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   They Don't Make Them Like They Used Too!
...No soon had she said that then the vibrator started to vibrate and move inside her pussy. Since the vibrations were slow she decided to look at another table. On this table there were gags and hoods. Reading the paper Adrian found out there were a few different types of gags but they all do the same basic thing. They control the amount on noise the wearer makes during the games. The amount of noise can go from a normal gag of the same type down to no noise at all. The wearer cannot remove the gag. Some of the different types are ball, ring, cock, and full mouth. The ball gag is a ball that fits behind the teeth and forces the mouth open. There is a strap that secures it in place. The ring gag, like the ball, goes behind the teeth, forces the mouth open and is secured in place. This gag will shrink or grow to allow for comfortable (for the person not wearing the gag) oral sex without the fear of teeth. The cock gag covers most of the mouth but has a cock that is stuffed in the wearerís mouth. The cockís size will alter to fill the mouth without any discomfort. It too is secured in place. The full mouth gag covers the whole mouth and most or all of the chin, depending on the type. The gag can use a ball or cock to add to the effect. The person putting the gag in place determines what, if anything is stuffed in place...
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   Tied together
...I got on the bench, which was not really stable, and Caroline ordered me the spread my arms. My wrist straps were connected with two chains hanging from the transversely beam of the swing. She put the ball gag in my mouth and closed the straps severely. A spreader bar between my ankles made it rather impossible for me to move. She took rather a heavy peace of weight and connected it with a chain to my balls. Strangely enough the weight was not hanging from my balls but was still supported by the bench underneath. Finally she put two nasty clamps on my nipples and I was almost prepared to endure her fantasy. At the clamps there was a short chain with other clamps at the end Ö. her clamps.

She got preparing herself and watching her doing so I got more and more horny. It started raining a little bit and instead of cooling me down it got me more and more excited. The black ankle and wrist cuffs on her naked body looked great. I donít know when she did it but the locking device she made was simple but at the same time ingenious. The 2 chains, still hanging down from the beam, ran through two bolted eye rings and were frozen together. She assumed it would take about an hour before it would be melted enough to get them separated again...

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   The Tree of Lights
...Tracy's fingers grasped the string to the release valve, and gradually worked out the slack until the string was taut. She wound the string around her fingers to hold it. Again, she went up higher her toes, giving her arms as much slack from the overhead chain as she could. A gentle tug on the string, and the air started flowing out of the bag. A second sharp tug, and the string broke. As the bag started to lower the base of the tree, she let her end of the string fall.

Tracy felt that it took forever for the air to release from the bag, and just as slowly the pressure was building up in her arms and wrists as the entire weight of her body was coming through them. It was then that she realized that she should not have taken those extra two links out of her overhead chain. The heavy, eight foot base ring, instead of being held by its steel cables, was entirely supported by the chains from her ankles. She groaned as she felt this unexpected load on her arms, and twisted her wrists to find a more comfortable position for them. The heavy chain was between her wrists, causing her severe discomfort, as her weight forced her arms tightly together. The sound of air stopped, and the base of the tree swung free. She discovered that any movement of her body made the tree move...

