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   Absolute Trust
...My pussy was dripping wet by now in my excitement. My fingers trembled as I buckled on the ankle cuffs. I had these positioned so as I pulled myself up the bed to tighten the slack in the chains, my legs were pulled wide apart. No matter that my pussy was very, very wet, I still liberally coated the dildo with lubricant. I had learned the hard way that during a long session, I had on occasion dried out making the use of this machine a very painful experience, one that I had no wish to repeat. I positioned the marauder and from the ‘D-ring’ attachment points located on the corners of the machine, I clipped the short chains to the metal ring on the front of the leather belt I was wearing. This stopped me pulling myself up and off the dildo because, if I did try, it simply pulled the machine further up the bed maintaining the perfect distance. Any attempt to twist myself away would have the result of pulling the machine even closer and allowing the dildo to plunge even deeper inside me. Reaching over the sides of the bed, I located the short chains with snap locks and these were attached to the side rings on the belt. This further restricted my movements, as without these short chains, I was not very restricted in my ability to roll from side to side. Between these chains and the belt, I was held immobile and in the perfect position to receive the full impact of the sex machine. I suddenly remembered I hadn’t locked the dungeon door but this trivial omission wasn’t going to spoil my fun. I was not about to undo everything now just to lock it. The ball-gag went into my mouth and I buckled it on. I took a final glance about the room to make sure all was in order. The slow drip-drip of the melting ice told me this was counting away the time until I was once again free. The remote for the butterfly was in easy reach. The light and machine timers were set. It was time to play...
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   After Midnight
...I tug at my wrist chains, knowing I couldn't possibly escape. I feel so helpless. Can't even lift my elbows. I try to turn my head but the cords tied to each side of my gag harness restrict my movements. I know I will have to force my head to the side at dawn in order to see the locks holding my wrists. What if I can't? I must. I have to.

I swallow a mouthfull of acrid liquid only to feel more seeping down the tube through my ball gag. How long will it take for the cubes of frozen piss to melt? I used the whole tray filling the funnel hanging over my bed. Will I have to drink it all before I can get free?

I realize at some point, when the funnel loses enough weight, it will be pulled up by the old antique cuffs tied to the other end of the cord holding up the funnel. I don't know when this will happen, but I know it will and I can't stop the inevitable.

My nipples have finally settled down to a dull ache. I no longer fell the sting of the needles that I jabbed through my nipples and through the holes in the clothes pins. I must admit, it is a nice painfull touch to top off my bondage session...

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   Airbed Self-Bondage

...Positioning myself on the inflated airbed on my back, I squirmed around and managed to attach the ankle chains to the screw eyes in the respective posts at the foot of the bed. My legs were spread and elevated, just like I wanted them.

I buckled a ball gag in place extra tight. I snapped a clothespin on each nipple. My pussy burned in anticipation, but I knew if I rubbed it I would go off like a roman candle and take the edge off, so I refrained.

This was the moment of no return. I looked around to see if I had forgotten anything. Coffee pot turned off, doors are locked, A/C is set at a comfortable level. Here goes nothing!

I had to lunge to reach the screw eye in the post by my left hand, but I was able to lock the end of the 1’ chain from my wrist cuff to the screw eye with a small padlock. I checked to see that the string from the airbed release valve was in place (it was). With another lunge I was able to lock the end of the 1’ chain from my right wrist to the screw eye with another small padlock and my imprisonment was complete...

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   Alisa's Cabin Trip
...I made sure I had the gag locked on tight because I knew the next step was going to hurt a lot, at least at first. For this all to work, I needed nipple clamps that wouldn’t give up unless they were on the brink of ripping my nipple off. These clamps had small teeth on the end of them that bite into the skin a little bit. They hurt a lot when you first put them on, but since they go on behind the nipple, the pain subsides after a few minutes.

MMmmmmmphph! There’s the first nipple. MMMMMPHPHPPH! There’s the second one. I could swear that it is even stronger then the first. I just sat on my bed for few seconds massaging my breasts and letting the pain go away. Sure enough, after a few minutes, it did and I continued to tie myself up. I attached a rope to an eyebolt on the other side of the room and then threaded it though another eyebolt in the ceiling (old cabins with wood beams come in handy) then down through the D ring on my right elbow cuff, behind my back and then tied it to my left cuff. The idea behind this is when I move to the opposite side of the eyebolt, my elbows will be pulled together. When I back up, it will be easy to move my elbows apart again.

What little slack my elbows had now I used to tie my legs together at the ankle and above and below the knee. With a little effort I grabbed the lock for my cuffs and stood up. I picked up a remote and turned on the bedroom TV that already had a bondage tape running on auto repeat. I tossed the remote onto the bed and looked at the time. 11am. I figured that should be plenty of time to get free and maybe even drive into town and have a bite to eat...

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   Angie's Accident
...First of all she took out several items of rubberwear which she began to put on. Long rubber stockings, a full length pair of rubber gloves, a rubber corset and a tight pair of rubber panties. Before pulling the panties all the way up Angie found her favourite vibrator (the one with the remote control) and, after applying some lubrication, slid it slowly into her pussy.

