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In a way, Brad couldn’t blame Sarah for being out of sorts all the time. After all, he had brought her to this forlorn prairie in the Dakota Territory. Sarah was used to a pampered life in the busy city of Chicago, with its dances and restaurants and vaguely artsy parties. To make matters worse, her father had doted on her, fulfilling her every wish.

Now here she was in the middle of nowhere with no one to talk to but him, having to work like she never had before, keeping their little house clean, washing dishes, preparing dinners. These were not things Sarah was used to doing. She had had maids and cooks and servants for that sort of thing.

But Bradford Lee had been an ardent lover, and in a whirlwind romance they had wedded after knowing each other for only a few weeks.

Sarah’s father had said to the young bride, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Sarah had laughed, not having the faintest notion what she was getting into, but certainly used to getting her way. She said, “Don’t worry, Dad. It’ll be just fine.”

“I’ll visit you,” he said. “And of course you will always have a home with us, should things . . . not work out and you want to return home.”

“I know, Dad,” she replied, and she gave him a kiss on the cheek, before boarding the train to Minneapolis, then Fargo.

She was astonished at how enormous the golden prairie was, how desolate, and how utterly empty. With a buckboard, Brad had taken her and her impractical four trunks out to his homestead. Getting down, she looked with dismay at the tiny house they would call home. It consisted of basically two rooms: a bedroom and another room that would do for living room and kitchen. Her bedroom in Chicago was bigger than this whole house!

“Come next spring, after the crops are in, I’ll build another house twice as big,” Brad said proudly. “There are some trees down by the James River that will do just fine. They’re ready for the cuttin’ and planin’.”

“But that is almost nine months away,” Sarah wailed.

“We’ll make do until then,” Bard replied. “Besides, I don’t mind the close quarters if it is with you,” he murmured with a smile, putting his arms around her waist and giving her a long kiss, to which she responded immediately, feeling her nipples stir and tighten as she pressed against his powerful chest.

So they had lived in the tiny house for six months now. Gradually, though, Sarah’s voice had grown more shrill and whining. She didn’t make requests any longer, she made demands. Brad, recognizing that her background hadn’t given her the temperament of a farmer’s wife, was always willing to bend to her will He tried to fulfill her wishes, but he discovered the more he fulfilled, the greater became her demands.

The weather turned colder, and snow fell, which meant that Sarah had to stay around the homestead more and was kept indoors longer, which made her more irritable than ever.

There were several inches of snow on the ground when the stranger came riding into their homestead, one bitter gray afternoon. Snow was spitting out a sullen sky. Brad saw him coming and went out onto the porch. From inside, Sarah watched their breath billow in the frosty air.

“How far is to Fargo?” the stranger asked.

“It is nearly 25 miles,” Brad replied. “Too far to make it by tonight. Besides, it looks like a real storm is brewing. Let’s put your horse in the barn. You can stay with us.”

“Much obliged,” the stranger said with a tip of his black hat.

Sarah’s husband led the stranger and his horse into the barn. A few minutes later they emerged, running towards the house through the snow that fell harder and harder.

Once inside the door, the stranger stamped his boots and shook out his heavy coat, taking off his hat.

“Don’t get wet all over the place,” she snapped.

Sarah noticed there was something about him that made him seem to fill the room. He was dressed all in black, the typical sign of a gambler, and he carried the gun with casual ease and a hint of elegance.

When he looked at Sarah, she could see his eyes were smoky, black with an opaque curtain. His hard, ruthless gaze made her suddenly feel intimidated. Instinctively, she felt here was a man who took what he wanted without so much as a thank you or please. Instinctively, Sarah knew she couldn’t rule him as she had Brad and her father. She felt not as if his eyes were undressing her, but rather as if he could see her completely naked already. Sarah blushed. She felt herself moisten, and her nipples tingle. Could the men, she wondered, detect her arousal in the small house? For some reason that made her arousal even higher. She clutched at the collar of her blouse at her throat nervously, trying to shake the feeling off. She was acting like a mare ready for any stallion to mount, she admonished herself.

