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I know where the phrase “weak in the knees” comes from. When I’m horny, and my nipples are aching, and I run cold water over my fingertips until they’re chilled, and then rub each nipple across the tips or rub each gently between a finger and thumb, my knees actually buckle a little. It feels so good that I do get weak in the knees. I’m at the mercy of anyone who does that to me.

In the shower I sometimes imagine that I’m to stand still without touching myself while someone bathes me. The important part is when he (or she, doing it at a man’s instruction) soaps his fingers and rubs my nipples. I wait, anticipating, and the sensation is delicious when the gentle friction begins. There go my knees again; sometimes I have to lean against the shower wall.

My first orgasms were from water. I learned from reading a book that I could position my pussy under a running faucet, and wonderful things would happen, so I tried it as soon as I could, and then as often as I could thereafter. Seems innocent. You’re running bath water. What could be nicer than that? What no one realizes is that you have placed your feet in the tub, one on each side of the faucet, raised your hips, and opened your thighs while supporting yourself by your hands, and the gushing water is coursing over your pussy, more specifically, your clit. The water is soft even when turned all the way on, so it doesn’t push you past the goal too fast by being too intense. But it doesn’t take long before you can feel something building, and when you go over the edge, you go WAY over, and it’s almost more than you can bear. You move away and sit down in your innocent bath, panting, still pulsing. It’s delicious. I got in the habit. Once I was so anxious to feel that water that I heard myself give a little “mew” just like a kitten as I was getting ready. I’m not kidding.

If you have a shower and not a tub, as I do now, it’s important to have a detachable shower head. Then you can sit on the shower floor, or a shower seat, at your leisure while you give yourself over to coming. Not only does it feel very good on my clit, but pulsing jets do really nice things to my asshole as well.

My husband doesn’t like me to come all by myself. He doesn’t like to miss it, ever, which I can understand. So he finally made me promise not to come, even in the shower, unless he can watch and participate. I appreciate the attention, but it’s hard to wait sometimes. I can’t help but aim that spurting liquid, and before you know it, it’s too late, and I’m in trouble. Because he can always tell. When I get in trouble, I get something else I really like: a spanking. So you can see how hard it is to be good.

One afternoon I was aching and horny, and knew he’d be out for at least an hour more. I could lie on the bed and rub my pussy, maybe watching myself in the mirror, or use my handy vibrator, but I went for the water. And the sound of the water masks any sound of a man coming home, so when he walked into the bathroom, I was seated on my little shower seat with my legs spread as wide as possible, holding my pussy lips apart with one hand, and aiming the jets with the other right onto my hard clit. I was just getting to the “going over the edge” part, and I was moaning and even twitching a little, it was getting so strong. Suddenly the shower door opened, and the water was shut off. There I was. Didn’t matter that I hadn’t actually come yet. I was obviously trying. No way to cover this up, and he was more than a little annoyed.

But also more than a little hard. I could see the big bulge in his pants, and my mouth started watering. I reached up for him, but he slapped my hand away.

“Oh, no, you don’t. Stand up!” I was trembling (from the water, not fear), but managed to get up with no help from him. “Turn around!” I did. “Bend over!” I did, placing my hands on the shower bench. “Don’t move.” I heard him take his pants off, smiled, and enjoyed how horny I was feeling, arching my back to push my bottom up as much as possible. I peeked back, assuming that he was starting to get in a better mood. Why not? He had missed one orgasm, but it looked like there would be at least one more. Mmmm. I couldn’t wait.

Thwack! Yikes, he had started right in. The slap on my ass stung, and my butt cheek was still burning when he slapped me again, and again, and more. When your ass is wet like mine was, the slaps are even more effective. I had to concentrate on just holding on to the bench and keeping my position. He was annoyed enough, undoubtedly still picturing my working on coming all by myself, that he was really lighting into me. And it really did sting. I cried out more than once, but I liked it. He’ll usually increase the strength of his spanking gradually, so my pussy will be wet and I’ll be ready by the time the slaps are hard. This time, of course, I was already horny, and my pussy was already dripping wet, so I guess that made up for no spanking foreplay. When he slowed down and finally stopped, we were both panting, My pussy was dripping, my ass was red and stinging, and it was definitely time for me to get fucked.

“I can still see my hand print on your ass.” He got on his knees and started massaging and kissing my cheeks. “Does it hurt too much?”

“It’s sore. But it’ll feel much better if you’ll fuck my pussy. Please?” He laughed and pressed his big, hard cock against my ass. “In. Please put it in!” He slid his cock up and down against the crack of my ass. “Please!!!” Then he finally positioned himself, and lunged deep into me. Mmmmm. That’s what I was needing. I raised my ass high and spread my legs wide, bending over with my face against the seat, encouraging him to pump into me, not that he needed much encouragement. I was loving it, grunting and moaning each time he pumped into me. You can be as ladylike as you want in life, but when it comes to being fucked by someone who knows how, there’s a point where any woman will just have to give in to her most basic urges, enjoy herself, and make lots of noise while doing it. When he came, he pulled out to spurt all over my ass. He loves to watch it: the cock pulsing; drops of come, and then spurts (I love that word) making a lovely mess all over my ass, or my breasts, or my tummy, or my face and dripping down my chin.

