Selfbondage stories with nipples clamps, gags and cuffs

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...Suddenly the noise stopped and I realized the power had switched off. Although I was exhausted from the multiple orgasms I had endured over the last hour, I managed to move my fingers round to the padlock and started fumbling with the dials of the tumblers of the combination. It was hard work with the gloves on, something I hadn’t factored into my calculations. I was tempted to spit out the breathing tube so I could look down at my waist and read the numbers but I couldn’t guarantee getting the cuffs loose in time even if I could see the lock. I just couldn’t take that risk...
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   Prisoner In Her Home, part 1
...I lay back on the bed for five minutes, my legs in a spread-eagled position, ankles next to the chains at the bottom, a couple of small open padlocks in my hand... My heart was going and I was sweating, after all since I'd known Her I'd not done anything like this! When I'd managed to muster my nerves and stop shaking I locked the chains around my spread ankles. Now I was trapped, there was no way I'd be able to stand up from this position to get the keys to unlock chains, I was committed! I lay back and applied a pair of nipple clamps, blindfolding myself and handcuffing my hands above my head before I managed to change my mind and remove the clamps. I double locked the cuffs with a paper clip and threw that on the floor.

Head-trip, I was taking off for a good few hours of bound fun and there was nothing I could do about it, no way out, no matter what happened until the ice melted I wasn't going anywhere. The clamps set my nipples on fire, ever breath drew more pain from that direction, even moving my upper body a little bounced them up and down; my best plan to avoid the pain was to stay absolutely still. Of course the chastity cuff had become tight and uncomfortable as soon as I'd locked the cuffs on and begun the trip!...

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   Prisoner In Her Home, part 2
...Headspace, I was well and truly immersed in Headspace when She came back in, crashing me back down to earth with a fresh burst of pain from the chastity device. She paused next to the bed, surveying the scene, I started beg for release through the gag, She answered me by brushing her hand gently over my chest, removing the nipple clamps as She went, making scream further into the gag.... ?Oh, does that hurt?? she replied in her sweetest kindest voice. Next came the leg chains, I stretched and writhed around as they were so stiff (I didn't know it then, but she'd left me like that for another six hours, making over ten hours in total!).

She climbed up, straddling my chest, pinning me down, then removed the gag and blindfold. Ah, I could see again! She was dressed only in a pair of panties, her hose and a black bra, and looked like a goddess from where I was still chained up. Reaching down, playing with my heir, She just sat there smiling, looking into my eyes, oh my!...

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   Self Bondage Fantasy
...From what she could feel, her thighs were tied tightly, she felt some pressure above and below her knees indicating there were ropes there and finally her ankles were tied tightly together making them useless. The most interesting part was her shoes. It seems that when she tried to kick them off, they would not budge. They were some how tied to her ankles and judging from her feet the way they were arched. She was wearing her 5 inch stilettos. She tried screaming with all her might, but only very low inaudible muffles came out. She realized why the low noises. She had some type of gag in her mouth. From the way it feels, it was like a hard rubber ball with a piece of leather strap running through it and it was strapped on tightly behind her neck. She also notice that she could barely hear anything including her cries for help. Then she realizes the whole situation. She was tied up tightly, ball gagged, blindfolded and ear plugs inserted in her ears...
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   School Fun
...Now it was time for the penis gag harness. I opened my mouth as wide as the tight hood would let I pushed the little rubber cock in my mouth and first pulled the straps around the side of my head and then buckled the strap under my chin to force me to keep my mouth closed around it. I now pulled out my chastity belt and buckled it tight around my waist. Pulling out a small bottle of lube I lube up the vibrator and electro butt plug and genteelly inserted them. Pulling to strap as tight as I could I locked it in place. Finally I pulled on my shoulder length black latex gloves and locked a set of wrist cuffs in place.

I now opened the small cooler and pulled out my release timer. The ice cubes had a weight frozen inside with a string coming out one side and a thin chain out the other. I tide the string to a tree branch in front of me and let it dangle there as I finished the last details of my bondage. Pulling out one 6 inch and one 12 inch chain. I locked the shorter of the chain to my thigh cuffs and the other to my ankle cuffs effectively hobbling myself. I then pulled out the last lock and 2 nipple clamps. Holding the lock in my hand I place first the right clamp then the left one to my nipples. I then reached over the log I was standing behind and grabbed the daggling chains and attached the clips to my nipple clamps. My nipples were now being gently pulled out and up by the clamps. I push the ON button for my plugs and moved my arms behind my back and locked them I was now stuck...

