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This is a Heavy Self Bondage scene I did a some time ago, whilst some of the actions here aren't that safe, I have had years of experience, and had LOTS of safety releases handy, remember - better safe than sorry!

I have a one car garage separate from the main house that is set up for my bondage sessions with all the hooks and lights and mirrors in place and a refrigerator in the garage for all my ice timers. I dream up something during the day and I can set up the scene in half a hour. This time I was going to do the forced double enema. I did this during the night so the garage would be dark except the spot light shining on me. this way I would only be able to see myself and it would be dark around me.

I have five release devices i.e. two ice buckets for my hands, two ice in the sock keys on a string to swing to my hands, and a combination lock with the dial painted all black within reach of my hands, but when the lights turn off on a timer the garage is to dark to see the numbers, after 3 hours the lights turn on automatically, and if I still need to I can release myself this way, also I asked my girlfriend to call me to make sure I was free, If I didn't answer she would come ASAP!

All was set to go, it was excited to see the chains hanging from the rafters with padlocks, and two full bulging enema bags suspended from the roof rafters with the dildos greased and ready to insert. The enema bags had the clothing pins attached to weights stopping the flow and attached on a ice timer, so when I was helpless to stop the process, the ice would melt, weights would drop and release the clothing pins and I would accept the results!

It was time to start, I set the garage light timer for 15 min, this would give me time to get ready and to chain myself up.

I striped off all my clothes, checked all the timers, wrapped my wrists and ankles with duck tape to prevent chafing from the chains and handcuffs and I was now ready to begin my adventure. I put baby oil all over my body ( I like the way it shines in the spot light )

I snapped two sets of handcuffs on each wrist, I found if you use only one handcuff it digs in to your skin after a time ( note make sure the key holes face outward for easy access ).

I faced the hanging enema bags bent over and chained my ankles to rings on the floor spread to around 20 inches. The keys to all locks lay on the floor between my spread legs.

Next I inserted the dildos with hoses attached, the cunt dildo is easy to insert, the ass dildo takes some work to shove in but once you reach half way the pear shaped dildo snaps in place like it belonged there, now I put the ball gag on and reached up and attached one hand to the left hanging chain and paused for a moment with the right hand, this is always the scary and exciting part.

I took one more look around to check if all was OK and set. I clicked the last handcuff on the hanging chain and now I was totally helpless and only the keys would release me, always when I reach this point I get so excited I could climax with any touch!

After some squirming and pulling at the chains and trying to talk I was ready for my 2 hours of torment and I could not stop the process...

Right on schedule the lights turned off in the garage and I was left with the one spot light shining on my oiled, chained, and nude body. I looked at the three mirrors I set up and I could see every inch of my body. I feel that nude and standing and eagle spread leave every inch open for view, If a Man should discover me like this He could have a lot of fun! I must admit I looked HOT, I don't think there is anything more sexy than a nude woman in bondage.

I looked down and could see two hoses running up between my spread legs, I could not see where they went, but I knew where they attached and soon I would feel the flow. My ass plug was starting to itch and it was driving me crazy!

After a Hour the weight dropped and snapped the clothes pins off the enema bags and I could feel the rush of water surging between my legs, my first thought was to close my legs and stop the flow but my legs were held too wide, even bending down as far as I could get with my hands, stretched to the max I could not even touch the hoses!

I could feel my body cavities starting to fill, you can actually feel the fluid coming out of the dildos head, it's like being fucked by King Kong in both holes at the same time! I think I was filled to the max as the flow started to slow and seamed to stop, I could see the bags had 1/3 water left in them.

I was sweating a lot now and could feel the water moving around in places it should not be. After 10 min I started to get cramps and felt like I had to take a crap, the ass plug was holding like a cork in a bottle. Some water was leaking from my cunt and running down my leg but nothing from my ass. After some time my intestines started to auto contract and push the fluid out. It pushed hard enough to pass a stream of brown liquid and sprayed all over my inter legs and the floor, but as I did that I could feel more water rushing in to replace what was running out. My cramps got very bad and I could tell it would be 15 to 30 min before I would be released!

Finally the keys dropped and I was free the first thing I did without thinking was to pull the dildos out, I had shit squirt all over me and the floor, but what a relief, then I had to unchain my legs, and the locks were covered with shit.

I ran to the house fully nude, I could not wait to take a warm shower! Remember folks, play safe!


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