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Chapter 3: My Secrets on Display

How things can change oh so quickly. Before this moment I was out enjoying an early morning naked ride across my uncle’s secluded ranch. 200 acres of trees, creeks and pastures bathed in the summer’s sun made the ranch the perfect place to explore my wildest fantasies. Living alone on the ranch I had free reign across it. There was no one around to disturb my naughty activities.

Naked on a saddled horse, riding across the land, enjoying the cool early morning summer’s breeze, that is what I had been doing up until this point. My horse, Colt, had followed a trail along the fence line and stopped right next to a man. Repairing a hole in the fence was the owner of the adjoining ranch. I could feel my entire body turn beet red to the point my skin probably matched the red of the gag in my mouth. Kicking Colt in the sides, I tried to guide him away from the man but the stubborn horse just wouldn’t budge from his path. Colt walked up right up in front of the man and just stopped. With heels dug into the horse’s sides I desperately tried to spur the horse onwards but the animal refused to acknowledge me. Panic swept over me. I desperately pulled at my cuffs but they held my wrists tight.

I was on display for the man fully mounted. His face was a mixture of shock and admiration. Shock from seeing a girl bound on a horse like I was. Admiration because he was looking at the well tanned athletic body of a nineteen year old. Had there not been a gag silencing my mouth, there still would be no sounds uttered. The terror filling my mind from being discovered overwhelmed any abilities I might have had to speak.

“Well now. Here’s something you defiantly don’t come across every day,” he said in a slightly dazed voice. “Did you do this to yourself?”

Without question, the next step on the list of all things humiliating, following actually being discovered tied up, would have to be being forced to admit that it was self inflicted. A pit existed where my stomach once was. It completely dwarfed any butterflies that had filled it at the start of this ride. A corner of my mind was suddenly filled with the hope and desire that this stranger might take me away and use me for his and my own pleasure. But on the whole, fear was over riding my desires and guiding my thinking.

People in the real world don’t play with and pleasure the girl they find in bondage. In the real world when a person discovers someone in bondage they call the police to report that person was raped or else is a pervert. Being found in bondage like this was more likely to result in a night in prison for indecent exposure and bestiality than it was to result in a day of fun and pleasure. Of course maybe prison wouldn’t be so bad. There is always the flip side to the human mind, the pleasure that can be derived from the embarrassment of being discovered and arrested. The erotic act of getting locked up in a cell for being so naughty… but that was something I didn’t even want to dwell on at the moment. Being whisked away by the police was just too much to handle thinking about.

He gave me a long hard look up and down while he circled around, taking in the full view. “Well I’m not entirely sure what I should do with you.”

The look on his face showed that the gears were rapidly turning in his mind but to what end I had no idea.

“What do you say we start with taking you home?”

The question came more as a statement, I had very little to say in what we did. Scratch that, with the gag securely in place, I had absolutely no say in what happened. I really didn’t want to argue though. I was quite happy he said he wanted to take me home. Of all the things that could have just happened, it came as a great relief to hear he was going to take me back to the house.

With the proposal made he went about untying the reins from the saddle horn. Stepping in front of the horse, the man used the reins to lead Colt away with me along for the ride. In stunned silence I took in the events unfolding around me. The man was not leading my horse back the way we had come from. Instead he was taking us through the gap in the fence and off of my uncle’s property. My mind was a mixture of fear, embarrassment and a certain level of arousal that didn’t seem to go away. The excitement of this adventure was supposed to come from taking a chance that someone might see me, serious emphasis on might. Now I had been not only discovered but was also under the complete control of a stranger. A stranger who was taking me away from the safety of my family’s property and off to some unknown location.

Mounted on my trusty steed, I was led naked across his property. Eventually the trail we were following brought us to his house and barn. My fear grew a hundred fold as I was led up in front of the barn doors. The heavy metallic clack as the lock was opened on the doors was followed by a piercing shriek as the hinges alerted everyone in the area to their movement as the man slowly opened the doors.

A chill ran through me as the darkness of the barn washed over me. With a slow pace I was marched into the depths of the barn till we came to stop at its very center. After tying the reins around a post in the middle of the barn the man walked away. He returned with a step stool which he place next to colt. Using the stool to stand on he was able to elevate himself to my height. I sucked in my breath and closed my eyes as his hands reached out to me but instead of feeling fingers on my nipples I felt him touch me in an entirely different location. With a plopping noise the gag came out of my mouth. Opening my eyes I saw the drool covered gag swinging in his hand.

