The Adventures of David Mayer | leather bondage story

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Miami sunlight streamed through the window on the far side of the great room. Another nice day. I was reclining quietly on my couch, flipping through the channels on my plasma set, enjoying my Sunday. Something on ESPN caught my eye. I started watching yesterday’s sports highlights. As the top ten plays of the day counted down, my desire for an icy cold Coke intensified. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get up. I promised Leah my seat belt would remain fastened until she said otherwise. So I was stuck for the time being.

And Leah? She was currently quite helpless herself – and far less mobile than me. But that’s how we play “Seat Belt”.

The game started about an hour ago…

“David! I’m ready!”

I was still upstairs in my bedroom filling a bag with a few things for the game: a professional percussion massager, a cordless vibrator, some deep tissue massage lotion, and a cool gadget I had just bought online from a Japanese specialty store. After filling my bag, I walked down the stairs to the living room where I found Leah waiting for me on the couch.

I was quite pleased with my couch. Four plush rectangular pillows overlaid a large heavy wooden frame. The seats were very comfortable. More importantly, the frame could handle considerable modification. I had drilled holes and mounted eyebolts all over the thing. Yes, I was very pleased with my couch.

But I was far more pleased with the gorgeous woman currently kneeling on my couch. Leah was naked except for the thick leather cuffs hugging her ankles and wrists. In her hands she was juggling a black ball gag. “Can you help me put this thing on, David? I always have so much trouble with the fastener.”

“No problem.” I took the ball gag from Leah’s hands. “Open wide!” She lifted her hair up and held her mouth open wide while I inserted the gag and locked the fastener tightly behind her head. She nodded appreciatively. I smiled, noticing how well the black ball complimented her jet black hair and deep brown eyes. She then shifted sideways and got down on all fours. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders and her breasts hung like sweet melons. I reached in and lifted each breast up a bit with my palm. “Almost ripe!” Leah giggled. Heavily muffled of course, but I caught the gist of it – her favourite saying.

I moved to the end of the couch. While I enjoyed the rear view, I used a small padlock and a short length of chain to fasten Leah’s ankle cuffs to a spring scale which was firmly bolted to the armrest.

I got up and moved to the other end of the couch where I had earlier mounted a small electric winch. A steel cable with a loop on the end extended from it. Using another padlock I threaded the cable loop and locked Leah’s wrist cuffs together to it.

I set my goody bag near her calves and set the winch control on a middle pillow. I then crawled under the bridge she was creating with her body. Once I was comfortably seated beneath her I held down the remote’s red button. The electric motor slowly reeled in the cable, pulling Leah’s wrists forward. Her elbows slid across the pillows as her tummy inched down toward my lap. Within seconds Leah was drawn tight as a bow across the couch, able only to wiggle her fingers and toes.

My Seat Belt - also known as Leah Wang - was tightly fastened. I admired her magnificent ass, now directly below me as I looked down. I patted her cheeks. “Feeling okay?”

“Hmmm, hmmm” the lovely, naked Chinese tennis star nodded.

Since our Tickle Party, Leah’s already stellar tennis skills blossomed. She played with a new, unconstrained passion and determination. She was soon ranked fifth in the world. Leah was the underdog favourite to win at Wimbledon. As the highest ranked Asian women’s player in history, she received a lot of attention from the press. Leah Wang’s gorgeous visage graced the covers of numerous magazines. A famous sporting goods company offered her a lucrative endorsement deal so television ads were soon to follow.

And here she was on my lap, doing a fantastic job as my seat belt. I checked the spring scale at Leah’s ankles, making sure there wasn’t too much tension in my patented naked-Chinese-woman restraint system. The spring would snap way before I hit Leah’s limit - but I knew how much tension she preferred and aimed to please.

As Leah got into her stretch, I switched on the vibrator and moved its tip across her back. She started to giggle as I approached her tailbone. “I have a surprise for you” I said, pushing her cheeks apart with my left hand.

I stimulated the area around her anus. “MMnnnnggghhhhhhh…” Leah squirmed.

