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Jessica whipped

Suddenly there was a whistling sound, and then something struck her naked backside with a burning crack! The stinging cheeks bounced under the impact, and her body abruptly stiffened, her charged senses responding to the sudden wave of pain. She cried out, trying to pull herself together and brace her senses for more torture. Again the whip struck, this time much harder, the impact driving her hips forward, making her jerk against the chains that held her arms over her head. She gasped, expecting a blazing fowering of agony, but the burning pain of the whip had taken on a new quality. In her aroused state, the sharpness had been diminished, and instead there was a spreading warmth. Again the whip fell, and again. There was a terrifc impact with each blow that jarred her whole body, and there was a burning pain after each one, but the intensity of the pain had lessened. It was as though her body was taking part of the pain and converting it into… desire. Heat was building once again within her loins, gradually lifting her once more toward the state of arousal she had been driven to moments before.

Disbelieving, she looked back at the Whisperer, who stood behind her wielding the whip. He had shed his cloak, revealing a powerfully muscled fgure beneath the tight-ftting vest and breeches, but his face was still swathed in the black scarf, the hat still casting his glittering eyes in shadow. The whip he was using was different, shorter, heavier, and with many leather thongs. When it struck, the thongs fattened against her fesh, covering half the surface of her bottom with each blow, the impact deeply indenting the round, frm cheeks, leaving the fesh bouncing for a full second afterward. Turning her head forward again, Jessica closed her eyes and concentrated on enduring the whipping as best she could… and on enduring its effect on her.

The Whisperer gradually whipped her harder and harder, and he could tell from the sound of her gag-muffed cries that the blows were exciting her. He had known from the frst that she had the dark desire within her, but he was gratifed that he had been able to draw it forth on the very frst session. He had kidnapped many girls and whipped them in this very room, but never had he found one this responsive! He was certain of it now, this truly was the one! His cock surged with excitement, and he whipped the girl harder and faster, driven now by his own lust.

Jessica’s battered bottom felt as though it was on fre. The burning agony was terrible, yet as her passion rose, she no longer wanted the whipping to stop. The whip pounded her mercilessly, and she kicked her feet and screamed into her gag, sobbing and tossing her head from side to side in the extremity of her suffering. But her hips had begun to thrust rhythmically forward and back, as though the blows of the whip were the thrusts of an invisible lover, and she was getting close once more to reaching orgasm.

She was beyond shame now. The secret box where she had hidden her desire for submission had been fung wide open. She knew it, but she couldn’t help herself! The feelings she had spent her life trying to suppress had fnally possessed her, and they were far too powerful for her to control. She was sure what she was doing was evil, and that she was being tainted in some way, but God, it felt so good…

Once again her tormentor stopped before she could achieve release. Throwing down the whip, he strode around to stand before her. Jessica was more beautiful now than ever! Her hair was tangled and wild, and her pale, shuddering body gleamed with a sheen of sweat. Her breasts heaved as she fought for breath, bouncing a little each time a sob shook her frame, and her nipples were still stiff and swollen. The welts that decorated her skin had faded to soft pink, except on her ass, which had been beaten to a deep, blazing red. The insides of her thighs were slick with the juices of her desire, and she was subconsciously using that slickness to rub her thighs together, urgently trying to stoke the furnace of her need. The girl was practically delirious, sobbing and gasping, her tear-flled eyes glassy and unfocused. He could tell she was deep in the throes of passion, and that passion only fed his own.

With fumbling fngers he unbuttoned his old-fashioned breeches, until fnally the fap dropped down and his huge, swollen cock sprang free, waving in the air, fully erect and rampant. Jessica’s eyes focused on it with equal parts of fear and desire. It was fully a foot long, and as thick as her wrist! She couldn’t imagine ever taking such a thing, yet she found herself wanting it desperately. What was happening to her?

Stepping in close, her tormentor thrust himself against her, the hot fesh of his immense penis pressing against her belly, burning her naked skin. He moved it against her, his hands reaching around behind her and frmly grasping her burning buttocks. She wailed in pain as his fngers dug into the battered fesh, lifting her off her feet and grinding the iron-hard cock against her smooth pubis, and she responded instinctively by lifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist. This tilted her pelvis toward him, so that the hard pole was now sliding between her hot, passiondrenched labia. The shock of sudden pleasure washed away the pain in a heartbeat. She moved against him, grinding herself against the burning shaft of his cock, bathing his length in her juices. Her passion was out of control now, and she wanted nothing but to be impaled on that giant organ. Her sobbing was diminishing, replaced by gagged moans and desperate whimpers of need.

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