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Chapter 1 - Jason

Maintenance Monday at the Swim and Slide Water Park was usually the most boring day of the week for Jason. As usual, there was nothing to fix and the park was desolate. The Food Court was locked up. All the rides were silent.

Jason scanned the park from his perch high atop the five story high Competition Water Slide platform shading his eyes from the sun. Not a soul in sight. Jason’s white van looked very alone in the park’s large empty parking lot.

Yes, it had the makings of another typically boring shift. Yet Jason had a feeling today was going to be a day he would never forget. He looked down at the control panel and with a push of a button the water slide came to life. The platform trembled as water pumps spun up to capacity. High pressure jets throughout the slide tube filled it with a continuous stream of crisp, clean, bubbling water. He stole a quick glance at his watch. It was almost time.

Jason turned his head as a moving object caught his eye. It was a car approaching in the distance. Within minutes, a black Mercedes sports coupe pulled up next to his van. Two people stepped out. His heart now racing, Jason walked back to check the dials, lights and pressure gauges. Everything was perfect. He sat back and waited.

After about ten minutes Kimberly’s pretty blonde head peered over the edge of the five story high platform. She was huffing and puffing.

“Hi Kim! Glad you made it,” said Jason taking her hand and helping her up. He stepped back. “I see you followed my instructions to the T.”

“It wasn’t hard. You said I should meet you at the top of the water slide around noon. You said I should tie my hair back into a ponytail and wear my yellow string bikini. And you said be sure to shave my legs and any other extra body hair.” She pointed to her top lip and smiled. “Guess I’ll have to start growing my moustache all over again!”

Jason laughed and started to feel more relaxed. Kimberly continued, “That stuff was easy. Getting me past the 100 meter mark is the hard part. I’m still having trouble believing you can get me there. I’ve never gotten past 50 meters in my whole life!” Kimberly crossed her arms. “I hope you’re not joking around because you know how important this is to me.”

Jason took a deep breath and looked down at the spaghetti-like contraption that was the Competition Water Slide. “Look Kim, nobody knows this water slide better than me. If I say I’ll put you past the 100 meter mark then I’ll put you past the 100 meter mark.” Jason walked over to the entry tube. “Come here. Let’s talk about this slide.” Kimberly joined him at the safety gate. Jason glanced over at the girl standing next to him and for a second – was suddenly speechless. She always took his breath away. She had a gorgeous smile and one of the most incredible bodies he had ever seen. But there was something else about Kimberly. She had a beautiful heart and a genuine, direct manner that drew people to her.

“Hellooo!” Kimberly tapped him on the shoulder. “Anybody home?”

“Sorry,” he said, shaking his head. “I guess I got a little distracted by the height. Anyways, about the slide…” He pointed to the drawing by the safety gate near the tube entrance. “This slide doesn’t get much press but its one of the finest competition water slides in the world. It’s based on an elevated gravity-fed water tube structure. The diameter is just right. You can’t quite sit up in it but it’s perfect for fast banking turns. See how the tube goes back and forth and around? How it snakes left and right and down? Then way down there at the end is the slide out.” Jason pointed to the long flat strip at the tube exit. “On most competition slides they time you to see how fast you can get from here to the end of the tube. But on this one it’s all about how far you slide at the end.”

“I’ve done this ride lots of times, you know” Kimberly interrupted.

“See Kim, that’s why you don’t get past 50 meters. You look at it like it’s a ride. But it’s not. It’s like the Winter Olympics,” Jason replied.

“What do you mean? It’s super hot and sunny today.”

Jason gazed intensely at the course. “Did you ever see the bobsled race? This slide is just like that. It’s all about picking up speed so that when you come out of the exit you’re going as fast as you can. Every turn, every weave and every dip is important. You’ve got to come out of that tube as fast as possible if you want to win.”

“Wow!” said Kimberly. She smiled at Jason. “You’re really into this. That’s pretty cool. But I just want to get past the 100 meter mark. You know Butch says he won’t marry me unless I get past 100 and I’m tired of waiting for him to pop the question.”

Oh yes, he knew all about Butch. He was a jerk who wasn’t anywhere near good enough for a girl like Kimberly. And Butch darn well knew Kim wasn’t ever going to get past the 100 meter mark. Well, not without help. Jason’s heart began to race. He was starting to believe that this crazy plan just might work.

“He’s waiting for me down below,” continued Kimberly. “I think he’s ready to ask me,” she said confidently. “I think he’s got a ring in his pocket.” She looked down at the floor and sighed. “Or not… I’m just tired of waiting! I have to know!” Jason looked over the guard rail and sure enough, there was Butch waiting patiently – at the 50 meter line.

