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Amy grinned as she heard her roommate Mike get out of the shower. She knew that soon she would be all alone in the apartment for a few hours, and she had made plans to do some depraved things for someone she’d met online. She couldn’t wait.

The wanderings of her mind were interrupted by Mike clanging around the kitchen. He wasn’t the best roommate in the world, and, to be honest, she’d be quite glad when she moved out in a few months. He was always leaving the dishes dirty, and the place a mess. He was pretty good looking, but nothing super out of the ordinary, and anyway, he was kind of a pervert. She’d once caught him sniffing her dirty panties when he thought she was out, and he always took every opportunity to take a peek at her cute butt and perky tits when he thought she wasn’t looking. Even though it super grossed her out, and she would never sleep with him, it kind of turned her on to think of how much he wanted her, how he couldn’t resist sneaking in and stealing her panties, despite the risk of getting caught. She hadn’t confronted him when she’d noticed, infact she’d even left them out to see if he’d take them again.

Once she’d even pretended to be super drunk, when she was just a little bit tipsy, to see what he’d do. He’d pulled her tit out of her dress and groped her but she’d pushed him away. The following morning Amy had asked him what had happened, and he said he didn’t even see her come in. The thought of him drooling over her was super hot to Amy and, when she’d brought guys over from tinder to fuck, she’d moaned extra loud just because she knew he would be in the room next door, jerking off to the noise of her getting railed.

Amy heard the door slam behind him as he made his way out and she got out of bed, her heart starting to beat faster now as she thought about what she was going to do. She didn’t know much about the man she’d met online, but she did know that she was going to do exactly as he said.

She got the toys he had requested out of her draw and moved into the shared living area. Amy lay the ropes over the kitchen table just as she’d been told to, tying them securely in place to the four wooden legs. She lay the towels over the table and pulled off her pajamas, letting them fall to the floor. She placed her laptop on the table and pressed the “video call” button next to the icon of her new master.

As she stood, in only her panties, the sound of the call ringing out through the apartment, she felt very turned on. She had a vague idea of what was about to happen, but the idea of surrendering herself completely to the will of a stranger was super hot to her.

After what seemed like an eternity, the ringing stopped and a grainy picture of a man popped onto the screen. “Hello Sir” Amy said, suddenly feeling very exposed and vulnerable.

“Hello slut” the man tilted his head to one side, his eyes scanning her nearly naked body. “Have you got everything ready just as I asked? Are you ready to follow the instructions I have given you?”

“Yes, Sir” Amy said, fighting the rising panic in her voice, and her phone buzzed. On the screen were a list of instructions, and the man on her laptop sat back in his chair, his cock falling out, and he began to stroke it as she started with number one. She turned around and slowly slid her panties down the back of her legs, from the angle the camera was at, he got a great view of her tight shaved pussy and asshole. She picked up the plug she had looked out previously and, with a little resistance, slid it inside her, grunting a little as she did so.

Next, Amy slipped the bluetooth controlled vibrator inside her pussy and shivered as she felt it press outwards inside of her. She was nearly dripping wet now at the thought of a stranger making her cum from halfway across the world whilst she was tied to her kitchen table bounced around her head. She picked her panties up from the floor and noticed a small wet patch of grool. Oops. She did as she had been instructed and put them in her mouth, making sure to show the camera what she was doing. She smiled and pulled her belt around over the top of them, holding them in place in her mouth. She gagged on the panties slightly as she bit into the leather of the belt, the clasp holding tightly around the back of her head. She gulped as she struggled to breath, sucking air through her nose.

Amy read the next instruction and felt a rush of excitement. They had discussed this already and it was one of her biggest fantasies. She strapped on the individual padded cufflets to her wrists and ankles, making sure each one was tight and, starting with her ankles, clipped herself into the ropes that she had just tied into place. Next, Amy moved up to her left hand, securing it tightly in place, pulling on all the ropes to make sure that they were held in place, the table let out a creak but the ties held firmly in place. Now she adjusted the laptop slightly so that her master could see her better and stretched out to clip herself into the last restraint. It would be possible to escape from this last knot, it had to be, but it would take her a few minutes of struggling to get free.

She looked into the camera and suddenly felt a buzzing inside her as the man pressed a button his phone. She’d been too focused on her tasks to realise how turned on she was and she let out a muffled moan into the makeshift gag as the man on the other side of the screen laughed. She was stood with her legs apart, bent over the table, stretched out by the rope with her face flat against the cold wooden tabletop.