“Now that your mouth is free of this gag we can talk. Who are you and what do you think you are doing on Allen’s place with one of his horses?” he asked.

“I’m Brea, Allen’s niece. He’s letting me stay at the ranch and take care of it for the summer.” Please lord let him believe me. If he calls my uncle to confirm any of this I will be dead in so many different ways.

“Ok, that answers part of my question,” he replied.

From the stern look on his face I knew he wasn’t going to be willing to walk away with anything short of the full, in detail story. Do you remember the days as a child where you did something wrong then had to fess up to it to your parents? As you tell the story your lips actually quiver from the fear. I think as an adult it is even worse. Maybe it was just the magnitude of what I was admitting to but either way, by the time I was done telling him my story my whole body was quivering. He took great interest in the fact that I had hid the keys out and around the property in places where to retrieve them I would be forced to expose myself.

He had a bit of a perplexed look on his face when I told him the truly perverted aspect of riding this saddle. The perplexed look was followed by a slight chuckle and a shake of the head that I just couldn’t read. To ride a horse with a saddle that had a plug penetrating my pussy should be enough to occupy the gossip of an entire town. Here in the bible belt of the country the attention my cunt was receiving would only be mentioned as a side thought. All the gossip of the town, probably the county, would be fully devoted to the sodomization I was subjecting myself to.

A silence fell across the land as I finished telling my story. He just put his head down lost in thought. When he had finished thinking things over he pulled out a pocketknife and looked me straight in the eye. I shut my eyes as he reached for my throat. My breathing stopped as his rough hands touched my neck.

Then the hands were gone. As my brain finally snapped back into gear I realized that the string around my neck and the ice block hanging from it had been removed. Opening my eyelids just enough to peak through I saw the man walking away with the string, ice and key in hand. I opened my eyes all the way to watch him disappear out of the barn. I heard a house door shut as he went inside then heard it again a short time later as he exited the house. Reappearing in the doorway to the barn, I was a little surprise to see him walk over to the quad instead of coming over to me.

“I’ll be back in a while. I’d tell you not to wander off but that would just be too much of a pun,” he said as he got on the four-wheeler.

Starting up the ATV he drove off leaving me naked, mounted on a horse. Colt was still tied to the post and my hands were still locked behind my back. With the keys to the handcuffs now confiscated there was no hope of gaining freedom. I was left to wait here till the man returned.

I was all alone, left to wonder what my new fate might entail. There was no way of knowing if he had left to go get the authorities or to round up some cowboys who wanted to take turns riding a cowgirl. He had left to go do something and I doubt it was to go run errands. Even tied up in the barn I knew that I was still at risk of further discovery. There was still the likely possibility that someone else might stop by this ranch. Farmers are always stopping by their neighbors to borrow stuff. And there is always the possibility that this guy has other farm hands that might be showing up to work. What are they going to think if they find me mounted on a horse left in the middle of the barn, with hands cuffed behind my back.

I was quite happy when the rancher did return and without anyone else in tow. Yet as he parked his quad back in its place I grew increasingly more hesitant. The man I had just met went to run a mysterious errand immediately following his discovery of a naked girl on a horse. What kind of errands do most guys run after finding a girl in bondage? He could have posted a sign in town advertising his find or gone to borrow a video camera from a neighbor. I was freaking out thinking about all the possibilities.

Climbing off the ATV, the man turned and walked out of the barn. A naked girl was tied up in his barn and yet he barely acknowledged me. The sole glance he made at me was held just long enough to ensure I hadn’t moved. No time was taken to admire the curves on the bound body before him. His mind was focused on a task making his concentration unbreakable. Immediately after he had disappeared from sight the sound of a truck door closing could be heard, quickly followed by the sound of an engine coming to life. The sound of a truck departing down the road filled my ears.

Locked away in the cool shade of the barn, a chill was starting to run across my skin. The fear of being caught and bound up in a barn was only adding to the strength of those chills. After what felt like an eternity the sound of a truck returning could be heard. Once again I was ignored. Instead of coming to see me, my captor chose to go into his house. An hour must have pasted before he finally returned to me.