It was time to start. He took a deep breath. “Kim,” he said, “There are two things that are keeping you from your goal – limbs and friction. To get to the 100 meter mark you need a really fast exit speed. And to get that you need to control your limbs - and you need to reduce your friction.” Jason felt like a school teacher. “The problem with most sliders is that when they start to go fast they can’t help but stick out their arms and legs. The speed scares them. But you need that speed if you want to catch a long final slide.”

Kimberly looked at him intently. “Yeah, I do that all the time!” she said. “But there’s no way I can help it.”

“That’s why I brought this.” He reached under the control panel, then turned and dropped a black gym bag on the floor between them. “I’ve designed a special ‘slide suit’ that’s guaranteed to help you reach the mark.” He opened the bag and pulled out a towel, a length of rope and several different sized leather belts. He laid the towel at the mouth of the entry tube. “Are you ready to go?”

“Slide suit, huh?” She smiled. “Well I trust you Jason. So, yes, I’m ready.”

Pointing to the towel, Jason said “Please lie down on your belly right here.”

Kimberly hesitated for a second, then walked over and sat on the towel. “I have a question.” She paused, drawing her legs up to her chest. “You know, Butch says I can’t do it because my breasts are too big. Do you think there’s a problem with my breasts?”

“No way!” blurted Jason. “Your breasts are perfect! Guys love them like that. They’re a blast to play with and they’ll get you all sorts of free drinks and dinners and tickets to shows and stuff.” Suddenly Jason stopped, his face turning bright red.

“No you silly guy,” Kimberly giggled. “You’re funny.” She looked up at him seriously. “I mean… will they keep me from making a good slide?”

Jason collected himself. “When you’re speeding down the water tube, eventually you’ll get to a speed where you’ll be gliding on a film of water. It’s called hydroplaning. Your breasts will give you the added lift and control that you need to hydroplane.”

“Cool!” replied Kimberly as she laid face down on the towel.

“Okay, now put your hands behind your back,” instructed Jason. As Kimberly complied, he grabbed one of the leather straps and wrapped it around her wrists and tied it off. He took another slightly longer strap and wrapped it just above her elbows pulling it tight until her elbows touched and tied it off. “Does that feel okay?” he asked.

“It’s not too bad. I’m pretty limber.” She moved her arms up and down a bit and side to side. “This is good.”

Jason wrapped the next leather belt around her legs, just below her knees. He pushed her legs forward until her ankles were touching her bikini bottom and adjusted it. Pulling her legs back toward him he wrapped the next strap around her ankles. “Comfy?” asked Jason.

Kimberly moved her legs back and forth. “That feels nice.”

Jason used the final belt to connect the two straps that bound Kimberly’s wrists and ankles. He lifted up her knees to push her ankles forward and pulled her arms back until he was satisfied that her body was exactly flat against the floor – not too much arch in the back and not too little. Then he tied it off and stepped back to inspect his handwork: a gorgeous, bikini-clad babe tightly hogtied at his feet. “Perfect!” sighed Jason.

Kimberly rubbed her fingers along the sides of her feet and slowly wiggled her hips back and forth. “This is some slide suit, Jason. You’re a really creative guy.”

“Thanks, Kim. But that’s only half of it.” Jason sat down near Kimberly’s head. "Right now there’s only a fifty-fifty chance you’d make it to the 100 meter mark. The next steps are going to be a little more… intense.”

“What do you mean?” she looked up at him quizzically.

“Well, you remember I told you about limbs and friction? Competition tubes are specially designed for contact with skin. If we’re going to beat the friction problem we’ll need to make a few more… adjustments.”

Kimberly frowned. “I think I see where you’re going with this.” She laid her head down and thought about if for a few seconds. Looking at him sideways with a determined look, she said, “Let’s do it. Whatever it takes!”

“First of all, it’s important that you maintain good form and don’t panic.” Jason returned to his position behind her and picked up the length of rope. He wrapped it around her ponytail and tied it until he was sure it wouldn’t slip. He carefully pulled Kimberly’s head back until she was facing forwards and tied the rope off at her wrists and ankles with several loops and a large slip knot. He could see that her arms were tense but there were no complaints. She was silent. Next he reached into his bag and pulled out a bright red ball gag and dangled it in front of her face. “This will keep you from swallowing any water as you go down. Plus you can bite down on it when you feel any kind of panic coming on.” She opened her mouth wide and accepted the ball. It snapped home snugly behind her teeth. Jason fastened it tightly around her neck at her hair line.

