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With that he tossed aside the whip and pulled the chain with a steady pressure. Jessica was forced to shuffe forward, following her stretched, anguished nipples. He backed up, making her shuffe faster, yelping and whimpering as she tried to keep up with him. He led her around the small chamber in a wide circle, fnally ending up in the cen- ter of the room, where the two chains hung down from the heavy crossbeam, and stopped. There he lifted her to her feet, unsnapped the link attaching her wristcuffs behind her, and re-attached her wrists to the hanging rings. Now Jessica stood with her arms drawn up over her head and well apart, the position lifting and fattening her large breasts, but making them stand out against her slender torso magnifcently. The silver chains hung from her swollen nipples, connecting just below her breasts, the leash chain hanging to the foor before her. Her chest heaved as she panted, still trying to get her sobbing under control.

The Whisperer circled her, admiring her amazing body from every angle. She was slim and lithe, with just enough muscle defnition to make her look athletic without detracting at all from her femininity. Her legs were long and subtly muscled, slender and yet nicely shaped, the cheeks of her bottom perfectly round and smooth. Her belly was fat and frm, bisected by a vertical groove from her breasts to her belly button. With her arms raised over her head, her ribs stood out a bit, creating diagonal ridges, and her full, round breasts were utter perfection. After a while he knelt behind her and removed her sneakers, socks, leggings and panties from her ankles, leaving her truly naked. Then he moved in front of her, and stopped.

“You seek to deny me your submission,” he said, still whispering, “but it is as inevitable as destiny! I can see it within you, held down by your will, but waiting to escape. Be assured, Jessica, that I will set it free before I release you!” He stepped forward, bringing his face next to hers, and she felt the lace of his shirt tickling her aching nipples. His eyes burned into hers. “That is a promise! You will be released when I’m done with you, and you’ll be none the worse for wear… but frst you will submit to me!”

With that he reached out with both hands and grasped the clamps that tortured her nipples. He simultaneously released them both, lifting them away. The blood surged all at once into the swollen pink fesh, and fresh agony washed over her. It was far worse than anything she had endured thus far, and she screamed and shook. Her captor grasped the agonized nips and massaged them, which initially caused even greater pain, but within moments became soothing. The tormented nipples ached terribly, but they remained stiff and swollen, showing no sign of ever shrinking back to normal.

The Whisperer lowered his hands and suddenly stepped closer to her, pressing against her helpless nudity, then his hips shifted to the side, and his hand slipped between her thighs to cup her naked pussy. With a gasp, she pinched her thighs tightly together, but it was too late. She was horrifed to feel his gloved fngers slipping and sliding freely within the tight slit of her womanhood, for it was more than wet. It was oozing, slippery with the thick, hot juices of her arousal! Her thighs were slick as well, she realized, feeling the way they slid against each other as she tried to block his invading fngers.

Once again she had been betrayed by her own body! In the extremity of her pain and fear, she hadn’t noticed how wet she had gotten, but suddenly it was being irre- futably demonstrated to her by her tormentor. Jessica’s face and neck fushed with the sudden heat of utter humiliation, and she had to turn away and close her eyes tightly. It was more than she could bear, and she wished desperately that she could simply faint, give up consciousness and be gone from here.

But there was more to deal with than the terrible shame of having her captor discover her blatant, obscene arousal. His leather-covered fngers were still moving about between her nether lips, sliding back and forth in the viscous lubrication of her shame, and generating unbearable, unacceptable waves of pleasure!

“You see?” he whispered in her ear, his hot breath burning her cheek even through the scarf that covered his mouth. “Within, you yearn to submit to me. Here is the proof.”

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