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Jennie had a sexual fantasy, one which she found embarrassing, and which, even after 12 years of marriage, she found difficult to discuss with her husband, David.

Since she was a little girl, she had been fascinated and thrilled by the thought of being spanked. The fantasy had been very unspecific before puberty, but as Jennie approached adolescence, it became apparent to her that the fantasy was sexual in nature. Whenever she was attracted to a young man, it was only a matter of time before she was imagining herself across his knee, his hand spanking her bare, upturned bottom.

Jennie was raised in an Italian Catholic family, and while her upbringing was warm and loving, sex was never discussed in an open manner. The nuns at school warned her and her friends about boys and their evil intentions, and Jennie came away with the vague feeling that if her fantasy of being spanked excited her sexually, then of course it must be something bad, and she should try to banish it from her thoughts.

Jennie was an 18 year old college freshman and still a virgin when she met David. They played and experimented together, and for the most part both of them were satisfied with their compatibility in the bedroom, and while they didn't quite make it to the wedding night as virgins, their relationship was an exclusive one. Quite simply put, each was, for the other, the first and only.

David adored Jennie. She was a wonderful wife, and the perfect mother to their three kids. But sexually, David wanted more too. Oral sex, for instance. Jennie did it for him...but he was unsure about how much she really enjoyed it. He knew of her strict Catholic upbringing, and he feared she did it out of a sense of obligation to him, and that the act itself held no appeal for her. He hated to think that she might even be revolted by the physical reality of his hard cock in her lovely soft mouth. He always had to ask when he wanted it, and somehow that made it less enjoyable for him. So for the most part, he stopped asking...and of course, for the most part, he stopped getting it.

So now here are Jennie and David...who really do love each other. But both of them are vaguely dissatisfied with the way their life in the bedroom has evolved, and neither of them knows quite what to do about it.

Late one night, Jennie signs onto the computer and, after making sure David is sleeping soundly, clicks into her favorite site online...the SSS Newsgroup. Jennie is a longtime "lurker" there; i.e., she reads and enjoys others' posts, but never quite dares to post any comments herself. It seems that somehow all these people have managed to work spanking, whether erotic or disciplinary, into their relationships, and Jennie wishes she could find the courage to do this herself. She becomes lost in her thoughts as she scrolls down, reading post after post, each one increasing her longing to the point where she almost wishes she never discovered the newsgroup.

Suddenly she is aware of someone behind her, and she jumps. It is David, reading over her shoulder.

"What are you doing, honey?" he asks, squinting, his eyes bleary.

"Oh nothing, " she answers, her hand reaching quickly to grab the mouse so she can close the very incriminating window she has been reading. But it is too late, David has already begun to read it, and he covers her hand with his.

He doesn't say a word...he is reading the post of a woman who has proposed a unique solution to the very problem David and Jennie are facing. A tradeoff of hand washing the other, in a manner of speaking! Although the hand being raised is certainly NOT washing, and the other activity in question involves neither a hand nor washing...licking and sucking, maybe, but certainly NO washing!

David places his hands squarely on Jennie's shoulders when he is finished reading.

"So Jen...why did you never tell me?"

Jennie is blushing furiously. "Tell you what, David?"

"Well, it's pretty obvious isn't it, Jen. You want me to spank you, correct?"

"Well I...I think maybe...that is, I am not sure David. I was kind of embarrassed to ask."

David smiled. "Honey, I think you might deserve a spanking just for keeping that from me! Just what is it you think you might like about having that beautiful ass spanked?"

` Jennie's face was burning! She couldn't believe they were actually discussing this subject.

"Well David, I think it is more than a physical thing, although I really can't be sure about that. But I know I like the thought of you taking control, being in charge, telling me what to do. Being more dominant, I guess. You never seem to do that that my fault?"

David was becoming increasingly aware of the erection that was developing in his boxers. There certainly was one thing he VERY much wanted to tell Jennie to do, and this certainly seemed like an ideal time to introduce the subject.

"Alright Jennie...I think I will be more dominant, and I think I am going to tell you what to do right now." He took her chin in his hands and looked deeply into her beautiful brown eyes. "I want you to get on your knees...NOW...and take my hard cock between your lips and suck it...for a good long time. And I must tell you, Jennie, I am very exacting in how I want my cock sucked, and if you fall short...well, you know the consequences."