Next out the box came a pair of ankle cuffs which she put on and tightened. By now the excitement inside her was almost too much to bear and it was all she could do to continue. Another item from the box, this time a ball gag. Opening her mouth. Angie pushed the ball in and fastened it behind her head. Not too much more to do now. A pair of handcuffs were next, followed by a large plastic bag and some cable ties.

Angie sat the remote for the vibrator on a table next to the bed and set it to go off in 15 minutes. She also placed the keys on the table near the edge were she would be able to reach them...

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   Back Up Power Supply
...Over this she added a wide belt with chains that were run through her crotch to the back of the belt, these she pulled tight and padlocked in place. Next she pulled on a latex hood with only a pipe sticking out of it. Now she was blind. A wide collar secured the hood on and she filled the inflatable item adding pressure to her face and head. To this she locked another bar attaching it to the chains running between her legs to the back of the collar. This effectively stopped her from bending over.

Fumbling blindly she found the steel bar, which was set just above waist height and locked its chain behind her to the bar between her legs. This would put a constant pull on the plugs buried deep inside her as she pulled the bar around rewinding the spring. Almost done, she opened the zippers over her breasts exposing her nipples and attached weighted clamps to each one. To the front of the belt she attached a ring of keys that would open the various locks she had used to this point. To a ring in the front of her high collar she attached the centre of a short chain via padlock. Fumbling she attached wide leather cuffs to each wrist and then she pushed the wheeled table and bag away from her. She had two special locks remaining clutched in her grip. Our heroine hesitated at this point, she could still release herself and just rewind the spring without the fetters but that would be no fun...

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   Bound at the Blacksmith's
...Standing me up in the middle of the workshop and telling me not to go anywhere, he rummaged around his workbench and until he found what he was looking for. He came back over to me and held up his find so I could see the two items he held in his hand. Looking at them, I was still none the wiser as to what he had there; I just couldn't imagine what the items were for. My confusion was short lived and the purpose of the devices became all too obvious as he opened one and moved his hand towards my exposed breasts. I shrank back in pain and confusion and shame as the clip bit into my left nipple and I swung away as far as I could to prevent him attaching its friend to my right breast. The blacksmith just leered more evilly and took hold of the clip already abusing my left nipple and twisted it. The pain was unbearable and my legs buckled as I moaned into my gag. I clearly had no choice but allow him to add the other clip to my remaining nipple. The devious Blacksmith was not done torturing me though; he tied a length of string to the two clips and slung the other end over the rafter he had strategically placed me under. Retrieving the loose end he tied it to a hook on the wall but not before giving a vicious tug that pulled me up onto my toes...
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   Bound by PC
...She semi- sat on her bound legs, in her high back, arm-rested office chair. The lasso end continued down between her upper thighs, thru the back of her calves, under and over the ankle cinch, and up to her wrists in back, which were crossed and bound within four circles of slip knot lasso. The belts had been joined and tightly secured around her upper body, above and below her ample breasts. The gag was face cloth stuffing, held in with another scarf.

When Tracy did what she was told, her wrists were but a few inches from her crossed and bound ankles in back of her. The hog-tie was, to say the least, severe. But Tracy 'knew' what she was getting herself into, and John had assured her of a way of escape if she could not manage one herself. Before she slipped her wrists into the four lasso circles, he instructed her to hit any right board key to answer 'yes,' and left for 'no.' Even though reaching the keys with her nose was difficult, Tracy managed to do so in the minutes that followed. Every time she did, the crotch rope tightened considerably, sawing at her wet crevice, which, in turn, produced its desired effect. Nose typing also tightened the lasso loops around her wrists, a result she hardly noticed at first, but later realized and appreciated without concern. ‘Wow, I really feel tied up.’...

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   Samantha Hogtied and Caught! | keys, latex, caught in free selfbondage story

... Samantha started with her ankles, locking the ankle cuffs into place. Bending over she slowly inserted the butt plug. She sat back on her ankles, then strapped her legs together with two of the belts. One around the top of the knees, the other binding her legs in place so that she couldn't straighten them. Next she put the rope ratchet into place. She put on her mask next, the leather smell turning her on. The butterfly vibe came next. This in place, she made sure that everything was within reach. She placed the penis gag in her mouth, then attached the blindfold ...

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   Business Weekend
..I immediately undressed down to bra and panties. I prefered it that way, sexier I guess. Although I thought I might use the tape, I decided to Tie my ankles with the ropes. But I did use a leather strap on my thighs, and this one I locked on, and roped my calves as well. A variety of helplessness. Sometimes it's fun to experiment, especially if I can release some of my bonds, but need keys to release others. Anyways, with that done, I took a wad of cloth I had prepared earlier, and knotted it at the middle, twice actually, forming one large wad with two ends. I stuffed the knot in my mouth, then wrapped the two ends around my head, tying it off at the back, but none too tightly. It is only there to keep the gag in my mouth rather than my throat. I took the duct tape, and peeled off three strips of the sticky material to strap over my mouth, running from cheek to cheek, nose to chin. This way, my mouth will stay closed tightly over the gag, but the cloth will keep it from choking me. A few experimental calls proved just how well I was now gagged.

Now, I took the two leather wrist straps. They both had a ring on them, which I positionned on the inside of my right wrist, and the outside of my left wrist. I let a locking clip hang on one of the rings, this I would use to finish binding my wrists. I thought about using a chain to hogtie myself, but didn't want to go too, too, far on this first try...
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