“Are you all tied up for me?” He mocked, and Amy nodded, unable to resist the growing feeling of arousal she was feeling, the risk of getting caught very much at the front of her mind. “Well” Said the man leaning forward in his chair “I’ve got a little surprise for you” Amy wondered what he was talking about as the buzzing sensation grew stronger inside of her. “You see, you’ve been a stupid slut. You really shouldn’t have your email address as your full name…”

Amy was confused by what he meant. Then she heard the jangle of keys and the door swing slowly open behind her. Her heart was banging harder than it ever had before and she began to frantically claw at the knot that held her in place.

Just as she started to make some progress, a hand clamped around her wrist and she felt the knot being pulled impossibly tight, she knew then that she’d never be able to get out on her own. She looked at the screen and saw the man smiling as Mike ran his fingers across the small of her back, exploring underneath her and grabbing at her tits.

“Stop!” She screamed into the gag, but it was little more than a muffled cry.

Mike laughed, “And why would I do that? All you’ve ever done since we moved in together is tease me, deny me, not give me what I want, always fucking moaning about “Oh you haven’t done this” or “oh you’ve done that”, well, when this nice gentleman contacted me to let me know that you would be… incapacitated, I thought I’d just take what I wanted” he smirked and slapped her ass.

Amy felt a rising panic inside her, “Fuck you! Fuck you both! Stop, stop now! Help! Police!”, at least that’s what she tried to say. What came out was barely loud enough for anyone paying close attention to hear, and she knew it would be lost in the sound of the street below.

Mike’s fingers started roughly playing with her clit and suddenly the toy that buzzed inside her overpowered the fear of what was about to happen. She moaned involuntarily into the fabric of her panties and tried to close her legs to no avail. Mike laughed and slapped Amy’s ass again, “Cum on my fingers before I rape you, slut.”

Amy felt so dirty and ashamed as she bit into the leather of her belt, her body shaking as she came, the feeling of arousal combined with the buzzing toy too much for her. As the orgasm washed over her, she felt completely mixed emotions. Was she enjoying this? She didn’t want Mike to fuck her, and she felt guilty about how wet she was, a small puddle now forming on the kitchen floor. Did that mean she wanted it?

“Look, she fucking loves it!” Mike laughed, grabbing her ass cheek firmly “Dirty little fuck toy” he leaned in now, speaking in nearly a whisper. “I’m going to fuck you whether you like it or not…”

Part 2

Amy let out a sob as she felt his dirty fingers exploring her more, she hung her head in resignation as she realised that there was truly nothing she could do to stop him having his way with her. She saw the man on the screen stroking his cock to the sight of him touching her. Sick fuck. She hadn’t agreed to this. She couldn’t work out why she felt such a strong mixture of emotions, she was practically dripping wet, and hornier than she’d ever been, but she just didn’t want him inside of her.

It didn’t seem like she had much of a choice though, and his fingers roughly pulled the buzzing toy out from inside her, her own cum coating it. He placed it on the table next to her, the toy was touching the side of her face, and Amy closed her eyes, tears rolling down her soft cheek to meet the buzzing lump of silicone.

Mike pulled on the plug, opening her ass up to its widest point. As he began to fuck her slowly with the toy, each thrust pushed her into the table, his fingers slid in and out of her pussy. She heard his belt buckle being undone and his jeans falling the floor and felt the head of his hard cock pushing up against her. He was bigger than she’d imagined and she bit into the leather as he forced his way inside her, pain flowing through her. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, imagining she was far away, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of intense pleasure and emotion that rose to meet her as Mike began his rough strokes.

With each thrust she banged painfully off the edge of the table. Mike didn’t care. He fucked her harder and harder with each stroke, his hands groping her breasts and his breath becoming louder. The sound of him fucking her like a piece of meat, though she hated to admit it, was really turning her on. She let a moan escape her lips, and Mike grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up so she was facing the camera.

“Look at him and say thank you”

Amy opened her eyes, her mouth open, a look of despair on her face. “Thank you” she said meekly, the sound barely escaping the makeshift gag. Mike began to shake and his cock pulsed as came inside her, his free hand grabbing onto her hip roughly, this was enough to push Amy over the edge and she felt a warm flood of pleasure rush over her as pussy pulsed, milking the cum out of him. She felt like she was floating on the clouds as wave after wave of forbidden pleasure crashed over her, her knees giving way and the table taking her full body weight.

Mike pulled out, an arc of his cum, mixed with hers, fell from his cock and started to run down the inside of her leg. He let her head bounce off the wooden table and she stood, still completely helpless, knees buckled, completely exposed, as he pulled away.

“I’m just going to leave you there for a while” Mike said, trying to catch his breath “and let you think about what I’m going to do next…”


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