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My Outdoor Self Session I have been planning and fantasizing on doing an outdoor self-bondage session for a long time, and today I finally got the courage to actually do it for real, thanks to members of BoundAnna and IceBound for the ideas and suggestions.

I want to caution anyone up front that this is risky activity and not for everyone.

I had a few days left on my vacation and occasionally go hiking at trails 15 miles from home, and thought that would be a great place to do this outdoor bondage session, these trails are crowded on the week ends but very empty during the week (at least I hope so).

I got up early today and took my shower and packed my backpack with bondage gear. What I plan to do is leave a master set of keys at the base of the trail in an open public place as my safety keys to use as a last resort. I will leave a key to a small steel box at the beginning of the trail, and walk to the look out point at the top of the hill (around 1/3 mile) and lock this box holding the keys for my release to a tree using a small chain and padlock.

My plan is to strip at the top of the hill chain myself, and walk fully nude to the bottom of the hill to get the key to the steel box, and then I will need to walk back up the hill still chained nude to unlock the steel box with this key to gain my escape.

It was time to leave, I arrived at the trails end and parked my car in the small dirt lot at the bottom junction of three separate trails. (I am the only car here) so I assume I am the only one here. (Note I contacted my girl friend where I was going to be and she has been here with me in the past, of course I did not tell her what I was planning).

I walked around a little bit to make sure there were no others here, my heart was pounding with the thought of what I was planning to do.

I left a master set of keys under a rock in full view of the main highway, so to get them in a emergency I would risk discovery and would only get them as a last resort.

I walked up the trail to a point that I could see the parking lot through the trees below but if anyone was there they could not see me. I left the key to the small steel box next to a tree and under a rock.

I continued up the hill to the lookout at the top, around 1/3 of a mile, I walked off the trail and found a good spot to hide the master box of keys, and chained the box to a small tree, now the only way to get free is to walk down the trail to get the key that would unlock this box.

I unpacked my backpack and laid the bondage gear at my feet, I knew I was getting closer to the point of no return. I took a long look around and was getting scared and excited at the same time (I almost talked myself into packing my stuff and getting the hell out of here).

I striped all my clothes off and really started to get nervous, I put spike heel shoes on and tried to walk a little to see if I could navigate in these shoes, it was hard but manageable. I walked to the trail and took one more look around to be sure no one was here.

Now I was ready to start! I locked the waist chain on and put the steel collar around my neck and locked it in place and locked a small chain to the collar and locked the other end to my waist chain. Now for the dildos, I have two that have small eyelets attached to the bases that will lock to a crotch chain.

I have the dildos in a zip lock plastic bag all lubed up and ready to insert.

I inserted the vagina dildo with no problem but the ass dildo takes a lot of pressing to insert but once it passes half way it pops right in like it belonged there.

Now I locked a chain to the back of my waist chain and ran it between my legs and up my crotch, and locked it in the front, now I took two small luggage locks reached between my legs and locked the dildo base hooks to the main chain, I have four labia majora rings pierced to my labia lips, two on each side I then took two more small locks and pulled my lips over the crotch chain and locked my labia lips on top of the chain. Now the chain was locked against my clit and I could not move the chain away from my clit and could not remove the dildos without the keys.

I smiled a little knowing if I was discovered by some man, he would need the keys to rape me.

I locked the shackles to both my wrists (I like to use shackles instead of handcuffs because they fit better and don't hurt my wrists) I can be in shackles for a long time with no problem.

I buckled the ball gag in my mouth, now I was ready to lock that last padlock in place locking my hands to the waist chain (I don't know what turns you on but the click of that last lock rings all my bells.

I reached behind me and snapped that last lock in place, now my hands were held to the small of my back I could not even cover my ass, my bondage was total and escape was impossible.

Now the reality hit me, I was fully nude chained with 12 locks and so helpless and venerable it was absurd, I could feel a tingle in my clit and was so excited I could explode.

The only escape now was to walk down the hill to get that dam key, I started to walk to the main trail and now I was in full view of any one coming up the trail (I wish I had a camera and someone could take my picture, I must of looked "hot" and demented). I only walked an estimated 100 yards and found walking with high heals with your hands chained behind you is harder than I realized.

I came to a steep section of the trail and found I was going to fall if I continued and my feet were starting to hurt, I didn't know how I was going to remove these shoes I turned facing the hill and dropped to my knees and found the chain running from my neck up through my crotch prevented me from bending forward, everytime I tried the chain pulled against my clit and my hands could not reach the straps to unbuckle them.

I was getting scared now here I was lying in the middle of the trail, and could not get the dam shoes off, and someone could walk up on me any second. I sat on my ass and managed to take the spike from one shoe and push one of the shoes off but fuck how was I going to get the other shoe off.

After what seamed like an eternity I grabbed the loose shoe and managed to push the strap off the other shoe using the spike heel. Now I was bare foot but didn't care if my feet took a beating.

I was counting my blessings! When I heard voices coming up the trail and I scampered to the side of the trail and lay in some bushes. All I could think is ((( o shit they must of seen me ))) they kept talking and I thought they must not of seen me or they would have yelled or something. I started to feel I dodged a bullet, then I remembered "fuck" the shoes are in the middle of the trail.

I could hear the voices getting closer and closer, and the gag was dripping a lot of salvia, I had to be very still if I moved the chains would start to make noise, I kept thinking how did I allow this to happen to me.

I could now see them!!! It as a older couple and they walked right past the shoes and kept walking and talking they must of seen the shoes but made no notice, I felt so relieved and now the excitement transferred to my clit and it started to spasm, I thought great here I am and I am having a orgasm and that's the last thing I needed now, all you gals know once you start to go off there is no stopping, your clit has a mind of its own.

That chain rubbing on my clit kept the action going a long time, I knew I had to reach the key at the end of the trail, I hoped the couple kept going to the end of the trail, and now was my chance to get that key.

I was going as fast as I could so I could get the key and hide and let the couple walk down the trail and I could sneak past and get to that dam locked box and get free.

I came up to the spot where the key was and got the key and looked toward the parking lot and saw a third car pull up and park, and a man got out and had two dogs with him (Fuck if he picked this trail the dogs would surly sniff me out), I must have smelled like a French whore on Halloween.

I watched the dogs and shit they are looking up this way and were barking, I thought this is it I am fucked big time. Just when I was thinking of what I would say to this guy, he whistled to the dogs and put them in the car and drove away (he only pulled over you let the dogs pee).

Now I had to wait for that couple to come down, so I could get the keys at the top of the trail, there is only one way up and one way down, must have been a hour before I could hear them coming down the trail, the gag and crotch chain was really bothering me but I could not change anything.

I waited for them to pass and drive away then started to climb up the trail to freedom. Every time I took a step that dam clit chain was rubbing me and the ass dildo started to itch.

I passed the two shoes right where I left them, glad I was getting them back.

Seamed forever to reach the top and open that box to get the keys to set me free, I unlocked the wrist lock and my arms were so stiff it took a moment to straiten my arms. I could not wait to remove the gag and dildos (what a relief) I looked at my watch and I had spent over 4.5 hours on this hill nude and chained. I packed and on the way home I could not stop laughing.

I have included a poor drawing to give you a idea of how I looked.

I dare some of you to try this but know the risks, don't ware spike heels, don't use crotch chains and dildos.

I am going to get some sleep now!!!!!!!!!!!!


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