I set the vibrator down and pulled my new gadget out of the bag. “I’ve been a little concerned about those sniffles you’ve been having so I thought it would be a good idea to take your temperature.” I leaned left and held the gadget as far over as I could so she could see it from the corner of her eye. “It’s a fully functional digital butt plug thermometer,” I said. “A gift from your kinky neighbours in Japan.” I liberally lubricated the plug and tried to spread her cheeks again. Her rock hard butt was tense. I reached for her armpit and squeezed. Leah bucked with laughter. “Let’s relax,” I said.

Leah groaned and relaxed her butt muscles. I spread her cheeks and gently inserted the thermometer inside her. “Nnnnggghhhhhh.” Leah moaned as the intruder found its home. At the end of the butt plug was an adjustable metal tube that protruded about six inches. I adjusted so it pointed straight up and turned the digital readout on the end toward me so I could easily read it. The thermometer started shifting back and forth as Leah tried to make peace with her new friend. Within a minute the thermometer beeped and flashed the number “37”. Japanese folks must use the centigrade scale.

I patted her on the butt. “You’re a healthy girl.” Leah acknowledged this fact with a groan.

I took the massage oil and generously spread it over her body. Then I grabbed the percussion massager and flicked it on. This was Leah’s favourite part. She moaned in ecstasy as I ran the massager over her shoulders, upper back, and lower back. I could see the tension fall from her muscles as the device did its job. Next I massaged her butt, thighs and calves. Leah once again moaned with pleasure. As her muscles relaxed my seat belt seemed to loosen up a bit. I tapped the red button and stretched Leah a little farther forward.


I felt like a concert master sitting at the piano as I massaged the magnificent body stretched out on my lap beneath me. As Leah dozed, I gently removed the butt plug and released just a bit of the tension from the cable.

With nowhere special to go and nothing much to do, I sat back, grabbed the TV remote and started to surf the channels.

About 45 minutes later Leah began to stir. She was starting to get uncomfortable. Her muscles had been adequately stretched and she was ready to be let go. I pressed the green button causing the winch to unwind its cord.

I had also gotten uncomfortable. My balls were turning deep blue. After being “restrained” by the hot naked tennis star for over an hour, I was in major need of sexual relief.

Leah was back on all fours. I slid myself out from underneath her moved back to release her ankles. I unlocked the padlock, pulled the chain from the spring scale, and relocked the lock so that the chain dangled from her linked ankles.

I slowly pulled her bound legs forward off the couch. Leah pivoted on her elbows, as I guided her into a kneeling position on the floor facing the cushions. I undid the padlock and released her wrists. She did not resist as I pulled her arms behind her back and relocked the padlock, connecting her bound wrists to the chain at her ankles. The kneeling nude, gagged and hogtied tennis star looked at me with an amused, curious expression. “Hnnnmmmmm?”

“You’ve been asked to take part in a special post-match press conference,” I said as I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my rock hard dick. I reached forward, unfastened her ball gag, and pulled if forward out of her mouth. I then reclined and placed my hands behind my neck. “Now please speak clearly into the microphone.”

Leah giggled. She licked my shaft from the balls up and kissed the head of my dick. “Testing, testing,” she said with a smile. Without another word she bent forward and took my rigid cock fully into her mouth. When a person is talented in one area, they are often talented in other areas. Leah used her mouth and tongue with a fervor, style and expertise that far exceeded anything I had experienced before. I was in nirvana. Watching this gifted woman bob up and down on my manhood was an incredible rush. I tried my hardest to delay the inevitable and extend the moment, but within minutes my seed was streaming down her throat.

She pulled back, smiled and said, “Thanks for everything David. That was great.” She laid her head on my thigh. “Wanna go out and get some food? I’m still hungry.”

I laughed and held her face, pushing her hair back over her shoulders. “I would really love to. But I have to go pick up a couple friends from the airport.”

“More of your girlfriends.” Leah frowned.

“A couple good friends from Spain,” I replied as I walked behind her and removed the padlocks. “They’re going to stay with me for a few days.”

Leah stretched and sat down next to me. “I don’t like to share you.” She put her arms around me.

“I don’t like to share you either,” I replied, giving her nipple a quick pinch.

Leah nodded sadly. She knew she was married to her career right now and any emotional commitments could jeopardize that.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t ready to settle for just one girl quite yet. As much as I loved Leah, I knew that I was too young to give up all the potential fun that lay ahead.