He stood up again and inspected Kimberly from every angle and sat down in front of her. “Everything okay?” he asked. “You look so serious. Relax. This is going to be fun. Just let go.” She smiled at him with her eyes and nodded slightly, as best as she could. She then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As she slowly exhaled, the tension seemed to completely leave her body.

“As you can guess,” he said while running his finger over her bikini bottom, “this fabric isn’t going to help your distance.” Leaning forward, he carefully untied the string behind her neck which held up her bikini top. He then carefully untied the other bikini string at her back. The top fell away from her skin revealing the side of her breast pressed into the towel. Next he moved down to her hips and undid the string holding up the right side of her bikini bottom and then reached over and undid the left. He pulled back the fabric, exposing her magnificent bare bottom, and pushed the fabric between her thighs down towards the ground.

Next he reached into his bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. “This next trick is one all the professionals use. It’s guaranteed to add at least 10 meters to your slide.” He knelt down beside her. Kimberly giggled as he held the bottle in front of her eyes. Jason was amazed. She was nude, tightly bound, gagged, totally helpless – yet totally relaxed.

He, on the other hand, was struggling. His heart beat rapidly and his hands trembled. He poured some of the oil on her back and started to rub it all over her naked back, bottom and the back of her thighs. Next he oiled her knees calves and feet. Finally he applied oil to her bound arms.

Throughout the process Kimberly moaned softly, her eyes slightly glazed over. Once Jason was confident that her backside was adequately oiled, he gently rolled her over on her side. He pulled away both pieces of her bikini and the towel and put them in his bag. Next he then rubbed oil over her neck and shoulders. The obviously ticklish girl giggled and squirmed as he rubbed the oil near her armpits. Giggles were replaced by moans as Jason liberally coated her sensitive breasts. Several times just to be sure. Kimberly’s nipples were standing at attention when he finished and turned his attentions to her tummy. The front of her thighs was next. Jason moved quickly, trying to act like a professional - although his trembling hands and the tent in his shorts left little doubt as to where his mind was. Fortunately, bound as she was, Kimberly was unable to look back.

“Almost done,” he whispered to himself. Kimberly giggled again as Jason oiled her equally ticklish pelvic region. He finished by applying baby oil to her well shaved pubic area being very careful not to take advantage of Kimberly’s vulnerability. He so much wanted to explore further between her legs but didn’t want to risk losing her trust by going beyond what she consented to.

When he was satisfied, Jason laid Kimberly back down on her belly and sat near her head. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“Mmmmhhh Mmmmhhh!” she affirmed with that determined look.

“Once you’re in the tube try your best to flow with the turns.” Jason instructed. “Move your hips with the curves. When you feel any panic coming on just bite down on the ball and stay strong. You’re going to go much faster than you ever have. Once you shoot out of the exit into daylight, just focus on keeping as straight as you can.” She looked at him with understanding and again nodded slightly. “Now I’m going to put you in the tube. Keep your fists clenched and when you’re ready to go just open your hands.” Another nod. “I’ll be right behind you.”

Jason gently slid the nude girl into the mouth of the tube until only her legs were outside of it. Kimberly was deep in concentration moving her hips left and then right – imagining the course in her mind’s eye. Finally, after a few minutes, she took a deep breath and opened her hands. Jason gently lifted her legs and guided her into the tube. She accelerated slowly and within seconds she was gone around the first turn.

Chapter 2 – Kimberly

As Kimberly came around the first bend, panic set in immediately as she saw the dip in front of her. However her unconscious efforts to reach out and slow herself were instantly stymied by the leather restraints. A pleasant thought popped into her mind. “It’s working!”

The turns and dips started to approach faster as Kimberly started gaining speed. She felt the urge to scream but suppressed it. But the feeling of panic and fear increased. Then, remembering her instruction, she screamed into the gag and bit down hard. Slowly her fear morphed into anger – and her anger into determination. “I can do this!” She was not afraid; she loved the speed and wanted more. Kimberly grabbed her feet and mentally dug in.

Her desire for speed was granted in seconds as she felt her body rise above the tube surface and slide upon a film of rushing water. She had no idea she could slide this fast. A turn right, then a turn left. A slight dip and another turn. Kimberly eased her hips into each bend almost effortlessly, her body hugging the tube.

