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Jacklyn had always been such a reasonable, sensible person. Did all the right things, married the right man. Led a comfortable, pleasant life with him and their children.

So of course, her behavior over the past year and a half was therefore all the more bothersome to her, and she spoke of it to no one. She had a spanking fetish, did Jacklyn, one which her husband tried very hard to accommodate, with varying degrees of success. Reality somehow never measured up to her fantasies, though, and Jacklyn began...a year and a half ago...to seek out other men to help her realize her fantasies. Not so coincidentally, Jacklyn discovered the internet, more specifically its little microcosm of spanking enthusiasts, around the same time.

What worried Jacklyn about her behavior was her lack of caution, lack of perspective. She had been spanked by 5 men other than her husband, and she had met them all initially on the internet. None of them had been totally satisfactory, for one reason or another. Some of them really just wanted to get laid, and did no more creditable a job of spanking her than her husband did.

One of them, the very first one she met, just totally ignored her after their meeting, never returning her messages...it took her a long time to meet the second one after that. Another of them wanted a full-blown affair and while she liked him and, in fact, still considered him a friend, he was too needy for her and lived too close for comfort. Of course there were always sexual overtones to these encounters...but so far, she hadn't had actual sexual intercourse with any of them.

Anyway, it wasn't so much the nature of these relationships which disturbed Jacklyn as much as the ease with which she seemed to drift into them. If a man seemed pleasant and safe, and the opportunity arose...she would meet him. There was one man...just one man...for whom she felt the stirrings of something more, but she suppressed it, knowing how foolish it would make her feel if (as she knew deep down) her feelings were not reciprocated. She wanted...needed, really...to find that last spanker, the one who would satisfy the need in her with some degree of exclusivity.

And so...putting aside the natural disdain, a product of her working-class roots, which she felt for psychoanalysis, Jacklyn decided to seek professional help for her little weakness. She approached her HMO family physician for the required referral to a mental health professional, alluding vaguely to "stress" and "family problems" and, several weeks later, she had her first appointment with Dr. Larry Mason.

Jacklyn immediately felt at ease with Dr. Mason. His warm brown eyes and engaging smile helped her relax and feel more inclined to confide in him. It was very difficult to be candid about her "problem," but now she was here...and if she truly wanted and needed his help, it was necessary to be frank.

They spoke briefly about her life and family, and after a brief conversation Dr. Mason looked at her expectantly. 

"Well Jacklyn...it seems your life is all together, from what you've told me. Just what is it you need to discuss?" 

"Dr. Mason...it is so difficult for me to talk about this with you. In fact, I have never discussed this face to face with anyone before." 

"What do you mean...not 'face to face,' Jacklyn...and please, call me Larry."

Jacklyn hesitated. She spoke falteringly at first, about her spanking fetish, her introduction to the internet, all the online conversations with men on the subject, and finally about her compulsion, as she put it, to meet men and allow them to spank her.

"Do you have any idea why you want to be spanked, Jacklyn?" Dr. Mason asked thoughtfully, his dark eyes looking deep into hers. "Do you feel a need to be punished? Or is it purely sexual in nature?"

"Oh, Larry," said Jacklyn, despair in her voice, "how I wish I knew the answer to that. I only know that all my natural caution and reserve has disappeared. That I have gone off in the middle of the day to meet men I barely know, except for what they choose to reveal to me in their words typed on a computer screen, without telling anyone where I would be. That if an attractive man looks at me the right way and says the right words...I place myself across his lap and allow him to bare my bottom and spank me until I cry. Does it matter why I do this? I only know that I can't go on like this, Larry...please tell me what to do. I know I am looking for something...and I don't even know if it would be good for me to find it." 

Larry took both Jacklyn's hands in his. "Jacklyn, thank you for your frankness, dear. Of course you realize the self-destructive tendencies in this behavior, searching for completion and approval with men who are unable or unwilling to give it." 

Jacklyn let out a deep breath. Dr. Mason truly seemed to understand.

"I think I can help you deal with these feelings, Jacklyn. Deal with your needs from within, not by seeking out men who will only use you or hurt you. You obviously feel this very deeply, Jacklyn, and we need to explore why you have this compulsion to engage in self-destructive and downright dangerous behavior."

Dr. Mason's eyes shone as he squeezed her hands.

"But first Jacklyn, you have to be punished. Don't you agree?"

Jacklyn's eyes widened, then dropped to Dr. Mason's lap. Dr. Mason had a noticeable erection in his tweed pants. 

"Yes, Larry...sir..." she said demurely, stood up, and draped herself compliantly across his lap.


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