“Their names are Sophie and Maria.” I said. “I met them at the tennis academy near my parents’ estate near Barcelona. They’re huge fans of yours. They flipped when I told them you trained here and that you were a good friend of mine.”

“That’s nice,” Leah replied. She grabbed a towel from the closet and headed to the shower. “So many people know me now from all over the world now. It’s very strange.” She stopped. “But I would love to meet them.”

“Don’t forget to take off those cuffs!” I yelled as her bare bottom disappeared around the corner.

Sophie and Maria were standing in the blue pickup zone as I pulled my Hummer up to the curb. I gave them each a hug and a kiss, tossed their bags into the back and started the drive back home. This was going to be an interesting few days.

Sophie and Maria are both excellent amateur tennis players. I first met them when they were playing against each other at the Barcelona Tennis club. I sat in on their match because I was impressed with the skill with which they played. Okay - that’s a lie. They were beautiful.

Sophie, the blonde, had a thin, athletic build with nice breasts and slim hips. She was the more adventurous of the two - we had a couple weeks of great fun playing bondage games in the hills of Barcelona.

Maria, the brunette, was a little more reserved and not as – well, not as easy. She was about the same height as Sophie but a bit rounder. Like Sophie, Maria was also in great physical shape but with a fuller figure - big breasts, proportional hips and a great solid butt. She was a real sweetheart.

On my last day in Spain before heading back to the states, Maria and I took the train north to Figueres, the city where Salvador Dali was born. She gave me a guided tour through the Dali Museum. We had a really nice time.

Through our emails and phone calls, I sensed that Maria maintained a crush on me. Maybe she viewed me as marriage material – I don’t know.

Sophie, on the other hand, was more of a free spirit. I knew she liked me because she thought I was a ton of fun to hang out with. But she didn’t expect much more from our relationship.

“Do you like it here?” asked Sophie. “It must be so exciting to be here with all these tennis stars.”

“Will we really meet Leah Wang?” asked Maria. “She is so beautiful and such an awesome player.”

I laughed, glancing back at Sophie. “I love it here. My tennis game has improved a lot, and all the people are great.” I turned over to Maria, riding shotgun. “Yes, you’ll meet Leah. I spoke to her today. She says she looks forward to meeting you guys.” Maria lit up, grinning from ear to ear.

We got to my place and I took them and their bags up to the guest room. “I see you still have that silly sign,” Sophie said, pointing upward. The sign she was pointing to was a mock European road sign I had made while in Spain - it now hung on the wall in the hallway. Sophie was very familiar with it.

On this traffic sign was a red circle with the cartoon picture of a naked female torso inside. A red line ran diagonally across it. The caption below read “Nudity Prohibited. Lawbreakers Subject to Arrest.” Next to the lettering was a cute and much smaller cartoon of a cop leading a handcuffed buxom naked blonde away by the arm.

I stood next to the sign, folded my arms and pushed out my chest. With a comical, authoritative voice, I said, “In this house, it’s the law!”

Maria giggled as she entered the quest room. As Sophie followed she turned and whispered, “I told her all about you and your bondage games, you know”. She winked. The girls picked their beds and started unpacking.

It was dark and the girls were jet lagged so we decided not to go out that evening. After the girls got settled, we ordered some pizza, and watched a movie. My guests headed off to bed early.

The next morning I groggily walked down to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. As the coffee percolated, a very alert Maria jogged down the steps, dressed for the day. “I’m going to head over to the tennis academy to see if any famous pros are practicing.”

“All alone?” I asked. “Where’s your partner?”

“Sophie won’t get her fat lazy butt out of bed!” an exasperated Maria replied.

I handed her a guest pass. “Here. This will get you past the security gate. Have fun!”

“Thanks, David!” She smiled and darted past me out the door.

After pouring and properly polluting my coffee with cream and sugar, I decided to check on Sophie. As I came up to her room the door was wide open. There was Sophie, lying on her side, her head propped up by her arm, reading a magazine – topless. A pair of white cotton panties was all that protected her from the elements. She hadn’t noticed my approach.

Time for some fun. I went to my bedroom and grabbed my handcuff bag. I carried it down the hall and burst in on Sophie. She pretended to be startled. “Oh! Hi David!” She lowered the magazine but didn’t cover herself up.