Sarah’s husband came in right behind, stamping his boots. “Mr. Logan is going to stay the night, Sarah.”

Sarah grumbled, “There’s hardly room enough for the two of us.”

Logan said, “It was gracious of your husband to invite me into your home. But if you’d rather—”

He let the phrase hang in the air, as if daring Sarah to banish him to the barn. Sarah was chagrined that this gambler showed better manners than she did, and she from the upper class of Chicago.

She mumbled something about there being enough to go around . . . barely . . . and left it at that.

As they ate a quiet dinner, the snowfall became a full-fledge storm. The wind shook the house and rattled the windows. Sipping coffee laced with spirits that Logan had provided, the two men talked for a little while, while Sarah did up the dishes. Then they turned in. Logan had a bedroll that he said would do him just fine by the stove.

As soon as Brad had closed the door to the bedroom, Sarah immediately berated him.

“How dare you invite a stranger into our house!”

“Sarah, what was I supposed to do? I could hardly let him freeze.”

“You could have told him the barn was good enough for him.”

“Sarah, we’re in the middle of a storm, and he is our guest. And will you keep you voice down!?”

Suddenly she heard Logan’s voice through the thin wall. “I agree with your husband, Mrs. Lee. Hospitality is the first rule of the frontier. If you don’t stop acting like a spoiled child, I am going to take you over my knee and give you a good spanking for acting like a child.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Don’t try my patience, Mrs. Lee.”

The walls were so thin that it was almost like Logan were in the bedroom with them. Sarah quickly dropped her nightgown over her head, to disguise the way his voice had of arousing her. Why was the idea of a spanking so arousing to her? she wondered. No one had ever dared thwart her wishes, however irrational or trivial. Her female cleft was actually damp with the image of being over his knee. Then she thought of her revenge.

Brad blew out the lantern and slid into bed with Sarah. She immediately started to kiss her husband, deeply and passionately.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“I want you,” she whispered hotly, urgently, pressing her generous breasts against his chest. She slipped out of her nightgown and guided his hands to her breasts. She gasped when he massaged them, squeezing them hard, almost mauling them. Most of the time Brad was as gentle as a lamb, but this evening he was forceful. He bit her neck as he pinched her tits, twisting the nipples cruelly.

Sarah let out a whimper, loud and erotic. Brad smashed his mouth on hers, muffling her sighs and whimpers. Brad mounted her, pushing her thighs open.

“Yes, yes!” Sarah sobbed loudly, as Brad’s thick cock penetrated her pussy.

She wrapped her slender thighs around his waist, holding him tightly in her velvety sheath, flexing her womanly muscles down there.

She felt her husband’s cock spasm, then spray her pussy with his lusty juices.

Sarah cried out.

She fell back on the bed, panting, but oddly unfulfilled. Then in the distance, in the house quiet within, but with a howling wind outside, she heard Logan laughter. It wasn’t brazen or loud, just a soft dark chuckle. Sarah’s face went hot. She knew that he had caught her. That she had been acting, and not only that, but acting for his benefit, and he knew it

Angrily, Sarah rolled over onto her belly. She almost felt like crying with embarrassment. She had meant to make the dark stranger envious of what her husband had, envious of her wantonness. Instead, she felt like a child who had been caught stealing a cookie.

The next morning the storm showed no signs of abating. Sarah realized that she would be cooped up with that insufferable Logan yet one more day. Every time he glanced at her, she felt he was thinking of the night before. She had meant to torment him with her body, with fantasies of what would never bee his, but the reverse had happened. It was she being tormented, she who was on fire with desire. With each glance, she felt him accessing her body, deciding what he wanted to do with her if he had his way. Thankfully, her husband was there to stop it, or who knows what would have happened. Logan would probably have stripped her and had her on her back before she knew what was happening, whimpering like a bitch in heat!

