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Electricity filled the air at Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis. Everyone could feel it coming...this was the night Mark McGwire would break Maris's longstanding record of 61 homeruns in one regular season of play. Homeruns 60 and 61 had come the previous weekend, and tonight, the fans hoped against hope to be part of the history-making moment when a new record would be set. The stadium was filled to capacity with over 60,000 people, all of whom dreamed of snagging the record-setting homerun ball.

Many of the fans, adults and children alike, wore outfielder's gloves to assist in their quest for the historic baseball. The fans in the upper decks in left field were particularly hopeful that the right-handed hitter would send one into the stands, and there was almost a party-like atmosphere of anticipation.

Chloe was no different from any of the other fans at the ballpark that night. An executive secretary, her boss had one of the coveted tickets to the game, but was unable to attend at the last minute due to a family crisis. It was fate, thought Chloe at the time. Rumor had it that private collectors were prepared to offer up to $1 million for the record-setting baseball, and Chloe drove to the ballpark that night with visions of a cool million dancing in her head.

The game itself was almost incidental to the excitement each time McGwire stepped up to the plate. He hit a hard double in the fourth inning, driving in two runs. By the bottom of the seventh, the game was tied up 2 - 2, and McGwire got up with two outs and a man on first.

As during his previous at-bats during the course of the game, the crowd got to its feet to cheer him on. The count was full, 3 and 2, and the man on first would be moving with the pitch. McGwire's eyes it came, a hanging curveball...and he swung with a mighty crack of the bat. The moment the ball left his bat and began its inexorable sail into the left-field stands, every gloved hand in those stands was extended, reaching for the million-dollar ball.

McGwire broke into his victory trot around the bases, waving to the ecstatic crowd...and the ball headed directly toward Steven Parrish, a marketing consultant, who was sitting three seats down in the same row of seats as Chloe. He put up his gloved hand, watching the progress of the ball, which was headed right into the webbing of his glove when suddenly, out of nowhere, dove this....WOMAN, practically right across his lap. She reached up rudely in front of his face...their hands collided as the ball made contact....the ball popped up into the air...and deflected into the row behind them, right into the eager hands of a seven-year old boy who screamed "Daddy I got it, I got it!!!"

Camera crews and newspaper reporters descended on the lucky boy, Steven and Chloe forgotten by all. They glared at each other...her big brown eyes flashing into his cornflower blue ones, and Chloe spoke first.

"Well thanks a lot, you just cost me a million dollars."

"Excuse me, ma'am," answered Steven, an amused grin on his face, "but I believe I was the one occupying my OWN seat when the ball landed, correct?"

Chloe appraised him quickly, her eyes taking in the $700 suit and the Coach wonder the guy was taking the loss of a million-dollar ball in stride.

"Immaterial," said Chloe. "That ball was fair game, and the only thing in my way was YOU...dammit, I WANTED that ball!"

"And you were determined to have it, weren't you, no matter what. Very unladylike, the way you dove across my lap, young lady. A rather dangerous position to put yourself in at the time, I might add!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" demanded Chloe.

"Oh I think you know exactly what I mean," he teased. "Across my knees is where a misbehaving young lady would find herself when I was ready to spank her...and were it not for this big cumbersome glove I'm wearing, I might have been tempted to spank you then and there!"

Chloe's mouth dropped open. "Well of all the dare you speak to me like that!" His eyes were dancing, however, and she was attracted to him in spite of herself. She stood up and began to work her way down the length of the row to leave. Steven laughed and was going to let her go...then his eyes fell on her retreating bottom, snugly encased in a white denim skirt, and he was determined to get to know her. Dammit, she was cute and feisty, and practically begging to be spanked tonight!

The game had come to a total standstill after the record-breaking homerun and Chloe had to work her way through milling groups of celebrating fans. Steven followed close behind her, keeping his eyes on her constantly so he wouldn't lose her in the crowd. Quite an enjoyable activity really...watching that plump round bottom wiggling from side to side as she strode purposefully, a hint of darker pantylines underneath the tight white denim skirt. He finally got within 15 feet of her as she exited the stadium, and he yelled after her..."Hey, you...what's your name?"