“You’re breaking the law, m’am!” I said in my best police officer voice, my hands on my hips. “I’m going to have to take you in.” I pulled out a set of cuffs.

Sophie grinned, playing along, “But officer, I’m not naked.” She pointed to her panties.

“I’m sorry, m’am. The ordinance specifically says that any nudity is prohibited. In this country baring those lovelies is considered nudity. Please don’t give me a hard time.” I walked toward her, cuffs in hand.

“I’m sorry officer” she pleaded. “I didn’t know!” She rolled on her tummy and put her hands behind her back.

I fastened the cuffs about her wrists. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

“Ohhhhhh!” pouted Sophie as I pulled her legs forward and sat her up on the side of the bed. Sophie was such a good actress.

I kneeled in front of her and pulled her panties forward down her legs and past her ankles. “Hey! That’s not fair! What kind of cop are you?” Sophie winked as she spread her legs slightly, displaying her nicely shaved pussy.

I grabbed another set of cuffs from my bag and cuffed her ankles together. “Oh, I can be a pretty bad cop.” I said.

Sophie smiled.

I heard Maria bouncing up the steps just before she rushed through the door. “I forgot my camera!” Her mouth dropped as she surveyed the scene.

Sophie was lying on her side moaning loudly. Her cheeks were bulging - her mouth now filled with her white cotton panties and sealed shut with tape. The handcuffs around her wrists and ankles were linked behind her with a short piece of chain. Her knees were spread apart by a folded bed pillow which she was squeezing tightly. The tennis-ball-sized vibrating massager I held between Sophie’s legs provided the hogtied girl much pleasing stimulation.

Sophie whined with disappointment as I shut off the massager and faced the rather flustered Maria. “I have no tolerance for lawbreakers,” I said, deadpan.

Maria paused for a moment, and then started unbuttoning her blouse. “Well, I spit on your laws!” she said, dropping her blouse to the floor and moving to unzip her shorts. Within seconds there was a pile of clothes on the floor. Maria proudly stood naked beside it. I was pleased to noticed she had shaved as well.

“I’m sorry m’am” I said, grabbing another set of cuffs from the bag. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to put you under arrest, too.” Maria looked at me uneasily as I walked toward her, open cuff in hand. I winked and whispered “You’re doing great.”

I walked behind her and slowly pulled Maria’s arms behind her back. The cuffs closed snugly around her wrists. I walked her over to her bed and sat her down. I carefully closed a second set of handcuffs around her ankles. It was all a bit new to her but she was going with the flow.

I reached for her panties but thought better of it. Instead I grabbed a clean white sock. I stuffed it in her mouth and taped it shut. I then manoeuvred her onto her belly and fastened her wrists to her ankles with two small padlocks and a short piece of chain. The nude and hogtied Maria looked fantastic as she struggled against her restraints for the very first time in her life. She blushed and turned away when she noticed me openly admiring the way she was adapting to her new sportswear.

Sophie grunted loudly, snapping me out of my daze.

Now what?! I hadn’t planned on Maria’s early return. Sophie was a veteran of my games but Maria was brand new to the genre. I didn’t want her first bondage game with me to be disappointing.

Well, as I always say… When in doubt, improvise – and make it as fun as possible. “Don’t go anywhere ladies. I’ll be right back.” I had just the thing. “The booking officer will be with you shortly.”

I decided that I was going to be a bad cop punishing a couple of bad girls. I ran down to my walk-in closet and grabbed my Highway Patrol costume. It’s a cheesy outfit but the girls love it. The outfit consists of a motorcycle cop uniform with leather boots, a leather jacket and leather gloves. The shirt sports a very impressive looking badge. When I was fully outfitted, I checked myself in the mirror. Damn, I looked good.

I grabbed and filled my “bondage bag” with some leather goodies and headed back to the girls. When I walked into their room, my two naked, bound and gagged guests were waiting patiently on their beds. I sensed that they had been communicating with each other – nonverbally I guess – because they both seemed very eager to play. They giggled as I stood in the center of the room, taking in the Highway Patrol costume.

