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Chapter 2: Repeats aren’t always the same

Several days had passed since my previous adventure and yet my loins were still moist from the lingering memories running through my mind. Fuelled by adolescent hormones an irresistible urge was growing within me to try my selfbondage scenario again. Driven by my emotions I knew I would have to alter my scenario to make this adventure even better than the first. Ever since I got off my stallion my mind has been turning, coming up with new ways to increase the thrill of the scenario. And after all of my brain storming I think I found a new twist to make things even more interesting.

Yesterday I had completed my pre-setup for today’s events. The preparation involved taking three keys and hiding them across the property.

Each key would be retrieved later in order to unlock various things. Key one was the key to the house.  I hid this near the corner of the property next to the road that ran past the ranch and the side of the property that was owned by another rancher. The key itself was placed in the air, hung from a tree branch. Without bringing out a ladder the only way to retrieve this key was while sitting on a horse. With the key hidden there I would be forced to expose myself during my adventure. Instead of hiding in the back pasture as I did before, this bondage adventure would force me out into the open and risk exposure.

The second key I hid was a skeleton key for the lock on the bathroom door. That key got placed on the other corner of the property that was next to the road but also next to state land. It was also hung in the air from a tree at a height unreachable from the ground but easily within reach while on a horse. The third and final key went in the mail box across the street from the driveway.

With the keys all put in their places yesterday my preparations today started with heading out to the barn to saddle up my horse. I headed out to the barn with a pair of Rough Rider condoms in my pocket as well as some lube. Once I got into the barn I went over to Colt’s stall. He was standing there ready to go. This was a horse that didn’t want to stand around all day. Taking his reins I pulled him out of the stall and walked him over to a post in the barn and tied off his reins. Conveniently located directly above was an overhead beam that I could use to mount the saddle. Once Colt was tied in place I walked over to the corner of the barn where I had previously hidden the saddle.

Picking up the saddle I couldn’t help but admire my handy work. With saddle in hand I walked back over to Colt and saddled him up. Taking the first condom out of my pocket I pulled it out of its packaging and slowly rolled it down the first peg on the saddle. I stroked the latex covered handle admiring the soft studs that lined the condom. I reached down with my other hand and started to slowly play with my already enlarged clit. NO I told myself. I wasn’t going to get off before the ride. I pulled my hand away from my crotch then pulled out the other condom. Once it was rolled down the second plug I pulled out the lube and generously applied it to each of the condoms. With the horse saddled up I was almost done.

Going back to the house I made my final preparations. Step one was to go into the bedroom where my suitcase was sitting on the bed. Inside the suitcase was all of my clothing minus what I was wearing now and the outfit I had laid on the bed. I stripped off all of my clothes and placed them into the suitcase. Picking up the lock that was on the bed I looped the hasp through the zippers on the suitcase before clicking it shut. The only way to open the bag now was with the key across the street in the mail box. That left only the clothes I had laid out on the bed earlier for me to wear.

On the bed were a white mini skirt and a white top that was nearly see-through. The top was several sizes too small for me but stretched nicely. When I wore it, the top hugged my body and showed a good portion of my midriff. The skirt was short enough that even if it was pulled down it would only hang several inches below my butt.

Picking up the clothes from the bed along with the suitcase I headed into the bathroom. There I dropped the load I had been carrying and picked up the spare bathroom key. Closing the door to the bathroom I used the key to lock it then slid the key under the door. Now the only way to get my clothes was to go get the keys. Before I walked out the front door I grabbed the final items that I would need. They were my handcuffs, my ball gag, two clothespins and my block of ice containing a string and a hand cuff key. To make this last longer I had used a cup to freeze the water in. The larger block of ice I estimated would take about three hours to melt. With my gear in hand I headed back out to the barn making sure that the front door locked behind me on the way out.

A hint of dampness could still be felt on my bare feet as I walked across the lawn. The grass was still damp as the early morning sun continued to evaporate the dew. Just walking out to the barn was more exhilarating this time. In my hands I carried the means to my bondage as I walked across the lawn bathed in the light of the early morning’s sun. My bright red ball gag was swinging in the air for all of the world to see as I walked between the house and the barn.

