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   Horse Ride
...When we got to the middle of the field I put the last part of my plan into motion. I took the ends of the reins and tied them to the saddle horn. This way the reins wouldn’t hit the ground but they were still loose enough that Colt could move his head in any way he wanted with out the reins affecting him. With that done I took the string around my neck and turned it so that it was hanging down my back. Then I placed my hands behind my back and closed the other cuff around my right wrist. I was stuck on the horse and just along for the ride until the ice melted and I could free my hands. I figured it would only take about an hour since the noon sun had really headed things up.

It was really exciting sitting there on a horse naked and out of control. If someone came not only could I not run and hide but I was also on a horse adding a whole knew bizarre twist to things. All I could do was wait for the hour or so that it was going to take for the ice to melt. I was really horny sitting there. I tried wiggling around to move the plugs inside of me so I could get a little relief...

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   I Stood
...Cold drip after cold drip continued to land on the top of my head and my long hair was now annoyingly plastered to my cheeks and against my lips. I could not move my head and my body movement was severely restricted by the heavily boned bright red leather waist cincher corset, so I shuffled my feet quickly to try and dislodge my hair big mistake. The sudden pain was so excruciating that I screamed yet I heard no sound. Whether this was due to the plugs in my ears or the locked head harness holding the large bright red rubber ball gag in my mouth I do not know.

Both my ear lobes and my nipples felt as though they were being pulled off my body. The yoghurt container size block of ice above my head held three chains within its unyielding grasp. The first one was fixed to a plant hook on the ceiling, and the other two (each about a foot long) were attached to small padlocks through my pierced ears. I was held prisoner by my ears and subjected to this horrible water torture. The weights attached to the nipple clamps on my large boobs by short lengths of elastic were still bouncing, as were my boobs definitely not a good idea!...

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   A Change in Plans
...What made her decide to do it, she would never know. But she had about fifteen minutes to get ready before he would be home. She didn't know what a slave girl might wear, but she knew what he would like. Red satin bra and panties, garter belt, red stockings, and high heels. She looked at the bed and wondered how she could tie herself up there, and decided against it. The living room had a big hook in the ceiling where she had a hanging plant. He wanted a tied-up slave girl, well, she would be tied up in the living room where he would see her almost as soon as he came in...
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   It's a Slippery Slope
...The door is propped open by the mechanism, and as you lay down, you fit the back of the collar into it's post, your ankles' posts go into the holes for them.

And you pull on the special belt and cinch it tight.

Finally, you insert the two wrist posts into the center bar that attaches to your collar and the belt...

Nothing happens...

No click, no top swinging down, you can still move.

Shit.. You forgot the gag.

You reach up above your head and pull down the inflatable gag mounted on the u-shaped metal.

You insert it into your mouth and the two posts find their holes below your head this time as you insert your wrists posts into the sockets.

They immediately snick into place...

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...I looked up at the silhouette of the light bulb hanging from the cord of the lamp. It was near eight o'clock in the evening and the sun was going down on a very nice summer day. I had spent the last three hours flat on my back with a gag in my mouth, hands cuffed in steel between my legs, and my ankles in heavy leather cuffs chained to the heavy kitchen table looking at the sun light on the burned out bulb. I had laid down on the floor wearing only white pantyhose, a see through nylon bra, and black high heel shoes at five P.M. with the timer set for one hour. The key to the lock that held my feet was affixed six feet above the floor by candle wax to the bottom of a light bulb. The idea at the time was to play self-bondage for an hour and then the timer would light the bulb at six heating the wax and dropping the key...
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   A Lesson Learnt
...My captor had left me tied to the post for ages. I was dressed all in black, wearing thick tights and elbow-length gloves underneath a long-sleeved polo-neck body. This was finished off with ear plugs, a ball gag, a sleeping mask as a blindfold, and a black hood covering my whole head and tucked into the neck of the body. My hands were tied behind the post, above my head, and my ankles were tied behind the post as well.