Jennie could scarcely breathe. "Oh David...I think I always knew that was something I could never do right for you...that's why you stopped asking me for it, isn't it? I wasn't very good at it, was I? And I was so confused, mother always hinted that was something only bad girls did."

"Maybe so, Jennie. Let's see just how bad you can be for me, honey...we all know what happens to bad girls, don't we?" David teased, as he guided her onto her knees in front of him. "And remember Jennie...if you don't suck me well enough, you are going to be spanked. And if you suck me TOO well...well then, you MUST be a very naughty girl, and you will be spanked for THAT."

Jennie slid David's boxers down to his knees. His cock was stiff and standing straight up. She sucked tentatively at first, gently and slowly, pausing every now and then to take it from her mouth and lick the little beads of precum forming on the tip.

It took all David's will to pull her mouth off him, so he could lift her up and across his lap. In an instant, her skirt was up and her panties lowered, and he spanked her hard and fast.

"Come now can suck me better than that, can't you?"

Jennie bounced and kicked all over David's lap. Her breathing was hard and labored, her mouth still wet from David's cock. Her pussy was dripping in excitement, and her bare bottom was on fire. And as much as she enjoyed the spanking, she was eager to get back on her knees and take David's throbbing cock into her mouth again. She began to struggle to get off his lap, and he held her tightly for a few more hard slaps to her blistered bottom before he allowed her to slide onto the floor.

"OK Jennie, prove to me what a bad girl you really are..."

She rooted blindly for his cock, sucking it into her mouth greedily. It was so stiff it needed no guidance from her hands, and slid easily into her mouth. David moaned softly as his wife sucked him, pulling back every time he felt his orgasm building, wanting this to last forever. Her head bobbed up and down the length of his cock, her lips working open and closed, milking his bursting balls. Finally he could hold back no longer, and he quickly warned her he was about to come. Her response astonished and delighted him...instead of pulling his cock from her mouth, which he was sure she was going to do, she opened her mouth wider and slid down to the root of him, forcing the head of his cock down into her throat.

When she felt the first shot of his warm cum coating her throat, Jennie closed her lips and sucked slowly and gently. David had never felt anything so exquisite in his life, and he threw his head back, moaning her name. Jennie had never felt so close to him before; it was almost as though his orgasm was hers too, his cock almost an extension of herself.

When he had recovered himself sufficiently, David took Jennie back across his lap, where he spanked her slowly and sensually. Jennie was lost in herself and the sensations, and when David slipped his left hand underneath her body to gently roll her clit, she rocked slowly in time to the steady rhythm of his slaps to her bare bottom. Every fantasy she had ever had, every spanking she had ever imagined, could not compare to the reality of what was happening to her tonight, and as her pussy shuddered in orgasm, she let out a low deep sound that filled the room.

She lay limp across his lap for a long time, as David rubbed and soothed her burning red bottom. They both knew something very important had taken place tonight and that if their marriage was to flourish, it was important they continue to learn and explore together.

And so Jennie was a bad girl...often...and sucked David's cock...often. And of course her "punishment"...a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking...was swift and sure. David's eyes followed her bottom whenever she left the room, and sometimes when he least expected it...when he was reading the newspaper, or watching a football game...there would be Jennie, on her knees in front of him, unfastening his pants to pleasure his cock. It was a private joke between them that Jennie seemed to spend a lot of time either ON her knees, or OVER his! And as any happily married couple can attest, there is nothing that is healthier for a marriage than a few naughty, private jokes!

It was a promising development that Jennie received FAR more spankings for being a bad girl who sucked his cock too well than for being a good girl who didn't suck well enough! And one night, as they languished in bed after a particularly pleasant evening out, David wondered aloud if their success at compromise might carry over well into other areas of their life together. Let's say...a spanking in return for...a batch of freshly baked brownies?

" would rather have brownies than a blowjob?" Jennie asked disingenuously, eyes dancing.

"Whatever was I thinking...," said David, taking Jennie under her arms and pushing her head down between his legs, where his cock was rapidly in the turn the conversation was taking. "Suck me, woman!"

Vive le compromise!


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