“You lawbreakers won’t be laughing very long,” I said with an evil grin. I ran the palm of my leather glove along the side of Maria’s naked body and patted her bum. She giggled louder and squirmed, shaking her head no. This had massive potential. I fastened a leather collar onto each of my willing hogtied prisoners and attached the leashes. I removed their ankle cuffs and stood them up. The short connector chains still dangled from their handcuffs.

“I’m sure this isn’t the first time you girls have been arrested,” I said as I tugged on the leashes and led them out of the room. After carefully navigating some stairs, they found themselves in my garage standing side by side in front of a wall.

I wrapped and tightened a short leather belt around Sophia’s upper arms until her elbows touched. I knew from experience that she could handle this quite easily. Maria winced as I pulled her elbows together so I left an inch or so of space. I used the small padlocks to connect the chains dangling from their handcuffs to two waist-level eyebolts in the wall.

“Stand up straight ladies!” I said, stomping my boot on the floor. The girls played along and stood at attention. They looked exceptional. The way I had bound their arms thrust their lovely breasts forward. I slowly ran my gloved hand under each globe. Then I stepped back and pulled out a digital camera. Maria’s eyes grew wide and she started to shake her head no. I walked up to her and whispered into her ear, loud enough so Sophie could hear it, “These pictures are for you. I’m going to give them all to you when we’re done.” I winked. Maria relaxed and returned to attention.

“Face left!” I told the criminals. “Face right!” I took about 20 pictures from all different angles. “Face forward!” The girls stood at attention.

“Time to clean you off!” I set my gloves on the ground and jogged to the back of the garage. Their eyes grew wide with fear when I returned with a garden hose, a high pressure sprayer attached to its end. The girls squirmed and squealed as I sprayed them with cold water. I continued snapping pictures with my left hand while rinsing them with my right. Their nipples hardened as I “focused” on their breasts. When I finished, the girls seemed angry at first. But when Sophie and Maria looked at each other, giggles and laughter erupted from them both.

I removed the elbow straps and proceeded to towel off my prisoners. While drying her off, Sophie pushed her pussy toward me and gave me a frustrated look. “Patience, patience!” I whispered. I grasped their leashes and led them to the great room. I had the squeaky-clean nudes lie next to each other face down on the bear skin run in the center of the room. I removed their collars. The girls looked at each other and “connected” as I fit two heavy leather leg binders on their legs. The binders extended from their knees to their ankles and looked great on the helpless girls.

I rolled the girls on their sides so they were facing each other and pushed them together breast to breast. Then I wrapped a leather belt around their waists, pulled them together belly to belly, and fastened it off. I used a second belt under their arms, just below their shoulders, to pull their chests together and fastened a third belt a few inches below their fine derrieres. To finish off my package, I replaced their metal handcuffs with soft leather cuffs and connected Maria’s cuffs to Sophie’s with a chain that ran through their butt cheeks between their legs.

Maria was blushing. I don’t think she’d ever been this close to Sophie before. Sophie playfully gag-kissed Maria and rubbed noses. Lastly I linked together the two rings at the base of their leg binders. The helpless naked girls giggled as they rolled back and forth, rubbing their breasts together.

I walked to the wall and stopped in front of a panel of switches. I pushed down on the silver toggle switch. The vine plant I had hanging from the high ceiling began to descend toward the floor as electric motor whirred in the attic. The girls squealed as they figured out what I was up to. They made noise, arched their backs and shook their heads as I unfastened the cable from the vine pot and fastened it to the rings at the ankles of their leg binders. I moved to the wall and pushed up on the silver toggle switch, pulling the slack out of the cable.

It looked like Maria was panicking. I stopped and walked over to the frightened girl. I kneeled down next to her and held her hand. “Are you okay, Maria?” She looked at me with frightened eyes. “This cable is very strong. It can hold a car with no problem. And these leg binders are specially made for suspension. They’re completely safe. I guarantee you won’t fall. Do you want to go on?”

Maria was quiet. She looked over at Sophie who gave her a nod of encouragement and a wink. Maria looked at me and eventually nodded okay. I reached down, squeezed her breast, and smiled. “Everything’s going to be great.” Her eyes lit up.

