straighten out your tie, now!”

I casually flipped my tie off my shoulder and back into place. “Why the stress? What’s the big deal?” I queried. She glanced at me with wide eyes. “It’s Uncle Wulfram, he sees us, the uniforms.” She choked out. I chuckled at this silliness. “I can see just fine, thanks, I know it’s Uncle Wulfram, so what?” “No, no you don’t understand, Uncle Wulfram is on the board of directors of my school. He’s in charge of setting the uniform policies and discipline.

“Daria is that they way you’re supposed to wear your uniform” Uncle Wulfram demanded in a firmer voice that I had heard him use before. With out thinking I responded. “No sir, it’s not.” He stood up a bit straighter and folded his arms looking down at me he asked. “ And you are aware are you not, what happens to young ladies that don’t wear their uniforms properly?” It was at that second I realized from his tone and his demeanor, and as the cautions on the proper wearing of the uniform from Moniek flashed through my head that I might actually be in some trouble. The idea hit me like a bolt of lightening. I felt my head lighten. “I think we’d best be getting you home Daria, we have some correcting to take care of.” He took my arm and we turned away. “Don’t we?” I gulped. “Yes sir.” Moniek turned with us and we walked to the car.

The ride home was made in silence. We went into the empty house. I wondered if I was really going to be punished. I guess I expected I was and the resolute determination that Uncle Wulfram was showing and Moniek’s demeanor put me into a mind set to accept as best I could what ever would be expected.

We went all went up the stairs to my room that I was sharing with Moniek. Not a word was spoken, Moniek and I sensed what was required. Uncle Wulfram closed the door. He turned to Moniek and spoke. “You know what’s expected. You allowed your school uniform to be blemished. You didn’t show Daria how to wear her uniform properly. You failed to support the school code.” He went on with his lecture. I realized that Moniek was being blamed for my disgraceful behavior and was going to be punished instead of me. Her head hung low, her hands were clasp behind her back and I could see traces of tears run down her cheek. I knew the teardrops had little to do with the impending punishment as painful as it might be. Uncle Wulfram’s words and the shame of having let her school down were ripping at her heart. I also knew that she was quite prepared to take in my place and never complain, what ever punishment Uncle Wulfram was going to decide to give and I suspected he would be severe. My heart swelled at her courage. I knew what I had to do.

“Uncle Wulfram.” I offered in little more than a whisper. He stopped in mid sentence and turned to look at me as if just realizing I was still in the room. “Uh, it’s my fault. Moniek did show me how to wear the uniform, she told me that what I was doing wasn’t right. It’s my responsibility, I went ahead and did it anyway.” Giving me his full attention he asked. “And did she tell you what happens when the uniform isn’t properly worn? What the punishments are?” “Yes sir, she did, and I agreed to accept the rules when she gave me the uniform.” I replied raising my head to look him directly in the eye. To my surprise he almost seemed to smile at my modest display of courage.

It seemed so strange, I was about to get a spanking in my own house from a man I had only meet a few days ago. What was stranger, was that I was determined to take spanking as my due punishment.

“Then we shall have to see to your proper correction, won’t we?” With unsteady fingers I adjusted the knot of my tie. “You won’t cane me, will you sir?” I asked with a shaky voice, not at all sure I wasn’t going to start crying. “Not this time Daria, a repeat of this offense at on the same scale will surely earn you the cane, but not now. Not this time” Uncle Wulfram assured his worried niece.

He pulled out the chair from my desk and turned it around. I knew what was expected and made the few steps to his side. He sat down and in one motion pulled me across his lap. I felt my short dress come up and then his fingers took hold of my panties and he slid them down to the middle of my thighs. As they went down I lifted myself up slightly to allow their descent. I was determined to cooperate in what I knew was a deserved punishment. I glanced up at Moniek and she gave me a small smile of encouragement.

The last spanking I had gotten was when Daddy caught me in a lie, he had pulled up my dress and taken down my panties and spanked me until I was pleading my promises to never lie again. Now slightly over six years later I was going to get my bare bottom warmed again.

I felt myself flinch as Uncle Wulfram’s hand slapped against my bottom. Then again, then again, and again. I could feel the heat build as his hand swatted against my fanny and then quickly popped off leaving a red sting behind.


His left arm rested lightly on my back, clamping down when ever I moved too much for his liking and then releasing pressure when I stayed in place.

SPLAT, SMACK, SLAP, I heard the sounds of his hand smacking my backside, as the noise bounced off the walls of my bedroom.

“OOOOOOooo” CLAP, “uuuuuuu” POP, POP “Owwwieeee”

I wiggled and his arm forced me down and held me tight until my resistance stopped. The burn was now a fire and I was starting to cry, from a combination of the spanking and then emotions of the situation.


“Are going to wear your uniform properly, young lady?” He demanded.

“Oh, Sir, Yes Sir.” SLAP “OUCH” SMACK, “I am Sir, I promise”.

I assured him with all my heart. Over and over I promised to take the greatest of care with the uniform. Uncle Wulfram was not a man easily convinced of changed behavior.


“sssssttooooppppppllessssee” SLAP, SMACK, “Ibbbeggggooooodd”

Uncle Wulfram spoke again. “If there is a next time Daria you can expect I’ll take a cane to your tail.”

WHACK, “OOO....IT won’t happenOuch.....again.” SPLAT “I...promise”

“OOOOiii” WHACK SLAP, SWAT, CLAP. “sssssssooobbbb”

Five more quick hard smacks to my tortured bottom and he was pulling up my panties. I stood up and cried onto his shoulder. I felt a swell of relief that it was over. I had taken my punishment and had not let Moniek get into trouble in my place. I felt forgiven. He gave me some words of assurance and comfort and left Moniek and me in my room, and went downstairs.

Three months have passed since Moniek and Uncle Wulfram left. I miss them and think of them often. I guess don’t have to worry about wearing my uniform properly. Still I sometimes take it out and put it on, it I find myself recalling the spanking as I carefully look in the mirror making sure all the details of my uniform are correct. I know Uncle Wulfram and Moniek would be proud. On the other side of the coin. (As the saying goes) Dad was so pleased by what he called the change in my attitude since the spanking I got from Uncle Wulfram that he’s spanked me twice. I’m afraid spanking has re-entered my life.

Uncle Wulfram has invited me to visit them this summer. He said to bring my uniform and maybe I can visit Moniek’s school. There has even been some talk about me taking a summer class there. Mom and Dad have said it’s ok. I’m really excited about going. I’ve been reading the school handbook. I think I’d going to have to get used to wearing the uniform. I will be more careful you can count on that. I hope I remember to do everything correctly. There are a lot of rules to learn, and they do seem very strict.


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