The feel of the water rushing past her naked body was more than exhilarating. She was fully immersed in this experience and it was incredible. Her mind wanted to shut down, her emotions wanted to take over. “Stop it! ” she told herself. “Concentrate! ” She bit down again. “Almost there.”

Another bank left, another bank right. At last the tube wall changed colour signalling the approach of the final dip. Kimberly focused on the exit hole racing towards her rapidly – staying steady.

She shot out into the daylight onto the final slide in disbelief at how fast she was going. Kimberly squinted as the warm sun illuminated and bathed her naked body as it streaked down the ramp.

She felt her speed stay constant as she passed through the yellow line at 25 meters. Her speed subsided slightly as she shot through the blue 50 meter mark. She did not see Butch (his mouth wide open, his face pale). She felt herself slowing noticeably at the green 75 meter mark but she kept a perfectly straight line. At about 90 meters she felt herself sink back into the water, her breasts, tummy and thighs now sliding on the slide’s soft skin-friendly surface. She crossed the red 100 meter mark with little effort and came to a stop about 5 meters beyond it.

Tears of joy streamed from her eyes. “I did it!” It felt amazing. She reached back with her fingers and pulled on the slip knot that Jason had left for her, releasing her pony tail, and laid her head down on the soft surface of the water slide. “I really did it!”

In the distance she heard a car door slamming shut, an engine starting, and the car driving away. “What was that? ... Butch!” Kimberly inwardly sighed. Well… she had her answer. She admitted that in her heart she had always known the answer. Then it struck her – Butch hadn’t even crossed her mind until she heard the car!

Then she realized - this whole thing hadn’t been about marrying Butch at all – it was about knowing. And now she was free – in a matter of speaking. The conflicting emotions were too much for her to deal with. But she felt great. “I’ll figure it out later.”

So she relaxed, enjoying the ‘slide suit’ Jason had designed for her. The leather belts wrapped around her limbs felt nice – soft yet firm and secure. The nude, hogtied girl playfully wiggled her hips back and forth on the slippery water-drenched surface as she waited for Jason to collect her.

“Where is that guy?” With some effort Kimberly managed to roll over onto her side, exposing her glistening breasts, tummy and thighs to the warm sun. It felt heavenly. She really wasn’t in any hurry, she decided. But she was curious.

After several minutes Jason slid up beside her. He quickly reached forward and released the clasp behind her neck and pulled the bright red ball past her teeth. Kimberly smiled as the gag dropped from her mouth. “Hi!” she said.

“Are you okay?” asked Jason. “It looks like you’ve been crying. When you passed the 100 meter line, Butch ran off like he had seen a ghost!”

“It’s okay,” Kimberly replied. She looked into his eyes. “Jason! We did it!” Kimberly was beaming, completely oblivious to her helplessness and nudity in front of him.

Jason grinned. “You did it. I can’t take any credit.” He looked down at her body with a hesitant glance. Quietly he said, “Shall I remove the belts?”

“No, I’d like to wear my slide suit for a little while longer - if it’s okay with you..” she said, not expecting any objection. None came. “Jason…” she said, looking into his eyes. “Please hold me.”

Jason moved forward and held her close, his bare chest against her bare breasts, his swim trunks the only thing between them. They kissed passionately. Kimberly felt like she was in heaven.

“Anywhere a girl can go to get a shower?” She winked.

Jason smiled. “Oh yeah, I have just the place. I still need to go get my bag and shut down the ride, though, or I’ll lose my job. Why don’t you wait in my van in the mean time? I’ll only be a couple minutes.” A mischievous grin crossed his lips. “Can you help me carry this?” He dangled the ball gag in front of her. Kimberly laughed and opened wide. Jason re-gagged the nude girl. She leaned back into his arms as he lifted her off the slide.

No words were spoken as he carried her to the parking lot, her head against his shoulder, her legs bouncing appreciatively as far as the restrains would allow. Jason carefully laid his gorgeous nude, bound and gagged friend on a blanket in the back of his van. Stepping behind her he tightened the belt connecting her ankles and wrists so that they touched, making any further motion impossible. Moving forward he kissed her on the cheek and rolled her back on her arms. With both hands he grasped her full breasts and gently squeezed them together. Jason sucked on each nipple, softly licking and kissing them in turn. The surprised girl moaned and blushed as her nipples once again stood at attention. “I’ll be right back,” he said as he started jogging towards the platform. “Don’t go anywhere, okay?”

Kimberly closed her eyes and pulled hard on her unyielding bonds before slipping off into a deep relaxing meditative trance. “Nice.” Nope, she wasn’t going anywhere.


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