The girls squealed with delight and fright as the cable slowly pulled their legs skyward. In no time they were suspended upside down - their exposed bottoms at eye level. The evil, leather clad cop swung and spun the girls back and forth, playfully smacking their unprotected bare bottoms with his stick each time they swung by. (This is a game Leah and I call Pinata.) The girls screamed and giggled with glee. Maria was having an especially good time.

When I finally let them down, the girls were exhausted and joyous. I quickly removed the belts, the chain and the leg binders but kept their wrist cuffs locked together behind their backs. The girls separated with giggles of relief – and maybe even regret.

I led the girls to my couch and sat them down. Deja vu. Leah was kneeling on this couch just a day ago. I smiled. Sophie and Maria were still coming down from their “high” when I decided to move on to the next game.

“Time to lock you girls up. Since you’re such naughty, incorrigible reprobates, I’m putting you both in Solitary Confinement.” The girls looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, communicating silently “Why not? What the heck?”

I reclined Sophie on the couch on top of several soft plush pillows. I released her wrist cuffs and reconnected them overhead to an eye bolt behind her head. She made no attempt to struggle during her ten seconds of “freedom”. Maria also cooperated as I bound her to the couch in a similar way. The girls looked quite comfortable and seemed anxious to find out what I had thought up next.

I pushed Maria’s left foot toward her body, bending her leg at the knee, so that her heel was near her butt. I wrapped a leather strap around her thigh and ankle, and fastened it in this position. I did the same with her right leg.

When I got to Sophie, she pulled her legs up to her chest and spread them wide in an effort to simplify my work. I appreciated the unobstructed view of her pussy as I bound her ankles to her thighs. Sophie and Maria were now firmly anchored and frog-tied.

As I walked back to my leather bag, Sophie opened and closed her legs like a butterfly, testing her newest restraints. Maria was more reserved and kept her knees together, only moving them from side to side a little. I removed a pair of blindfolds from my leather bag and set them on the couch between them. I ran back upstairs to retrieve my iPod and a couple of sets of ear buds. These new ear bud style headphones were great. Not only did they sound fantastic, they fit inside the ear canal and blocked out any outside noise.

The girls looked at me quizzically. But they helpfully turned their heads as I inserted the ear buds snugly into their ear canals. I then put on the blindfolds. The leather strap from the blindfolds covered their ears. I fastened everything securely. Once I was confident that neither the blindfolds nor the ear buds were coming off, I stepped back to survey my handiwork. The girls were moving their heads around in search of light but there was none to be found.

I turned on the iPod and navigated to Track 4 – “Sound Screen” by David Mayer. Sound Screen was a custom “song” I had a sound engineer mix especially for this purpose. The track included white noise and soothing spacey sounds that could comfortably be played for long periods at a loud volume. The track would run for about an hour and five minutes.

I pushed the iPod’s start button and stepped back. The girls did not react as the sound emanating from their ear buds gradually increased from a whisper to full volume. I clapped and shouted “Hey! How do you feel? Nod if you can hear me!” They did not respond. Sophie and Maria were now in a world of their own, unable to see or hear anything in the outside world – and completely unable to change their situation. In a matter of minutes their minds – lacking external stimuli to process - would begin to turn inward. They would start to dream.

It was actually a very soothing and invigorating experience. Of course, I had never tried it while bound nude and frog-tied to my couch. But Sophie and Maria looked like they were very relaxed nonetheless.

I was hot and hungry. I removed my leather jacket, leather gloves, and badge, and set them on the coffee table. Sophie and Maria would be bailed out by their good friend David - in about an hour. I sat back in my easy chair and called my friend Alfonso at the local Italian deli. I ordered a ton of food for the three of us.

“Hey Sophie, if you don’t like lasagne, nod your head!” I yelled. There was no response. “How about you Maria?!” Nothing. My beautiful, naked guests simply swayed back and forth, unable to hear a thing I said. Sophie was humming. Maria had her head back, completely relaxed.

The deli was only a couple blocks away but I wanted to keep an eye on my lovely guests. I flicked a switch on the back of my clock and turned on my Slingbox Pro. The Slingbox is a great little device. It lets you stream sound and video to your computer or cell phone anywhere in the world via the Internet. I use it to watch my cable channels on my Motorola Q phone. Today I was streaming the signal from the secret hidden surveillance camera in the clock. I fired up the SlingPlayer application on my Q phone and pressed a few buttons. The couch and its occupants appeared clear as day on the screen. “Hello, testing.” I said. After a two second delay I heard my voice through the phone - loud and clear.