The effect of my bonds was to leave me almost suspended, able to take some of my weight by standing on tip-toes. With my arms and ankles at the back of the post, my breasts and hips were pushed forward, with my legs invitingly apart. I felt terribly exposed and vulnerable. I could only hope that no-one else would find me before my captor decided to release me. Being dressed totally in black, I hoped that the darkness of the night would remain my protector.

The final ecstasy was that I was fully fitted out with vibrators on my nipples, vibrating balls inside me, a vibrating butt plug and a Joni’s Butterfly – all going flat out. My whole body was shaking and I felt wave after wave of delight as I responded to their urges...

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   My Love of Gags
...Finally I opened my mouth and the ball slipped right to where it was meant to be, behind my teeth. This was nearly enough to tip me over the edge in itself. I quickly strapped the ball into place, as tight as I could because by this time, the hours of building into this moment left my pussy screaming for a release.

It didn't need much. The orgasm I got with the gag in was something I had never experienced, and probably never will. I wanted to scream, so I bit hard into the gag. The mere fact that now I could do just that, bite into a real gag brought me to another wave instantly and this lasted for several waves.

Finally I was too exhausted to go on anymore and I was left panting at my bed, lying on my bed, and my gag still firmly on place. When my breathing started to settle and the arousal on my body subsided a little, I had time to really feel the gag in my mouth. It was surprisingly comfortable and I had no trouble breathing around it. It was a relief, but I was also worried that maybe it wouldn't be very restrictive to my articulation...

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   Nicole Sheds Her Inhibitions
...I slowly moved my head forward to locate the gag. Finding it, I first gently licked it with my tongue, encircling it, caressing it as if trying to please a cruel Master. After I made it wet, I spread my lips to engulf it. I licked and sucked at the warm extension for awhile, imagining the pleasure that I was giving Master. But somehow he wasn't satisfied and he forced me to take all of him inside my mouth and hold it there. To ensure his pleasure, I also had to buckle him inside my mouth, tightening the straps of the buckle behind my head to their tightest notch. I wouldn't be able to pull myself away from him if I wanted to. Stuck to this cruel Master, my mouth impaled, I could hardly move at all.

My hands were still free, though. Master had to remedy that immediately so I wouldn't be able to somehow work my way out of my predicament or give in to my throbbing pussy. I was forced to lock my wrists together with the small padlock. I wouldn't be allowed to free my hands until I returned home where I'd left that particular key. I reached high above my head and, after fumbling with the remaining Master lock, I finally succeeded in snapping it shut through the rings of my restraints and on a link of chain. I was stuck...

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   One Hot Session
...I attach the hand cuffs to one end of a chain with a lock, and secure the other end of the chain to the base of bed frame at the head of the bed. Two lengths of rope extend from the legs of the bed at the foot. Before binding myself, I place three cock rings on my penis. The rings are small, about an inch in diameter and fit very snuggly. Then I place a stainless steel shackle around by testicles. The shackle is just big enough to gather all the scrotum material between me and my balls. I sit at the end of the bed and wrap the rope around each ankle separately and I reveal in the sensation and sight of my bound and nylon covered feet. I test the length of rope from the bed legs to my ankles as I sit back onto the middle of the bed and my ankles are pulled taught and stretched out to each corner of the bed...
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...At least my bonds weren’t too tight. My nipples were already complaining about the clamps but I knew that pain would recede into the background given time. None of the chains were biting into me or pinching anywhere and with my legs slightly bent my wrists weren’t being pulled on too hard giving me a little slack there. I must remember that would change if I inadvertently pulled the container of water off its perch on the edge of the hatch.

I could feel the dildos inside me as a welcome presence. That too would change if I needed to pee later. I almost regretted not using my vibrating dildo but then that wouldn’t have been in keeping with the scenario. In any case the whole purpose of the punishment meted out to me was to deny me the pleasure I was craving so publicly...
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