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Her thighs shuddered and weakened as his fngers continued to slide to and fro, alternately rubbing her swollen, excited clit at one end of the slow stroke, and delving deeply into the hot, cloying passage of her vagina at the other. The heat was already spreading, permeating her loins with unwanted passion. She wanted desperately to deny it, deny it all, but her captor was literally rubbing his fngers in it, and it could not be denied. A choked sob could be heard from behind her gag.

His other hand slipped behind her, the gloved fingers sliding over her smooth, welted ass and then forcing their way between her clenched bottom-cheeks. Her juices had spread even here, rendering the tight crevice slippery and accessible. When she felt his fnger touch the forbidden, puckered place deep between her cheeks, she yelped and jerked away, inadvertently thrusting herself against his other hand, driving his fngers deeper than ever into her tight tunnel. She gasped and quivered, and her legs suddenly lost all their strength. Her shuddering thighs parted, allowing the Whisperer full access to her heated loins. He took full advantage, driving two gloved fngers all the way up into her pussy, the heel of his hand grinding against her desperate clit. The hand behind her pressed its advantage as well, lodging an insistent fnger frmly against the puckered rear opening.

Jessica began to sob unrestrainedly, her shame overpowering her sensibilities even as her arousal overcame her senses. She couldnít imagine a worse predicament, and yet she couldnít deny the heat rising within her. The torture she could bear, in fact she wished desperately for more of it, if only this irresistible, insidious ravishment would cease!

But it didnít cease. The Whispererís gloved hand rocked back and forth subtly, buried up between her open labia, the thick fngers moving deep up inside her discovering and releasing even more of the shameful fuid. And as it went on and on, it seemed as though the force of his inva- sion began to make her hips rock forward and back, causing the fnger resting against her anus to slide up and down against it, creating an unbearably intimate friction.

Jessica cried in abject humiliation as her passion rose to fever pitch. She tried desperately to will the desire to recede, but it only grew. She was getting closer and closer to climax, and she knew that if he drove her to that point, she would surely die of shame. Yet, the more she tried to resist it, the closer it came. The pleasure was overpowering now, dominating every cell of her body, and her will was a shattered, broken vestige of itself. She felt the tingling that meant the onset of orgasm, and she could only rock her hips to and fro against the invading fngers, driving herself helplessly toward the edge, still sobbing uncontrollably.

Then, abruptly, her tormentor withdrew his fngers from her pussy with a wet sucking sound and stepped away. Her hips continued to rock, her superheated pussy clasping desperately at the sudden emptiness. Her head came up, wide, glassy, tear-drenched eyes staring appealingly up at him, a wail issuing from her gag-flled mouth as the pleasure receded, the impending climax dying away without having been achieved. Her hips became still, and as she gazed into his eyes, she knew heíd won. She had been able to withstand the torture, but desire she had no defense against. She knew if he demanded that she submit to him now, she would do it. She might even beg, if he would only touch her again.

But he didnít demand it. Though she saw the triumph in his eyes, and knew that he knew she was conquered, he didnít press his advantage. Instead, he turned and walked behind her. Defeated and disgraced, Jessica hung her head and sobbed.

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