I locked the front door and walked up the street toward the deli, watching the girls on my phone. As I strolled up the street I was mesmerized by their movements. The way they swayed and moved their legs. I listened to them hum, sigh and moan.

“Ooof!” My shoulder hit a phone pole. I shook it off and continued walking to the Deli.

“It’ll be ready in five minutes, Dave,” said Alfonso, the Deli owner. No problem. I sat down and watched the show. These girls were so beautiful. I almost wished I was taping this.

What in the world is that?! My heart stopped as I saw an out of focus white blob at the left side of my screen. The blob moved forward toward the center and came into focus. It was a black haired female wearing a white cotton v-neck top and tan shorts – no shoes. It was Leah! – the only other person with a key to my place.

This was going to be interesting.

Leah stared at the helpless girls for a while and moved out of view. She was probably looking for me. After a few minutes Leah was back with the girls. She pulled out her cell phone and started to dial. I braced myself for an interesting call. I was expecting to hear my phone ring when Leah stopped. She closed her phone and just stood there for a few seconds, staring at Sophie and Maria. She seemed mesmerized. “David, are you home?” I heard her voice through my phone. Leah looked right, then left. Silence.

Leah set her cell phone on the coffee table. With both hands she rolled her long black hair into a pony tail and tied it into a bun on her head. Leah then picked up the leather jacket and put it on. It was a few sizes too big for her but she still looked cool wearing it. She grabbed the leather gloves and pulled them over her hands.

My jaw dropped as Leah turned and kneeled in front of Sophie. The bound girl was startled as Leah put her gloved hands over Sophie’s knees and gently spread her legs. I could hear Sophie giggle. Leah bent forward and proceeded to go down on the helpless nude girl. I could hear Sophie moan and watched her writhe as Leah’s tongue went to work. Sophie’s moans got louder and louder. She started bucking and straining against her bonds as Leah’s ministrations continued.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up to see an older gentleman sitting across from me in the waiting area. “Please turn your movie down - or I may get a heart attack,” he smiled.

“Sorry,” I said as I plugged in my earplug.

“David! Your food!” I just stuck out my hand – my eyes didn’t move from the screen as Alfonso placed the straps of the to-go bag into my hand. I rushed out the door.

I trotted back home unable to take my eyes off the action. Sophie arched her back and screamed as a crushing orgasm overtook her body. Damn!

Leah pulled back and scooted over toward Maria. Although Maria couldn’t have heard very much, she probably did sense Sophie’s movements. Once again she was a little tense. Leah placed her hands on Maria’s knees and gently tried to spread them. Maria squealed. They did not budge. Sophie was still breathing heavily in the background. At this point Leah gently moved her gloved hands over Maria’s thighs. Then she reached up and gave Maria’s breast a playful squeeze. Maria giggled and relaxed. She did not resist the second time as Leah opened her legs wide.

Leah lovingly kissed the inside of Maria’s thighs as she moved closer and closer to the target. Maria threw her head back and moaned as Leah’s tongue hit the bullseye and started work in earnest. If Sophie was loud, Maria was louder. Maria shifted her shoulders left and right as Leah’s tongue methodically stimulated all of her pleasure centres. Maria was very close to coming.

Suddenly Leah stopped, pulled back, and went back to kissing the inside of Maria’s thighs. Maria shook her head in frustration, cried in disapproval and tried her best to push her hips forward toward Leah’s mouth. Leah ignored her and continued kissing sensitive parts of Maria’s bound naked body. Maria moaned as Leah playfully sucked on her breasts. Then she kissed her belly as she moved south toward Maria’s lap.

After a spell Leah’s tongue went back to work between Maria’s legs, bringing her to the brink of orgasm – but never over that brink. Leah was toying with her.

I was home. I walked up the driveway, past Leah’s convertible Mini Cooper. My eyes stayed glued to the screen as I walked along the side of the house to the back door. I sat outside, up against the wall, and continued to watch the show.

