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When I bought a pair of SportsCuffs and showed her that undoing the velcro tabs was a simple matter, she readily accepted the idea of being handcuffed with them. These soft padded neoprene bands close quickly and easily with strips of nylon and velcro and have D-rings that allow quick-attachment with a carabiner to hold them together. In this way, it's really no problem to just reach one hand over the other and release the bonds. Although quite strong and inescapable, they do offer a ready "out" whenever desired, and this element provided her with the courage to go ahead and let me wrap her wrists and begin bondage play. After I introduced them for the first time, the effect of being restrained appealed to her. . .

We used the cuffs several times afterwards, as the mood suited.

They were really comfortable and placing them onto her wrists was something she accepted readily. She liked me to first put them on each hand individually, unattached, and at some point in our lovemaking, she would bring her hands over her head, and I would clip them together with a snap-fastener. And so she would slip into the bondage fantasy... really getting aroused whenever she realized that she was somewhat immobilized...

Actually, being restrained like this, and having that option to get at the Velcro strips herself, offered her a great temptation to release the cuffs right at the peak of excitement, so she could bring her hands back into play quite a natural inclination actually. Hey, we're just having some fun, and it's only a game...

However, I feel like changing the rules of this game a little bit, without her knowing what is going to happen in advance. Tonight, she is going to be surprised to discover another level of entrapment. The level of submitting to the true situation of being locked in her cuffs.

The level where she won't be able to undo them on her own.

I'm going to use a basic spreader bar a piece of broom handle with a screw-eye at each end. I'll be able to secure the D-ring of each SportCuff onto these distant points of attachment, so her hands will be prevented from touching.

In that position, there isn't any way to open the velcro fasteners by herself. No chance of breaking free: No escape.

I'll hide the spreader under the bed so she won't be aware of what is about to happen: The bar will be introduced suddenly, unexpectedly, silently.

All I have to do is put the two cuffs on her wrists separately, and that will begin to excite her. She's only going to be anticipating our usual routine. When she's wet and ready, breathing heavily, eyes shut, and enjoying the strong sexual sensations, she'll automatically move her hands over her head for me to connect them together. And reaching under the bed for the bar that is waiting there, the trap is going to be sprung. A small padlock will be hanging on each screw-eye. Guiding one of her hands over to one end of the bar "snap", one cuff is held fast. Then the other lock gets clicked shut, before she even realizes a totally new dimension has been added : The dimension of distance, arms held apart.

And by now it's too late to protest... she can't get out of this.

I expect a bit of panic from her at this point, because of the clear realization that she is now really stuck in those cuffs. She probably will demand that I let her go, but I'll tell her there is nothing she can do about it, so she might as well relax and let me continue.

Attached to the bedframe is a short piece of rope. By quickly tying it onto the bar, this keeps her arms stretched above her head.

I know that she'll continue to plead, and a pump-ball gag will have to be inserted into her mouth. At first she won't realize what exactly it is, in the deflated state. Then, with a few rapid squeezes on the bulb, air will force the ball to fill up and the effect is immediate: No more talking. Just a few uuuummmphhs and a wild look in her eyes!

Now for the rest of the surprise I am planning I want to place her into a full spreadeagle by holding her legs apart, too. The method is simple: I have obtained another pair of SportCuffs. And, prepared under the bed is a length of webbed-nylon strap, with snap-carabiners on the ends.

It's just long enough to reach up over the sides of the bed, and by wrapping each of her ankles in a SportCuff, and snapping them individually onto the two opposite clips, she won't have any way to bring her legs closer together. All four of her limbs will be bound, with her lovely body completely exposed for me.

Then, the powerful feelings of entrapment will engulf her mind.

She'll be totally locked in place and spread wide open...

Everything is set...



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