As our breathing came back to normal, he raised me up and turned me so that I could sit on the seat. “Spread wide. I want to see your pussy.” I obliged. “Spread your lips with your fingers.” Oh, yes. He picked up the shower head from the floor, and turned it on to pulse. Oh, my. Then he aimed it right at my pussy, teasing around my clit and sometimes blasting water right onto it. I was dying. I had been waiting so long to come, and I could feel a big orgasm building. He was merciless with the water; when I came he kept it aimed, and I bucked and jerked and cried out and moaned, it was so strong. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was a really hard cock aimed straight at my face, and I greedily opened my mouth. That was all that was missing: a cock in my mouth.

That’s another great feeling, that fullness as you deep throat a hard cock, and the satisfaction of thoroughly licking and sucking your loved one until he comes down your throat. Mmmm, yes. And I really like attention to my nipples while I’m sucking cock; actually I love attention to my nipples while doing anything of a sexual nature. Coming is always best when my nipples are involved.

Yes, we’re back to my nipples. One thing that makes me really hot is when my husband tells me what to wear when we’re going out, especially what to wear secretly where only he and I know about it. I have a bra with cut-outs right around the nipples. The bra makes my breasts stick out, and my nipples are then sticking even further out, very vulnerable and open to anything, only no one else knows. He can casually rub his arm against my breast, or maybe lightly stroke my nipple during a movie. It drives me wild, my panties are getting wet, and I want to sit on his cock and fuck him right there, but we look quite innocent if you don’t notice that I’m flushed and breathing a little quicker than usual.

Once he instructed me rather sternly (which I love) to wear that bra (which is white) under a dark, slightly sheer top that fits a little tightly across my breasts. To wear my short, flirty skirt, with (again instructed sternly) no panties. And to wear my thigh-high stockings. Mmmm. When I walk with those stockings on, especially with no panties, there’s friction against my pussy, and it feels really nice. Walking across a restaurant floor becomes extremely erotic.

Dinner was lovely in a darkened place we frequent that has good music and food. What made it especially lovely was during the meal when he sneaked his hand up my skirt and gently rubbed the top of my thigh, inching slowly over to the center, and then lightly rubbed back and forth across my pussy lips. Wow. I think I held my breath for a bit, and then I wanted to sit up on the table and spread my legs so he could kneel and eat me out. If people watched, that would be ok, too. But instead I was genteel, and gradually managed to finish my meal, while stroking his bulging cock through his pants, of course.

He took me to a particular bar after that, and when we danced, I realized suddenly that the black light was making my bra light up like neon under my shirt, and the fact that my nipples weren’t covered was becoming very obvious to anyone who was interested. My husband grinned; he had planned it that way. While we were dancing close, he gave me another instruction: “During the next dance I want you to stroke and play with your nipples through the entire song.” I gasped and protested, but no use. So I did it. It was a crowded floor, but every man around me, and several women, had their eyes glued to my breasts by the time the song was over. My knees were a little wobbly as my husband led me to sit at the bar, directly under a black light. I was actually enjoying the attention, so I did a little improvising on my own, pinching my nipples through my shirt as the bartender was bringing my drink. Stuff like that, deliberately planned to irritate my husband. On my own, instead of only at his command. I even danced by myself once, flaunting myself to the crowd. By the end of the evening, he was more than ready to exert some major control, as I hoped he would, so he pulled me to a back room where certain regulars hang out, and proceeded to spank the living daylights out of my sweet ass, in plain view of all in the room. Not the first time, I must say. And I’m not the only one to be spanked back there for the edification of all who are there. But it was the first time I’d had no panties. I saw the men start grinning when my skirt was pulled up. Spanking AND bare pussy. Hardening bulges all around.

But first my husband sat down. Then he commanded me to unbutton my blouse. My fingers were trembling, but I finally got it done. I waited. “Take it off!” I hesitated.

“Do it!” I slowly pulled it off, and there, in their glory, were my big, hard nipples sticking out for all to view. “Bend over my knee!” I did. He pulled my skirt up and told me to hold very still. He held my hands together behind my back with one hand, and proceeded to methodically, thoroughly spank my ass cheeks with the other. My nipples were at attention, my ass was stinging and red, my hands were held tightly, and there was nothing I could do about the chastising I was receiving or the rapt attention of the men in the room, all of whom I knew. Does it sound awful? I have to tell you, I was so hot, and my pussy was so wet, I’m sure it was dripping. I was exposed to these men; I was totally under the control of my husband; and I was safe to enjoy it and cry out and moan, and know that I was going to get fucked to a great orgasm later. I love to get spanked, as my husband knows. I also am a bit of an exhibitionist. So he knows just what to do to make me happy.

I couldn’t really walk after it was over. My legs were trembling, and I was breathing hard, so he picked me up in his arms and carried me out the back door to our car. I thought we’d never get home. I was loud, crying out when he pumped into my pussy; moaning and groaning as I sucked him deep. He came in my mouth, and I sucked in and swallowed every drop. Then I lay back while he licked, probed, and sucked my pussy. My hips bucked as I came really hard, and I tried to move his face away, but I was pinned down, and he wouldn’t stop licking my clit until I couldn’t stand it and finally begged. He moved up beside me, and we kissed. Thoroughly fucked and happy. And I can’t wait to do it all over again.


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