There was no camera or knife in his hand so a small wave of relief came over me. He stood before me, head cocked to the side and a smile on his face. Scratching his chin in deep thought, he just stood there in front of me with that goofy grin on his face. Try as I might, I couldn’t figure out what on earth was going through his mind.

He broke the silence, not with a word but an action. Stepping up on the stool, he pulled my gag out of his back pocked to present to me. Before I had a chance to get a good look at the alterations he had made the ball was pushed against my lips. Having no real means of resisting I gave in without fight and opened my mouth. My teeth were forced apart as the man pushed the red ball gag into my mouth. The leather straps of the gag were pulled around my head to be re-buckled. At first he was soft and gentle as he applied the gag but that quickly passed as the straps were pulled tighter and tighter.

My jaw was stretched even further open as the ball was forced deeper into my mouth. The tightening didn’t stop until the man had managed to pull the straps several notches tighter than I had had them previously. With the straps buckled this tight I was guaranteed to be left with marks across my cheeks and mouth. A startled moment of surprise struck me as the distinct sound of a lock snapping shut was heard. A quick tug on the back of my head to ensure the lock was secured told me that the man had changed out the gag’s buckle in order to make it lockable. The realization that I was now silenced until he chose to unlock the gag sent a wave of apprehension coursing through me. 

Stepping down off the stool he walked away and disappeared from the barn. When he did return it was with the ice block and key in one hand and more noticeably six large party balloons in the other. The balloons were bright red and yellow. They strained at their strings as the helium inside of them caused them to rise. It was when he set the key and ice block down on the ground that I noticed the major alteration that he had made to my escape method.

The block of ice that I had started with was now several times larger than when I had first created it. In the same manner that the ice in a glass of water will fuse together, he had added numerous ice cubes to my original block of ice. Now my ice release was a conglomeration of numerous ice cubes making it significantly larger than before.

Leaving the key and ice behind, he continued to approach me with balloons in hand. Once he was standing on the stool he pulled out a small spool of tape from his pocket. I observed as he taped the ends of the strings tied to the balloons to the clothespins pinching my nipples. Each clothespin received three balloons. The upward force of the balloons was just enough to lift up on the clothespins but not enough to pull on my tits.

With the balloons in place he pulled out a small envelope from his pocket. Using the tape he secured the envelope to the front part of the saddle just below the saddle horn. Staring down I read the words written across the envelope. They said in big letters, “The Kinkster’s Scavenger Hunt, Clue 1”. Some how he was planning to turn my predicament into some sort of game. Fear overwhelmed me realizing that this scavenger hunt might not start at clue one. Given the length of time he was gone, the scavenger hunt might start at a higher number and give clues to this envelope. Any number of people could already be out scavenging, looking for the clue that is going to lead them to the final clue and grand prize, a bound girl decorated with balloons.   

Making no haste, he stepped off the stool to retrieve the ice and key on the string. Returning with my last item, he quickly got back on the stool and tied the string to the lock that secured the gag. The cold block of ice was once again resting on my back dripping down my spine. I prayed that he was going to give me a fighting chance in this scavenger hunt and leave me enough time to free myself before anyone had a chance to find me. As that thought crossed my mind a new one took its place. I was even more vulnerable than I first realized. Having told him where my keys were, he could have easily set up clues that would lead people to my keys. In that event all they would have to do is sit and wait for me to come to them.

I watched in a stunned daze as he went about carrying out his plans. Now he was untying the reins from the post and leading me out of the barn. The hot noon’s day sun beat down on my skin as we cleared the shadow of the barn. We left the barn area and returned to the same path we had come in on. A gentle breeze swept across me. The breeze was soft enough it would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the balloons. Caught in the draft the balloons strained against their tethers as the breeze tried to whisk them away. The gentle pull on my nipples kept me keenly aware of even the slightest breeze.

As far as I could tell he was freeing me but I just didn’t believe it. A nagging uneasiness still hung over me. It just didn’t make sense that he would let me go free and clear, not with the way he was grinning at me before. Something was definitely up and I was about to find out what.