At the thought of it, she felt her nipples tighten in response. What was this dark stranger doing to her? It was as if the imaginings of his mind were calling up her most primitive instincts. She wondered if he could be Satan himself. Maude Kittleson, the neighbor’s wife, once told Sarah that the devil rode the prairies, dressed in black. That some nights she had an awful time quieting her carnal desires. What were they—those dark thoughts? Sarah had wondered at the time. Now she knew.

Confused and surly, Sarah took it out on her husband and on Logan whenever she could; angry for no reason whatsoever; gruff, short, churlish, she snapped at them throughout the morning. Nothing was good enough, nothing would suit her. Finally, about noon, Logan snapped.

“Mrs. Lee, I’ve warned you. If you can’t act in a civilized manner towards your husband and me, you will only have yourself to blame.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?” she flared.

“Act like a child and I will treat you like one, whether your husband approves our not.”

Brad suddenly spoke up, tight-lipped. “Oh, I approve, all right.”

“What two strong brave men to threaten a little lady.”

“You’re not little,” he glanced at her breasts with something of a smirk, “and you’re surely not a lady.”

“Why, how dare you!” she exclaimed.

She had been standing near the gambler, and she rushed at him, pounding his chest. He grabbed her arms, then pinned her wrists behind her. She was panting, but he merely laughed, showing no exertion whatsoever. Against his chest, as he loomed over her, Sarah suddenly realized how big he was, towering over her.

“Would you mind, Mr. Lee, if I taught this ‘little lady” a lesson?”

“Seems like she has been asking for it for sometime,” Brad admitted.

“Aren’t you going to protect me?” Sarah demanded of her husband.

“The only protection you need,” he replied, “is from your own pampered self. Sarah, you’ve been wanting this for quite some time.”

“Go ahead, Logan. Let’s see if you can knock some sense into that spoiled head of hers.”

“Glad to oblige you, Mr. Lee.”

Somewhere in the recesses of her unnerved mind, Sarah thought it odd that her husband referred to the stranger as Logan, but Logan called her husband Mr. Lee, as if he respected him despite the fact that her husband was doing nothing to protect her.

Sarah screeched and kicked, but Logan was of such strength that he didn’t notice. He carried her over to a work bench that Brad used and sat down. As he sat, he shoved the young wife, unceremoniously, tit-down on the bench. She lay across Logan’s lap. She could feel her pussy dampening at the manhandling, so she lifted her hips slightly, only to realize that her butt was now sticking up in the air, providing an attractive target.

Sarah continued to flail and fight, but it was no use against Logan obviously superior strength.

With his left hand Logan held her down. She tried to bite his hand, but couldn’t get to it. Logan laughed and shoved her long skirt up so it covered her head. Her undergarment was of cotton. She was sure both Brad and Logan could see the damp spot at her cleft, and she was glad her hot red face was covered by her skirt.

Logan yanked her undergarment down, though Sarah wriggled and struggled, screeching. She felt the cool air on her thighs and on her buttocks. A strange man was looking at her ass, and her husband was just watching.

She felt his palm on her butt. She had expected it to be rough and calloused, like a farmer’s. On the contrary, his hand was smooth, the nails manicured, the hands, she supposed, of a gambler. He caressed the two inviting, quivering, rounded, pale globes. Pushing her thighs open, he felt her womanhood.

“I’ll be damned, Mr. Lee, but I could swear she was enjoying this.”

Brad’s voice was a little husky. “I would have to agree with you, Logan. That lovely mound looks positively wet to me.

Dew drops of arousal flickered in her pussy hair.

But Sarah’s punishment had just begun. Humiliation at the hands of the stranger was just the start. He raised his hand, and although it was a smooth palm, Logan brought it down with a tremendous force. Sarah howled in response. She’d never felt anything that powerful before. He raised his hand, and Sarah tensed. Then he brought it down a second time with even more force. Sarah’s struggles were weakening. Tears sprung up in her eyes. She tried to gather her skirt and pull it down. But Logan was having none of it.