Chloe turned around. "'s you," she said, stopping and folding her arms across her chest. "It's Chloe, why do you want to know?"

"Well, I'm Steven, Chloe, and I know you're disappointed about not getting that ball. How about joining me for something to eat...have you had dinner already?"

"Well, no actually, I came to the game right from work. But today was a dressdown day," she continued, looking down at her t-shirt, denim skirt, bare legs and sandaled feet, "and I am kind of casual for dinner out."

"Quite alright, Chloe, I know just the place...quiet and informal, where we can get to know each other."

They made quite an incongruous pair...ivory-skinned Chloe, around 5'4", with her thick wavy black hair and brown eyes, so casually attired, and Steven, standing 6'2", sandy brown hair, stunning blue eyes, tan-skinned, dressed in his most formal tailor-made suit and Oxford shirt. The bistro he took her to was renowned for its burgers and overstuffed deli sandwiches...the white tablecloths and candlelight would have to be next time, he thought hopefully.

They hit it off immediately as they wolfed down their sandwiches and drinks, laughing and chatting like old friends. They were both diehard Cardinal fans, enjoying the excitement of McGwire's historic feat in the midst of an otherwise dismal season.

"You know, Chloe," said Steven, as they finished dessert and coffee, "that ball WAS ifs, ands or buts! And while I'm kind of glad you went after it as you I doubt I would ever have made your acquaintance if you hadn't...I think your inappropriate behavior still needs to be addressed, don't you?"

Chloe's face reddened. She knew exactly to what he was referring...the spanking he had teasingly threatened her with earlier. Little did he know the effect a spanking had on her...the very word "spank" set her tummy aflutter. And when the word came from the lips of a tall, attractive man gazing levelly into her eyes...well, the effect was nothing short of devastating. She took a deep breath and gazed right back at him boldly.

"Well, Steven, I don't live far from here at all. Want to come back to my apartment for a nightcap so we can discuss this further?"

Steven couldn't believe his good fortune. Seemed to him that little Miss Chloe here wasn't adverse to what he had in mind at all. She was bright, attractive, witty...dare he hope that she would find being spanked as enjoyable as he would find spanking her? At 35, as silly as it seemed, it was the one thing that had kept him from settling down with any one woman. He needed a woman who enjoyed having her bare bottom spanked before sex, and had long ago accepted the fact that this was just how he was sexually wired, since he was a kid. Over the years, he had met a few women who liked to be spanked, but they had been incompatible in other ways, so one of St. Louis's wealthiest, most eligible bachelors had begun to feel he was destined to remain single forever.

Chloe's apartment was small and tidy, quite a contrast to Steven's own penthouse, with its spectacular view of the city. Steven settled back on the overstuffed sofa and just enjoyed the sight of her as she bustled around the apartment, fluffing cushions and mixing him a drink. She was such a bundle of energy, this Chloe, and his mind wandered into pleasant thoughts of taking her across his knee and harnessing some of that energy. Every time she bent over, her skirt pulled snugly up and across her bottom, and the panties underneath, maybe?

Finally she sat on the sofa next to him and smiled. "So, Steven, you don't seem all that upset about losing the ball. Are you one of those lucky people who can't use an extra million dollars?"

"Oh I'm comfortable enough, Chloe, but certainly not a millionaire. I wouldn't have sold the ball anyway...I think I would have kept it in my trophy case for a short time, and then donated it to Cooperstown. Anyway, stop changing the subject, young know why we're here, don't you?"

"Oh that's right," said Chloe smilingly. "We are going to address my 'misbehavior' in thwarting your attempts to catch the ball."

Steven shook his head at her audacity. "You are entirely too lighthearted about this, Chloe. I think a good spanking might work wonders in helping you understand the seriousness of this, don't you?"