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   Self Inflicted
...Today had been a "red" day, mostly because I was in a foxy sort of mood. My red pumps, business outfit, red lace bra, and matching panties were quickly slid off and tossed over the couch back. This left me wearing only a red satin garter belt and nylons.

Then the serious work began. I walked over to the timer and set it for what I wanted. It would pull me up in twenty minutes, and should drop me back down about two hours later. Based on this, I would have about an hour to soak in the bathtub and get myself ready to go out with husband and friends that evening. Next, I went to the couch and after plopping down onto it I grabbed a long length of cotton clothesline. This I wound tightly around my ankles, and cinching them snugly together. With a second length, I repeated the process just above my knees. Wanting to feel as captive as possible, I pushed a red rubber ball gag between my lips and buckled the adjoining leather strap tightly around my neck. With the spreader in front of me, I pulled a length of linen material through each eyebolt. Had this been a normal session where I wasn't going out, I would have also have used clothesline here, but I didn't want the marks. I carefully wound the material around my wrists and the end of the spreader, making sure to loop them so that circulation would not suffer. The way this worked was interesting. Until the bar rose, I could easily get loose. One it pulled tight, I was stuck, until it again lowered, giving me needed slack. Then, I stood and waited...

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   Servant Girl
...It wasn’t long before Sara returned carrying with her a bundle of items I couldn’t make out in the semi-darkness. She dropped the items on the floor and approached me. Taking a rope she wrapped it round one of my ankles and feeding the other end though a ring set in the floor, pulled my ankle out until my foot was no longer on the floor. I struggled to maintain my balance on one foot. Sara tied another rope around my other ankle and similarly pulled it out to a ring until I was fully suspended from my wrists. The thin rope they had used to tie my wrists so tightly dug in painfully as my whole weight hung on my arms...
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   Shanna's First Time
...The vibrator went in first. I set it on the lowest setting and slid it into my pussy. I've never pushed it all the way in before... WOW!!!! I had to control myself to keep from ending this before it started. I spread my legs wide and put a piece of tape tightly over my pussy to keep the vibrator in. Then came the plug. It took me a few minutes to get it in, because I was shuddering through the pleasure and anticipation. But the plug slid up into my ass and I put another piece of tape tightly over my ass to keep the plug in.

With the roll of tape, I taped around my ankles several times, then taped around my thighs, pinning my legs together, making the low vibrator even more powerful. Then came my hands, I put my hands behind me and managed to tie them together with a twist tie. Then I worked for what seemed hours to get a long strip of tape around the twist tie so I couldn't untie it...

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   Shocking Vibrations
...I continued to fuck the cock rings while the audio signals and vibrators brought me closer and closer to orgasm. I tried to make it last as long as I could, but after about three minutes, the orgasm began to build uncontrollably inside me. I began to thrust more violently felt the bond around my legs and waist pull tight with each thrust. My level of pain perception rose the closer I got to climax, and I was pulling tight against my ankle and wrist binds. I finally exploded and felt a shower of cum on my waist and chest...
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   Teaching Others The Ropes
...I tell you what. I will tie you up and leave you for the others to find. They can decide whether you deserve punishment, and mete it out if they do.”

Helen was, like me, a yoga devotee, and she also still regularly attended a gymnastics course at college. Knowing this, I got her to strip down to bra and knickers, and tied a rope round her waist. I got her to lie on her back on the same table in our kitchen where she had found me. Then I got her to bring her legs up and to fold them behind her shoulders. I tied her ankles together there. Then I lifted her legs and rolled her over onto her front. Now I could tie her wrists together behind her back, locking her in that position. I also tied her wrists to the rope round her waist, so that there was no possibility of her sliding her hands over her backside to release herself.

When I rolled her onto he back again, her backside was presented for all to see. My final contributions were a ball gag, the cane and a note saying:...

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