“Keep your head covered. When we want to use your face, we will,” he ordered her.

It just kept getting worse and worse, Sarah thought with despair. She was just a piece of meat, an ass and a cunt for these men to gloat over. She wasn’t even a person any longer.

But the humiliation was the least of her pain. Her buttocks were on fire as Logan rained blow after blow on them. In her struggles, sometimes he would miss her ass and strike the upper part of her thighs. Sarah wasn’t sure if he was doing that on purpose. Because when he went a bit lower he was on the back edge of her plump pussy lips and that inflamed her desire even more.

Sarah was weeping now. Not so much from the pain as from the fact that they could easily see her arousal. She couldn’t hide it from the two men. Her pussy was crying out for a cock to stuff into it, and she couldn’t have denied it to them.

Her butt was on fire. She was sure it glowed red, but still the stranger continued. She weakened. She couldn’t even howl any more. She was hoarse and out of breath. Still, he continued the spanking. She undulated her hips, and she wasn’t at all sure if it was to get away from the relentless blows on her ass or was telling of a need that coursed through her body, deep in her core.

She couldn’t deny it any longer. She wanted this powerful dark man to take her and use her helpless body until she was satiated.

Logan dipped a middle finger into her pussy. It slid in easy. He finger fucked her with a gentleness that at once surprised her and also aroused her.

From across the room, she heard Brad’s voice. “The bedroom’s in there if you care to use it.”

“Think I will, at that.”

Her will flared up for one last time. “You bastards!” she spit out.

Logan dumped her on the floor, unceremoniously.

“Crawl,” he told her.

“Go to hell!”

He swatted her butt again, another stinging blow. “Crawl to the bedroom”

This time she did as she was told.

When they were in the room, Logan said, “Climb up on the bed.

She did as she was told.

“Now put your dress over your head. “We’d rather see your honest cunt than your rebellious face.”

Sarah pulled up the dress, covering her face. Just the lower half of her luscious well-endowed body was revealed.

“You’re a lucky man, Mr. Lee.”

“Most of the time, I agree with you,’ he replied.

That’s a lovely little pussy, she’s got.”

Sarah’s face burned with the humiliation.

The two men came over by the bed. She couldn’t see, but she could tell that they stood on either side the bed, gazing at her feminine charms.

She heard sounds of them taking off their clothes. Then the bed creaked as two male bodies lay on either side of her. She could smell their masculinity. It overwhelmed what small resistance remained.

Hands from each side touched and caress her legs, massaged her ass cheeks, caressed her wet and wanton pussy. One hand flickered over her clitoris, while the other penetrated her sheath. Then another hand would caress her anus, while another squeezed her ass.

Brad spoke first. “You are a guest in my house. I insist on you going first.”

“Mighty obliged to you,” said Logan. And even though her face was still covered, she could detect a smirk in his voice.

The stranger pushed her legs open. He didn’t have to use much force. In fact, he almost detected that she willingly parted her thighs. She knew she had no say in the matter, so why not just allow it to happen? But in the recesses of Sarah’s mind she knew she was lying to herself. She was not a passive actress in this play. She wanted this to happen. She wanted to be completely controlled. Maybe in a way she was tired of herself, of the way she had been acting for years. Maybe, she finally admitted it to herself, she had deserved the thrashing she had gotten. The answer wasn’t maybe. And she felt it, as the stranger penetrated her cunt. The answer was, “Yes,” she hissed.

God, he was big, she felt, rising to meet him. Her pussy was almost smiling with delight. Still, she had some pride, and she wouldn’t respond to this bastard, she wouldn’t let him know what effect his rigid manhood was having on her helpless body. But involuntarily, she felt her pussy muscles fit to his iron shaft and begin to massage the rod.