The next time Leah pulled away, Maria tried in vain to clench her knees together and keep Leah’s head close. But Leah would have none of it. She used her strength and leverage to push Maria’s legs as far apart as they would go. Maria whimpered, knowing she had absolutely no control. Maria was in agony as Leah again kissed and licked the helpless girl’s legs just millimeters from her clit. After mercilessly teasing Maria for what seemed like hours – Maria sounded like she was crying – Leah finally dove into the helpless girl’s lap to finish the job. Maria bucked and screamed as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body. Her orgasm looked like it was off the charts. When she finally wound down, Maria was gasping. Leah stood up and lovingly caressed Maria’s breasts with her gloved hands before giving both her hardened nipples a final pinch.

Leah turned toward the table and set the leather jacket and gloves down on it. She let down her hair and exited my view screen to the left. I heard the front door close. From my perch by the back door I heard the Mini Cooper start and drive off.

Quickly, I unlocked the back door and ran to the living room. Sophie and Maria were laying back, legs spread, breathing calmly, looking totally relaxed.

I leaned forward to examine the iPod. Track 4 only had about three minutes left to go. I unloaded the food in the kitchen and started to clean up. I picked up the jacket and gloves - “Leah, Leah, Leah”, I sighed - and put away the rest of the gear. By the time track Sound Screen ended, the living room was clean. Two robes lay where the leather police outfit once had.

As the space music faded into silence, I removed the blindfolds. Then the ear buds. The girls blinked as their eyes adjusted. “Hi!” I said. “I just posted bail for you two jailbirds.”

As I removed the belts from their legs, I noticed how wet these girls were. “It’s costing me a lot of money to spring you two. Do you promise to be good?” The girls nodded.

I released Sophie’s arms first. She removed the gag from her mouth and immediately pulled me close and kissed me. “Oh David, that was fantastic! You’ve improved so much!” she said rubbing her fine naked body up against me.

Maria, who was watching us, started bouncing up and down “Mmmm, mmmm. Mmmm, mmmm!” I let Sophie go and removed Maria’s gag and wrist cuffs. She practically knocked me over as she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me.

“I love you!” she gushed. Now there was one satisfied customer. “It’s like you were inside my head! You knew exactly how to torture me!” She playfully smacked me on my shoulder with her open palm. “You Rotten!” – Smack – “Evil!” – Smack – “Dirty!” - Smack – “Cop!” – Smack! “That was incredible!”

I put the phone down. “She’ll meet us at the restaurant.” The girls squealed like a couple of teenage groupies.

“I can’t believe we’re going to have dinner with Leah Wang!” said Maria.

“Don’t forget your camera this time!” said Sophie as we headed to the garage.

“Hey, the floor’s still wet!” said Maria as we walked past the mug shot wall. The girls were in a great mood. The garage door opened as we hopped in the Hummer. The engine fired up instantly and we were on our way to Prego’s Italian Restaurant. Maria leaned forward, “Hey that reminds me, David. Where are those pictures you took?”

“You’ve got them right there in your hand,” I said. “I used your camera.” The girls laughed hysterically all the way to Prego’s as they cycled through the shots. When we arrived I handed the valet our keys and the three of us walked up the stairs to the front door. Leah was waiting for us in the lobby.

The dinner went very well. Leah, Sophie and Maria got along like sisters. Leah described her home in China and how life was in Shanghai. They talked about their favorite movies and what it was like to play tennis in front of thousands of people. They talked about anything and everything.

“Did you know David loves Italian restaurants?” said Leah, trying to politely include me in the conversation. “I call him Alfonso Linguini.” The girls laughed. But I didn’t mind being excluded. This was their moment.

Before the dinner ended, Sophie and Maria took lots of pictures with their new friend, Leah Wang. “Please look us up when you play in Barcelona!” Maria said.

“I will,” replied Leah as she hugged the girls and said goodbye. She stepped into her waiting convertible and waved as she drove off down the street.

“There’s no way, Maria,” said Sophie shaking her head as Leah’s car drove out of view.

“Not in a million years,” agreed Maria.

“What are you two talking about?” I asked.

“Sophie and I thought that maybe you and Leah played, you know – bondage games… But Leah’s way, way, way too sweet and innocent.”

I laughed out loud. “Let’s go home, you two crazy lawbreakers!”



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