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I wasn’t sure how to reply. "Well, I began then hesitated. What did you think when you came into the cellar?"

"Truthfully?" He replied. "For the first two seconds, I thought you had been attacked or something. I mean, it was quite a shock to push the door open and see that machine fucking you. I instantly realised you were playing self-bondage games and my first thought was to quickly close the door and leave you to your pleasures. I have to be honest though when I say, I instantly got horny. It took another moment before it dawned on me that all was not right. I realised you had somehow gotten stuck. That’s when I asked if you were okay."

I nodded, remembering the first sound of his voice. "I am certainly glad you didn’t go with your first thought and close the door again, leaving me alone. I was in serious trouble."

"Yeah," he said. "I guessed that almost instantly."

"How could you tell?" I wanted to know.

"Well, you were not pushing into the machine but rather were straining to pull yourself away from it. I have no idea about what sex feel like to a woman but I knew if you really were enjoying it, your actions would have been to push down onto the machine rather than pulling away from it. I might not be the greatest lover in the world but I do know when a woman is enjoying sex or not. You definitely weren’t enjoying it."

"No" I replied. "It had gone beyond enjoyment. It was almost at the painful stage."

He gently slipped the key ring into my hands and asked if I was able to free myself now. I thought I was able to do this but as I leant forward to reach my ankle locks, my stiff and sore legs rebelled.

"I’ll do it." He informed me.

I relaxed back to lean on my hands, easing the strain on my legs. Watching the side of his face as he sorted through the keys, not once did I see him glance towards my very exposed pussy. I mean, surely it’s just a natural thing to want to look. I know, had the positions been reversed, I would have been looking at his nakedness with undisguised enjoyment. This man was shattering my pre-conceived notions about the male of the species. Over the years, I have been hit on by numerous married men, wanting either a brief bout of sex or a more permanent arrangement with me installed as a mistress in his life. One ankle came free and with the gentlest of touches, he eased my very stiff and sore leg back to the centre of the bed. Curiosity was building up inside me and I was trying to find a way to frame my next question.

"Can I ask you something?" I said sort of nonchalantly.

"You just did." He replied with a chuckle as my other leg came free. The same gentle touch eased that leg onto the middle of the bed.

"Very funny!" was my sarcastic reply. "Seriously, can I ask you something personal?"

His eyes instantly found mine with not a single lingering glance at my nakedness and he said, "ask away."

"Don’t take this the wrong way." I began. "You could have done anything to me when you found me. I wouldn’t have had any idea because I can barely see out of the hood. I am not trying to sound like I have tickets on myself, but I know guys think I am attractive. You haven’t even looked at my body. Don’t you like what you see?"

He laughed out loud and I could see he was carefully thinking about his answer. "Melinda," he began. "My god! That first sight of you lying there as naked as the day you were born was a shock I don’t think I’ll ever recover from. That image is going to remain with me until my dying day. Never in my wildest fantasies have I ever imagined seeing a more perfect woman. You could arouse rocks to deeds of passion with your beauty. I love women. I always have. In my younger days, I chased them like there was no tomorrow. Then I met my wife and gave her my promise, to love, honour and cherish her for as long as we both shall live. Ogling beautiful women does not give her any honour. As much as your wonderful beauty fascinates me, I can not and will not ever go back on my word."