"I don't know...seems a little kinky!" But she stifled a giggle as she said it!

"Oh definitely," said Steven, grinning evilly. He stood up, removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Chloe's eyes widened, then dropped to her lap, where her hands were folded demurely. He adored the way she looked up at him, and then down again, like a naughty little girl cowering in the corner waiting for her spanking. Hmm, yes, the corner...very good idea...

He extended his hand to help her to her feet, then led her to the corner of the room.

"Put your nose in that corner, Chloe, and don't you dare turn around until I tell you to."

Chloe was trembling in excitement. She could hear him behind her, positioning one of her dining room chairs in the middle of the living room, the legs scraping across the wooden floor as he moved it. It had been years since she had last been spanked; it was not a fantasy she admitted to easily. In fact, Steven was the very first man who had ever brought up the subject before she did!

"Alright, Chloe, turn around and come here."

She pivoted in the corner and looked at Steven, sitting in the chair, long legs splayed, arms folded across his chest. She walked toward him with small, deliberate steps, and stood in front of him, until he reached for her wrist and guided her to his right.

"Now you know I am doing this for your own good, Chloe. After all, when you rudely knocked that ball right out of my hand, you had no idea whom you were dealing with! Everyone might not have been as gracious as I was. People have been murdered over parking spaces, for God's sake...can you imagine what a hothead might have done over a million-dollar ball?"

He eased her across his lap, appreciating the sight of her round bottom presented so prettily for spanking. Unable to resist getting a peek at those dark panties that had been tantalizing him all evening, he lifted the hem of the white denim skirt, after reaching underneath to ease it up in the front. It was quite snug, and Chloe had to lift up to make it easier for him. Ahh...there they were...the panties, not really red after all, but a dark shade of burgundy satin, so striking against her creamy white skin.

He wondered if she would allow him to take them down, this first time. For now, he would content himself with spanking her over the panties, not a disagreeable prospect at all!

"Now Chloe, I think 62 spanks would be in order...for the 62 homeruns of course! Of course, a million would be much fairer, in light of the million dollars your little stunt may have cost me..." he joked.

Chloe gulped. 62 spanks! She wondered how hard he spanked, he was certainly a big, strong guy...she hoped she hadn't gotten herself into something she couldn't handle.

She needn't have worried. Steven was enjoying this immensely, but he was no sadist. He was a man who enjoyed the rosy glow a good spanking brought to the bottom of a willing young lady...and the glow of the lovemaking that invariably followed.

He rubbed her bottom admiringly through her panties, then lifted his hand and began to spank her lightly. "Now I'm relying on you to keep an accurate count, Chloe, so perhaps you had better count out loud."

Chloe was a little embarrassed at this request, but she complied. He spanked her briskly, but lightly at first, teasing her into needing to ask for more. She didn't ask verbally, of course...and besides she was much too occupied counting out loud to say much else. Instead, she lifted her plump little bottom up and wiggled it at him a little, giving him an instant erection.

"Oh, you want it a little harder, do you," he said, and gave her ten hard, fast spanks, five on each cheek, bringing the count up to 30.

Chloe was panting in arousal and began to rub against his muscular thigh.

" ARE naughty, aren't you," whispered Steven, his hand straying into the waistband of her panties. "I think you are one of those naughty girls who needs to be spanked on her bare bottom for it to be really I right about that, Chloe?"

"Yes, Steven," she stammered, as he slowly slid her panties down to her knees.

"Such a naughty, impolite little girl...pushing in front of a total stranger to grab at a baseball, and just a few hours later rubbing yourself against his leg while he spanks you! Nothing but a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking is going to do the trick for you, I'm afraid!" As he spoke, he feasted his eyes on her enticing, plump cheeks, which were already pink and glowing from the first half of her spanking.

The last 32 spanks were ones Chloe would remember for the rest of her life, for many reasons! He spanked her slow and hard for the first ten or that she was forced to count slowly and deliberately, waiting for the next spank for what seemed an eternity. His cock was growing to alarming proportions, especially when she began to kick and wiggle in his lap.