From the trail we were taking it appeared that he was going to take me back to the fence line where we had first met but I also realized he might just be moving me from one barn to the next. I wondered if he was trying to separate himself from the scavenger hunt by moving me back into my uncle’s barn. It would have been just as easy for him to post the scavenger hunt all over town with the final clues leading people back to my uncle’s barn instead of his own. Separating himself from me would give him complete deniability. As far as anyone would know, I would just be a horny girl who had left clues across town to lure people to the barn to find and do as they wished with me. It wasn’t until we had returned to the fence line that he finally spoke to me.

“I’ve had a long interest in bondage so I know all about what you’re doing. Although I personally am no where near the risk taker you are, I do know about the immense thrill exhibitionist get from exposing themselves like you are,” he said as he gently patted my thigh. “After hearing you describe your scenario and based on what I know from experiences with girls like yourself, I decided it would be ok if I took a few liberties with your bondage plans and the keys to your release,” he paused as he led my horse through the fence line and turned to head back the way I had originally come from.

“Given the amount of effort you put out to come up with an inescapable bondage scenario that was as pleasure filled,” he said as he gave the saddle a shake, “as it is exposing,” he paused to run a finger down my leg. “It is pretty obvious that you enjoy the excitement that comes from exposing yourself just as much as those two plugs that you described in such vivid detail back in the barn that are currently stuffing both those young holes of yours.”

The rancher kept leading my horse further and further down the fence line. Ignoring all the trails and fields which would lead us back to the barn, he instead chose to continue following along the fence line. I was stunned by the sudden surprise that greeted me as we rounded a tall patch of bushes. The fence gate leading to the front pasture was wide open. In my preparations earlier this morning I had closed all the gates leading to the front pastures. Using rope tied between the top bar of the gate and the fence post I had shut the gates knowing I could untie the rope later while I was still on a horse.

Instead of having the gate tied shut it was held wide open with the same rope I had used to close it. With the gate open Colt would be free to roam the front pasture along side the road. Leading us through the gate the rancher continued on only stopping after we had reached a narrow field that stretched all the way out to the road side fence line. From there, the field turned to the side and opened up as it ran along the road.

Retying the reins around the saddle horn the rancher prepared to release control of the horse. Once the reins were retied he started to walk back the way we had just come from. My eyes were fixed on the fence line in the distance. When I heard him pause after taking only a couple steps I twisted in the saddle to turn and look at him.

He looked me in the eye then shifted his gaze to look down the field. I turned my head to look at the fence then turned it back. Our eyes met and a mischievous grin spread across his face as he spoke to me.

“Consider this my big favor to you. Since good neighbors do favors for other neighbors, and I’m a good neighbor, I am doing this as a favor to you,” looking down the field to the fence line he made a dramatic pause before he added, “actually; this could probably be considered a favor to everyone. I guess that just makes me a really good neighbor. Don’t worry about repaying me now; I just want you concentrating on the here and now. If you are still confused let me explain. You told me all about your little selfbondage experiment you are trying here and I’m now helping you do the things you didn’t have the courage to try…” he stopped. His face changed as though he was considering something he hadn’t thought of before. “Then again, this could be the sort of stuff you were smart enough to not go through with.” Shrugging his shoulders his smile returned. “Either way, have fun.”

With a loud yea, and a hard slap to the hind end the rancher sent my black stallion at a full gallop across the field with me bouncing along for the ride. Squeezing my legs tightly around Colt I desperately tried to stabilize myself but nothing could stop me from bouncing up and down. With every bounce I got a deep double fucking as I rode up and down on the rods in my pussy and ass. We were flying across the field at breakneck speed. At a racing pace we were headed towards the road side fence line.

I could feel the raised studs on the condoms in both my holes which were now in an extremely heightened level of sensitivity. Most noticeable I could feel the studs rubbing against my clit. Every bounce also brought a tug to each nipple as the clothespins bounced around, jostled by the balloons bouncing through the air. The emotional high I was on plus the physical treatment I was being subjected to combined to leave me screaming into my gag. My whole body shook as a powerful orgasm rocked me to the core.

My pussy clenched down on the rod inside me and went into spasms as I continued to get pounded by the rod. Even my ass puckered up and had spasms from the rod that continued to fuck it. The orgasm crashed through the rest of my body in waves. Even with the gag, even with the distance Colt had put between us and the rancher, I still know my moans were loud enough for the rancher to hear.


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