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   You Wait
...There is no reason not to continue and plenty of reason to continue. And so you continued. You inserted a very large butt plug that you have just lubricated. It is only a plug, it does not vibrate, but it does inflate. Inflating it had to wait. As you needed to insert an equally very large dildo in your cunt. It also inflates. Now they both reside deep within you pumped up so full that there is no possibility they could fall out. Not that they could anyhow. You contemplate, while you wait, the chain that is locked about your waist, the one that has another chain locked to the front and back of it. That chain you pulled very tight through your crotch locking your companions in place. The reason you contemplate that chain is because it is not only locked to the back of your waist but it is also locked high up on the tree to another bolt secured deep into the tree. It was difficult for you to lock this lock. You had to bring your feet close together and get on your very tiptoes to lock it. Now you can no long stand flat-footed and your crotch now bears a substantial part of your weight...
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   Iron Maiden
...I howled in pain, or would have, if my gag hadn’t prevented the noise. I guess I had been unconsciously holding my back away from the spikes at the rear of the iron maiden so when the door closed with such speed, the nails in the door went straight into my out-thrust breasts. One nail made direct contact with my right nipple, which due to my arousal was hard and had taken the brunt of the assault. I was sure I’d inadvertently pierced a nipple in the process. I instinctively stepped back and the nails made contact with my behind. My arms flew up too, at least as far as the thumbcuffs attached to my thigh straps would let them. That wasn’t far of course but there was enough slack to allow me to scratch my elbows on the nails at the side. I forced myself to stand dead still...
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   Linda's Denial
...Linda moved back to her pussy lips. This was the pleasure she had worked for - earned. She was going to enjoy every minute that she could last. She thought about some self bondage to add to her arousal to be able to savour the moment longer, but couldn't clear her head long enough to come up with a suitable scenario. She could have an O anytime she wanted now, so settled back enjoying her arousal. Feeling her fingers on her pussy lips - just slightly touching her clit occasionally, she was building this more and more. OMG this was sooooooo good. She used all her strength and took her fingers away from her pussy and just squeezed her nipples. She twisted and pulled on them and was almost amused at the way her clit attempted to beg her for more immediate attention. She had heard that some women can cum from nipple attention alone - Linda couldn't, but it could build the demand and so she continued to tease her body...
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   The Nocturnal Visitor
..."Come on then, step up onto this block."

Jo looked at me blankly, a trace of drool already appearing at the corner of her mouth.

"Step up onto this wooden block", I said distinctly. The response was unintelligible, but it certainly wasn't compliant. I stepped into the kitchen and selected a heavy palette knife as favoured by professional cooks.

"On the block, now. Otherwise I will warm your bottom with this." I waved the flat steel warningly at her, and then, sensing stubbornness brought it down flat across her delicious derriere. The dress clearly offered inadequate protection and a muffled shriek was accompanied by a hasty lurch up onto the block. She stood awkwardly, now level with me; cautious in her high heeled ankle strap sandals on such a fairly small perch. I offered up two more small padlocks for her inspection, before reaching for the chains that dangled down from the ceiling to lock one to each of the hoop earrings that Jo sported.

"Now I suggest you stand still", I calmly advised her. "Step off that block and your ears will know about it." ..

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   My Poolside Adventure
...I had no idea how long it would take for the ice to melt or how long I would be in bondage. I drank nothing in the morning, but lounged around the house naked. I ate a light lunch and headed over to the pool at noon. I brought a cooler with a couple beers. I went for a quick skinny dip. I covered myself in tanning oil. My bondage set up was virtually the same, even though I had a really hard time getting the heavy ice bag hung up on the branch. This time I placed a medium, non-vibrating dildo in my pussy instead of clothespins on it, added a pair of earplugs, and placed a blindfold over my eyes. When I was handcuffed at last, with the keys dangling just out of reach, I found that I could rock my hips enough to make the dildo slide slightly in and out of my pussy. The butt plug was buried deep in my bottom, but I was able to slowly fuck myself with the dildo. As I laid the envelope between my legs, brought my hands over my head, and clicked the handcuffs shut, I just knew something would happen this time...
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   Between the Trees
...Standing up on the stool, I placed earplugs in my ears, a blindfold around my eyes and placed my bit gag in my mouth. Reaching towards the wrist loops I wriggled my wrists into the loops and stepped back off the stool. My wrists were pulled up and out and I found myself stretched between the two trees. I yanked on the string to release the knot in the rope holding up the water container and felt a pull on my ankles. It was a pull I could easily resist and so I still had a way out if I wanted; simply by stepping back up on the stool and freeing my wrists. Once I moved my ankles apart though, the weight of the water container would take up any slack and the ratchet would prevent the slack being pulled back through. I would then be trapped...
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