He quickened the pace then, spanking her hard and fast on her upturned bottom. She was counting so fast she was almost out of breath! Steven was breathing heavier too, but for a different reason, and his swollen cock would definitely need some relief when the spanking was over. He audaciously slid his hand between her thighs and caressed her between her legs...her pussy was moist and pouting open, and she pushed back encouragingly onto his probing fingers.

Too bad he had to remove his hand to finish her spanking...but there were 7 spanks remaining, and he intended to deliver each and every one of them. Plenty of time for that sort of thing later, anyway.

The last 7 spanks were delivered to the "sweet spot," precisely in the center of the area where her cheeks met her thighs, above her trembling pussy. The spanks were hard and painful, but exquisitely pleasurable too, and Chloe moaned with abandon, trying desperately to keep up with the count. When finally she breathed..."62," Steven slid his left hand underneath her to tease her clit, his right hand returning to its former position inside her. He thrust two fingers slowly in and out of her as his other hand worked her erect clit, triggering an orgasm so powerful that Chloe was bucking so lustily she almost fell off his lap.

When finally she was satiated, he bent down to rub and kiss her hot red bottom, and she took his other hand and kissed it.

"Now you, Steven," she whispered softly, sliding down to the floor.

After a brief struggle within herself (was she REALLY the kind of girl who gave head on the first date?), her gratitude to Steven outweighed any misgivings she might have had about appearing too "easy." Besides, it went far beyond gratitude...the sensation of his cock swelling under had ignited her desire to suck him until he came deep in her throat. It was a pleasure she truly enjoyed giving to a deserving man, especially one who understood her own needs as well as Steven obviously did.

She undid his suit pants, releasing his aching cock. He sighed, leaned back and closed his eyes, revelling in the sensation of this beautiful woman, freshly spanked and newly satiated, taking the lead now, going after something she obviously enjoyed so much. She sucked him delicately and painstakingly, licking here, kissing there, savoring every sweet creamy drop of cum she coaxed out of him, one by one.

What a beautiful cock, she thought, as she sucked him. Not very long, as she might have expected in such a tall man, but wide and thick and sturdy...perfect sucking size. The tip was soft and velvety, and she swirled her tongue around it slowly. The sting in her bottom made her feel particularly motivated and uninhibited, and she sighed with pleasure as she gave pleasure to him.

"Suck me harder," Steven requested, opening his eyes to look at her. God, she was beautiful, her dark hair framing her face, as she sucked delicately on his cock. In response to his request, she took more of him into her mouth, pushing him back along her tongue, and opened her mouth wider as he began to thrust slowly in and out.

She was on her knees, her red bottom high in the air, and the combination of the sight of her luscious red ass and the sensation of her sweet rosy lips milking his stiff cock was too much for him. She heard his deep sigh, and knew it was a signal of his impending orgasm, and slid her mouth all the way down to the root of him as he exploded in her mouth, sending shots of warm creamy cum into her throat. When he lifted her onto his lap for their first, soul-searching kiss, Steven knew he had found the woman of his dreams with a certainly born of years of searching.

Steven stayed the fact, he stayed the rest of his life! They were married just six months later, and celebrated Chloe's birthdays with traditional birthday spankings , the appropriate number of spanks always given. But their anniversaries? They were celebrated with anniversary spankings...with 62 spanks, just like the first time. may want to know...what happened to that million-dollar ball? The lucky seven-year old sold it to an anonymous collector for an undisclosed sum...but suffice to say, he will have no worries about how to pay the escalating cost of college tuition. The collector, in turn, donated it to the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, NY, and Steven and Chloe were among the first vistors who went to Cooperstown to view it. In years to come, they would take their three kids there to see it as well. They had often regaled them over the years with the tale of the legendary game when the record was broken and the accompanying story of how they had met...well, not the WHOLE story!!!


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