I don’t know why, but I felt a tear forming in the corner of my eye. Never had I ever imagined I would hear a more impassioned declaration of undying love than that which this man just said. Where does a girl find guys like this? I know, I have never encountered anyone like him before. For all the perceived beauty nature has bestowed on me, it fades to nothing against the power true love can deliver. That middle-aged, overweight, slightly frumpy woman living next door holds this man’s heart more captive than any chains or ropes ever could. His eyes never left their fixed gaze into my eyes as his hands massaged my aching legs. There was no sexual suggestion in his touch. He eyes never left mine. The touch was soothing and felt marvellous. Again I thanked him for coming to my rescue. I began to ease myself towards the edge of the bed and he averted his eyes as my feet found the floor. I gingerly stood up, feeling not a little dizzy for a couple of moments. I stretched and twisted in an effort to shrug off the stiffness, carefully but unobtrusively watching him out of the corner of my eye. He never once even turned slightly towards me. Was I testing his resolve? My movements were more sensual then aimed at relieving stiffness and I wondered why I was doing this. In a flash of understanding, I realised for most of my life, I had used what nature had given me to get almost anything my heart desired. I was proud of my ability to twist any man around my fingers. But, as the old saying goes, pride cometh before a fall. I knew he was very attracted, but his willpower and devotion to someone else denied him what I knew he desired. In that instant, I wanted him more than any man I have ever known. I wanted someone to feel about me the way he felt about his wife. To have such temptation staring him right in the face and not take even the slightest advantage of it was beyond my understanding.

"By the way," he said. "Your back door is fixed. That’s how I heard you. I just finished testing the lock worked okay when I thought I heard a noise. I had knocked but when you didn’t come to the door, I assumed you were out. I kept hearing noises. I called out a couple of times but when no one replied, I went inside to see if you had an intruder or something."

I laughed at that. "I sure did have an intruder." I glanced at the marauder sitting uncaring on the floor.

"You need to be more careful when you are playing your games." He informed me of what I had spent all night figuring out. Not that I have been as deeply into self-bondage as you are, but I do know one should always have some sort of back-up system, just in case of something unforseen happening.

"Like last night?" I asked knowingly.

"Exactly." He responded.

"Well, up until now, the ice system has been fool proof. I have used it hundreds of times with out ever having the slightest problem." He was softly smiling but still looking at the floor between his feet. "What are you smiling at?" I asked.

"I was just imagining those ‘hundreds of times’ you mentioned while I was sitting next door without a clue about what you were doing."

"Well, you said you play bondage games too. There are probably times when you have been playing and I have been here totally ignorant of what you were doing as well." I mentioned, trying to imagine him in self-imposed bondage.

"Yeah, well, its not something one broadcasts to the world now, is it? Self-Bondage is a very personal and private time where a person can really get in touch with his or her fantasies."

"Would you like to come over sometime to play?" I finally asked.

He slowly looked all around the room then slowly shook his head. "Melinda, you have no idea how much I would love to have access to some of the toys and equipment you use. Being totally helpless as you just were. Man oh man, that would be a dream come true. But.."

Why is there always a ‘but’? I thought but did not say. "But, what?"

"But, I just couldn’t. It would feel, I don’t know, like I was sort of cheating on her. Playing a quick spontaneous game of self-bondage in the privacy of my own home is one thing. To deliberately premeditate doing it and then going to the home of someone as beautiful and as tempting as you are would not be right. Thank you sincerely for the offer. You have made my day just by asking."

"Okay," I replied. "Well, if you ever change your mind, the offer stands."

"Thanks," he said. "I’d best be heading off home now. The wife knows I am fixing the lock. I don’t want to take too long doing it. Remember, organise a second release mechanism for your next adventure. As much as stumbling across you helpless and naked is appealing, I don’t want to make a habit of it."

"I have an idea." I suddenly stated. "How about, when I am playing, I’ll pull the blind on the lounge window facing your house down so you know what I am doing. If you don’t see the blind up within a reasonable time, you’ll know I might need help."

"Okay," he replied. "My little office room faces that side of your house. I am in there a lot so I’ll see the blind. You are a real tease though."

"What do you mean?" I wanted to know.

"When ever I see that blind down, you know I am going to imagine you here, helpless and thoroughly enjoying yourself. The thought alone gets me horny." He laughed. "Do me a favour" he said as we headed upstairs.

"Anything, anything at all," I replied.

"Don’t follow me outside like that." He indicated my nakedness and it was my turn to laugh. "The wife is fairly broad-minded but she would definitely never understand that."

The urge to hold him close and kiss him filled me but I did nothing but offer a gentle wave as he gathered up his toolbox and headed home. Never again would I ever have concerns about my self-bondage sessions. I now had the best safety device of all, another person to whom I have now given my absolute trust.


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