Logan plunged into her with powerful strokes. With a velvety groan she felt her hips lift to match each thrust. She was panting softly. Her heart was racing. And her ass, her ass was tingling, sending a stream of hotness to her pussy that spilled over in scented nectar.

She found herself fucking him back, responding to his demanding body with demands of her own. She was lost in a welter of emotions and lust.

Sarah felt the bottom of her dress being pulled away from her face. Oh, god, they could see her biting her lower lip, see her eyes with that lost look of lust in them. She would be completely revealed to them.

She had thought when the dress was pulled away that it would be Brad in his gentleness doing it. Instead, it was Logan, and he was grinning down at her. Sweat beaded on his forehead as he thrust into her. The sweat dripped onto her face and with her tongue she tasted him. He leaned down and didn’t so much kiss her as take possession of her mouth. Her lips were soft. Sarah opened her mouth immediately to his questing tongue. She sucked on it as if it were another cock.

Logan reached down, and with his two powerful hands he grasped the neckline of her long dress and yanked it open. Sarah gasped. Her two round pale breasts spilled into view. Her tits rose and fell raggedly as she panted. Logan reached down and pinched her right nipple until she cried out. Obediently, the nipple rose and distended. Brad, her husband, sucked on her left breast, lashing the nipple back and forth until Sarah whimpered from the pleasure engulfing her.

The young wife sighed. Without even realizing it, her long, slim legs had wound around Logan’s back She had never realized that sex could be this wonderful.

Logan was pounding into her furiously now—a piston. The bed bounced under her. Sweat, she noticed, beaded on her voluptuous body as well. He rammed into her hard one last time. She felt his cock expand and shoot into her depths a flood of sperm. She climaxed with him, groaning, almost lifting him off the bed.

Panting, he fell to the side of her, and before Sarah could catch her breath, her husband was between her wide-spread and now slippery thighs. Her heart was still racing as he penetrated her. She felt his balls nestle against her puckered anus. A flood of Logan’s cum oozed around his shaft and trickled down her inner thighs.

Brad had always been a gentle and considerate lover—too gentle and too considerate she now realized. All that was forgotten now in his powerful surge. He put her knees over his shoulders without asking her if that was what she wanted. It was what he wanted. Holding her thighs, he lunged forward, taking her relentlessly. From her massive orgasm with Logan, Sarah floated on a cloud of erotic abandon.

“Fuck me,” she told her husband, like any whore would say to her client.

Beneath her husband’s ruthless fucking, she writhed, hunching her hips, fucking him back. Brad reached underneath her and squeezed her ass cheeks. Sarah cried out at the exquisite torture. She shuddered. Her body, never more responsive, flowed through a series of mini-orgasms. She whimpered, her voice seeming distant, in helpless desire.

Her husband fucked her savagely until finally he exploded in her. She came so hard, Sarah clutched the sheets, tilting her head back and seeing stars. Finally, she collapsed beneath him. She felt the dampness of their cream between her thighs, cooling the fire of her butt. In the sensual aftermath, as their panting quieted, the three of them listened to the silence, listened to the storm raging outside.

Sarah had never felt so satiated in her life. Logan offered her his cock. “Clean it,” he ordered her, and the thought didn’t occur to her to disobey him or for that matter either male.

Eagerly, she licked the pungent flavor of herself from the semi-stiff shaft. Her pungent juices mingled with the salty flavor of his own cum. She continued to lick and pleasure his shaft long after it was necessary to clean him any more. Brad watched, a look of curiosity and arousal in his eyes.

“I trust, Mrs. Lee, that you have learned your lesson.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Logan.”

“Good, because who knows how long this storm might last?”

“A good long time, I hope,” she replied looking into his eyes, then taking both of their hands and putting them on her moist pussy. “You’re in no hurry, are you? After all, we have to show you frontier hospitality.”


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