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   Caught in Self-Bondage
...Now it was time to dress the part. I was 18 and my sister, Sara, was a year older. Being very slender as I was, Sara?s clothes were a very good fit for me. First I slipped on the pink flowered panties. Gently I tucked in my erection. Next came the bra, pantyhose and slip. As the nylon slip rubbed against the tights my excitement grew. I took just a moment to notice my feminine appearance. Then I slipped on the long sleeved blouse, plaid skirt and the maryjanes. Finally, I walked over to the dresser mirror and adjusted the plaid cross tie. Stepping back I admired the pretty young schoolgirl I saw before me.

Time to put this damsel in distress I thought as I grabbed the other 2 pair of panties and stuffed them in my mouth. Then I wrapped duct tape over my mouth and around my head 5 times to secure my gag. I decided to try the hogtie. I crossed my ankles and bound them together. The scissors I placed on the pillow. Next I took my wrist coils and 2 cable zip-ties and rolled onto my stomach. I put both of my wrists through the coils and secured them with one zip-tie, then with the other zip tie I secured my ankles ropes to my wrist coils and pulled it as tight as I could. The springs of the bed creaked as adjusted my position to the bondage. The bondage I had applied was a little stricter that I had expected. For just a second I thought I might be too far away from the scissors for a quick exit, but with my excitement growing my thoughts drifted back to my bondage...

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   Cindy's Liquid Hell
...I snapped two sets of handcuffs on each wrist, I found if you use only one handcuff it digs in to your skin after a time ( note make sure the key holes face outward for easy access ).

I faced the hanging enema bags bent over and chained my ankles to rings on the floor spread to around 20 inches. The keys to all locks lay on the floor between my spread legs.

Next I inserted the dildos with hoses attached, the cunt dildo is easy to insert, the ass dildo takes some work to shove in but once you reach half way the pear shaped dildo snaps in place like it belonged there, now I put the ball gag on and reached up and attached one hand to the left hanging chain and paused for a moment with the right hand, this is always the scary and exciting part.

I took one more look around to check if all was OK and set. I clicked the last handcuff on the hanging chain and now I was totally helpless and only the keys would release me, always when I reach this point I get so excited I could climax with any touch!...

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   Cindys Outdoor Bondage
...Now I was ready to start! I locked the waist chain on and put the steel collar around my neck and locked it in place and locked a small chain to the collar and locked the other end to my waist chain. Now for the dildos, I have two that have small eyelets attached to the bases that will lock to a crotch chain.

I have the dildos in a zip lock plastic bag all lubed up and ready to insert.

I inserted the vagina dildo with no problem but the ass dildo takes a lot of pressing to insert but once it passes half way it pops right in like it belonged there.

Now I locked a chain to the back of my waist chain and ran it between my legs and up my crotch, and locked it in the front, now I took two small luggage locks reached between my legs and locked the dildo base hooks to the main chain, I have four labia majora rings pierced to my labia lips, two on each side I then took two more small locks and pulled my lips over the crotch chain and locked my labia lips on top of the chain. Now the chain was locked against my clit and I could not move the chain away from my clit and could not remove the dildos without the keys...

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   Claudia’s Adventures
...Master ordered me back up onto my knees, and warned me not to touch my pussy or my sore nipples. He was just being difficult and I was the victim of his terrible mood. I knelt there on my knees, still bound and with this frustrating ache in my pussy as Master had me sort through the box and pull out a variety of devices. A medium butt plug, his most powerful dildo, various leather straps, locks and restraints, a ball gag and a set of nipple clamps connected with a little chain. Then I remembered. I was supposed to get a set of 4 keyed alike Master Locks up at the warehouse home improvement store last week. I totally forgot... Master would need these keys to complete his plans for this weekend's adventure. I am repentant, but He is not happy...
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   Claudia's Emergency Backup Release
...When you find me I will be naked, my hands will be cuffed behind my back, my legs will be tied and I will have a ball gag in my mouth. You can do anything you want to me for the whole afternoon. You can spank my ass using your hands or even a belt, you can pinch my nipples, slap my tits, even spank my pussy. You can drag me by my feet across the floor so my tits scrap the rough textured carpet. You can throw me into the bathtub and piss all over me. If you remove my gag to make me drink your piss I may plead with you to let me go, but that is part of the game. Don’t listen to what I have to say, don’t give in. The more difficult you make this for me, the bigger your bonus will be...
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   A close escape
...Then I lashed my arms to my sides as tightly as possible. With some difficulty, I cinched the ropes binding my arms together by passing the ends between the ropes and my armpits and pulling tight. My arms were noe almost immobilised. Lastly, I added a waist rope. I tied it just loosely enough so I could pass my wrists through.

I gagged myself with a pair of panties I had stolen the other day from my girlfriend of the time. They were still moist from her juices. (wow!) I completed the gag by tying a length of soft whit cloth around my head thus ensuring no speech was possible.

Quickly, I pushed my wrists through the wrist ropes. Movement was suddenly greatly restricted. It took several minutes and a fair amount of puffing and panting before I was able to force both hands through the wrist coil. I pulled it tight by pulling on the opposite direction on my ankles. I had successfully hogtied myself. It felt wonderful...

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   College Submission
...Next came the gag. I had contemplated long and hard about the type of gag I wanted. They made so many different kinds, I didn't really know where to start. There were inflatable gags, dildo gags, ball gags, and then they had the usually scarf-like ones that went between the lips and tied off in back. Eventually, I had settled on what was called a "Ring Gag". It was a large, rubber coated ring that once inserted, keeps you mouth open in a very inviting position. I almost went with the ball gag because of the supposed ability it had to muffle most sound, but the thought of some hot guy finding me and having full access to my mouth with his member was enough to make me horny as hell, so I decided to go with it. Finally came my collar. much like the cuffs, it too was leather and lined with a soft material on the inside of it to prevent any chaffing or irritation. It locked on, and it had two, heavy gauge rings molded into it. One if the front, and another in the back...
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   Electro-stim Hogtie
...I checked to be sure that every thing was like I wanted it and would work as planned. Satisfied that I had covered all the bases, I then put on the tweezer type nipple clamps just to add a little more discomfort. Almost there now. I picked up the 4 loop wrist rope, slipped my left hand through, and put it behind my back. I put the loop through the zip tie cinch loop and wriggled my right hand through. Now all I had to do was zip up the cinch loop and I was caught till the knife fell and I could cut myself loose. I pulled on the end and cinched it up pretty good. I could still get out, but just barely...
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   Found Out!
...Luckily when I landed on the floor my butt was facing the camera and when I had the orgasm you could instantly see the red unitard get a dark spot in the crotch. As big as the wet spot became you would have thought I hadn't had an orgasm in a long time. But it was just being dressed like that and being tied up made my orgasm very intense and long. I watched the tape a while longer and realized this was one of the times that I had problems getting loose from the ropes...
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   Frogtied to Frustration
...Pleased about my handiwork, I did the same for my other leg. After I had completed it, I did some struggling to make sure the ropes weren't about to give up on me. They sure didn't.

Next part was the gag. I leaned myself against the bed as I took hold of the straps. I waited for a moment. This was by far my favourite part when it came to bondage. Inserting and strapping the gag in place had such a huge effect on me that I had several times orgasmed multiple times from just masturbating with my hand and wearing a new gag.

I pressed the gag against my lips, pretended that someone was forcing it on me. I slowly opened my lips and closed my eyes as I felt the familiar taste of rubber in my mouth. This was my oldest gag and I had been wearing it so often and so long that my tongue knew this ball almost as well as the insides of my mouth...

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