Walking into the barn I could feel a familiar buzz starting to grow in my stomach as my excitement built. Standing next to Colt I knew I was ready for this. I used my left hand to lock one side of the hand cuffs around my right wrist. Holding the strap of the ball gag and the two clothespins in my teeth I used both hands to loosely tie the free end of the string, which was encased in the ice, around my neck. The block rested high on my back sending shivers down my spine from the cold kiss of ice, followed by the small trickle of water running down my back, between my butt cheeks then down my inner legs.

Untying the black stallion from the post, I laid the reins over his neck. Waiting a few seconds I made sure Colt wasn’t going to move. He stayed and with the gag and pins still held between my teeth I climbed onto him. With my left leg in the stirrup I grabbed the saddle horn and swung myself up. Once I was straddling the horse, with my body positioned just behind the plugs, I reached up and grabbed the over head beam.

Using my upper body strength I pulled myself up till my orifices were positioned above the plugs. Ever so slowly I eased myself down. My holes stretched as the plugs slowly intruded. Once the plugs were in about two inches my toes were able to touch the stirrups and support my body weight. Reaching forward I picked up the reins off my stallion’s neck and got him moving out of the barn. Once he was in the open field and walking at a nice pace towards the far fence line I tied the reins around the saddle horn and completed my bondage.

While holding the clips in my hand I placed the red ball gag behind my teeth and pulled the straps behind my head. Not wanting to leave any lasting marks, I only pulled the straps on the gag tight enough to hold the ball in place. Now that my lips were held silent, I took a clothespin in each hand. Pinching the clothespins to open their jaws, I moved them into position. The soft breeze that was coming through the valley had all ready done the job of making my nipples erect. Releasing the pressure from my fingers I let the clothespins pinch down on my nipples. Once I let go I quickly reached behind my back and closed the remaining cuff around my left wrist.

The pain on my nipples felt exquisite. It felt like they were on fire. With time the pain started to subside to a dull ache. As the pain subsided in my nips I grew aware of the pain in my calves. Still standing on tiptoes, my calves had begun to burn. To relieve my sore legs I slowly lowered my self the rest of the way down onto the plugs till they were fully in and my weight rested on the saddle. Colt lazily made his way across the field while I wiggled in the saddle. The sun felt good as it beat down on my naked body.

My black stallion was in full control of where we went. Moving from the shade of the trees to out in the middle of an open field. I was nothing more than a figure on his back along for the ride as he roamed the land at his leisure. Whether we were to stop in the middle of a field as he grazed or in the seclusion of the trees as he drank from the creek, I was left with no means of control.

Although I was bound in place on a horse with no control over where we went my level of exposure was not as high as it could have been. As Colt followed the fence line separating the back corner of the property from the front I was relieved that I had had the foresight to plan ahead for this. Part of my preparations yesterday involved closing off all the gates separating the various pastures. From the barn I had only left open the gates that would lead my horse to the fields on the secluded back corner of the property.

Eventually we came to the end of the fence line where it terminated at the property line. The fence line we were following ended in a gate that was connected to the fence line running to the left and right. As we turned to follow the next fence I inspected my handiwork. The fence was held closed by a rope tied between the fence and the gate. The rope was at the very top of the gate putting it within reach while I was still on top of the horse.

Heading in our new direction, the back stallion chose to continue following fence lines in the hope of finding an escape. Aware of the fact that pastures are always greener in somebody else’s field, this was one horse who has always quickly escaped if any gate is left open. No real path existed near the fence line so our course left us weaving in and around bushes and clumps of trees.

It was as we rounded one patch of trees that a sense of fear hit me as I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. Looking at the fence line it was apparent that the old posts had been pulled out and replaced with new ones. Having never walked this part of the fence I had no way to tell how long it had been since this repair work had occurred. That pang of fear went straight to my sensitive parts and I quickly turned my attention back to trying to get more attention to my stuffed holes. An even greater pang of fear hit me as we continued down the fence line. Not only were the fence poles brand new but the dirt around them was freshly disturbed. On the other side of the fence, laying on the ground, were the old posts that had been pulled out and replaced.

A large patch of brush had grown up next to the fence causing us to detour around it. Just before we rounded the brush I heard the distinct clunk, clunk, clunk of someone driving metal posts into the ground. Coming round the patch of brush I saw him and he saw me. It was the owner of the neighboring ranch. He was at a hole in the fence pounding a new post in the ground and Colt was headed right for him.

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