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Like most rooms, this particular room had four corners. It was the master bedroom of her lover's apartment, and each of its four corners had its own particular purpose.

What Michele thought of as the "first" corner was the one to her right, as she entered the room. Her lover called it the "waiting corner." It was where he would steer her soon after they arrived home on the evenings she was to be punished. He positioned her there carefully, her nose in the corner, lifted her skirt, and instructed her to hold it up for the duration of her waiting. At some point, her panties were lowered to her knees, usually by him, but if her behavior had been particularly naughty, she was directed to lower them herself to add to her humiliation. There was no rhyme or reason to how long she was forced to stand in the waiting corner. He liked to keep her guessing, sometimes deliberately keeping her there for upwards of a half hour, other times taking her to the second corner within a few minutes.

The second corner was the "spanking corner." The spanking chair was kept there at all times, facing diagonally out from the corner. The chair was a constant reminder to Michele of what would happen to her if she persisted in her defiance and disobedience. Sometimes he would sit on the chair and summon her to him; other times, he would guide her by her elbow to the spanking corner, sit, and have her stand next to him as he scolded her. The ultimate result was always the same, though: He would take her across his knee and spank her bare bottom until she was kicking and squirming and sobbing like a naughty little girl. Depending on the extent of her disobedience and on his mood, the spanking varied from fast and furious to slow and sensual. The duration of the spanking could be anywhere from fifteen minutes to close to an hour. Although they were equal partners in every other sense, she had no say in how her spankings were conducted.

When her spanking was over, they proceeded to the third corner, the "thinking corner." He pinned her skirt up with a large safety pin, and she knelt in the corner, palms flat on the floor on either side of her head, red bottom sticking high up in the air. This was where she was to contemplate the naughty behavior that had gotten her into the predicament in the first place and resolve to mend her ways in the future. An incidental benefit of her position was the delightful picture she presented to her lover, who thoroughly enjoyed the sight of her luscious plump rear, spanked to a rosy glow.

After her moments of self-reflection were deemed sufficient (or until his cock was so hard it ached), her lover escorted Michele to the fourth and final corner, the "thank-you corner." He stood backed into the corner as she knelt in front of him, asked his forgiveness and thanked him for the spanking he had given her. She undid his trousers, pulled them down to his knees and eagerly took his stiff cock into her mouth. She loved this opportunity to show him she bore him no ill will for his chastisement of her; in fact, it seemed the redder her bottom, the more eagerly she licked and sucked and pleasured his throbbing cock. It was to her own benefit to keep his cock hard and ready as long as possible, because if she was a very, very good girl, when they ran out of corners, they proceeded to the center of the bedroom.

In the center of the room was a king-sized, four-poster bed, where Michele draped herself over the three pillows piled on the mattress. As much as they enjoyed her four-part "cornertime," the bed, with its four posts so convenient for spreading and tying a very naughty girl, was their most favorite place of all.

The bed was for fucking.

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