Basics for better bondage, erotic bondage guide

It covers a lot of safety stuf, which is important because rope can be highly dangerous. Do not attempt what you see in the photos here without the proper training. You could experience injuries from rope that last from hours to years. You could die from rope bondage, especially if it’s combined with breath play. Know what you’re getting yourself into.


Whether you’re having trouble fnding the courage to try bondage, certain issues are making your rope journey a challenge, or you’re comparing yourself to others and feeling bad about it, these posts might help. I actually return to these myself whenever I’m struggling with something about my rope bottoming!

Anatomy for Rope Bondage
Warming Up for Bondage

This chapter isn’t by any means a comprehensive guide to warming up for bondage. Tere are all sorts of stretches and exercises you can do to get your body ready for rope — so if you have a warm-up that works for you already, that’s great! But if you feel a bit lost as you look around your local dungeon and see bottoms stretching and moving around in preparation for their rope scenes, then this chapter is for you.

Pain Processing and Breathwork

Bondage without pain, for me, is like a birthday party without cake — it just doesn’t feel complete. If you’re only into decorative bondage that feels like a hug, or having your wrists gently tied together with silk rope, you may want to skip this chapter. If the thought of gasping, moaning, crying, or begging for mercy turns you on, you’re in the right place.

For Curvy Rope Bottoms

“I am short, fat, and much older than the beautiful girls on [FetLife’s Kinky & Popular page].... Guess what? I can still be a rope bottom. Do I do the bendy stuf on K&P? Nope nope nope! But I can do what works for me. And it is hot! ”

Who Can Be Suspended?

Let’s start with an easy one—here’s a statement I hope we all recognize as bullshit: “Only skinny people can be suspended!” With me so far? OK. Now, here’s what I sometimes hear as a counter to that particular piece of bullshit: “Anyone of any body size can be suspended!” Unfortunately…also bullshit. It’s a pit of snakes! Let’s jump in!

For Male Rope Bottoms

Nobody’s done an in-depth study focusing on men who love bondage (or of any other gender, for that matter), so we don’t know the total number or percentage. In a survey of 1,516 people by researchers at the University of Quebec and the Philippe-Pinel Institute of Montreal, however, 46 percent of the men reported that they fantasized about being tied up in order to obtain sexual pleasure, and 53 percent reported fantasizing about being dominated sexually.

For Gender-Nonconforming Rope Bottom

And studies suggest that 0.3 percent of people in the U.S. feel strongly that their biological sex does not conform to their gender identity. With the U.S. population at more than 323 million as I write this, that means around 1 million Americans are in that category. Yet gender nonconformity is still decidedly «of well understood by the majority.

For Self-Tyers

The idea that there is a “right way” to do or experience rope is bullshit. Self-tying bucks common thinking about bondage in many ways, and self-bondage practitioners face a number of unique challenges. Some of these challenges are intrinsic in a practical sense (difficulty reaching behind your back to tie knots, for instance), some stem from self-bondage still being a niche activity, and some are a mix of the two.

Ties for Limited Range of Motion

For bondage purposes, we’re going to consider it limited range of motion if you can’t comfortably move the joints into positions as required by standard ties, like the takate-kote. “Comfortably” is the key word here, because having your joints forcibly moved past that point isn’t just painful; it can potentially aggravate your condition.

Rope Bottoming Beyond Play

There are plenty of reasons for getting tied up besides the pure pleasure of being in rope. And with more and more people showing interest in bondage, the opportunities for bottoming beyond just play are greater than ever.

Top 10 Considerations for Successful Guerrilla Bondage

More people than ever are taking bondage to the streets—and to trees, monuments, and other outdoor structures. And there are extra considerations when doing bondage in a public space, whether for a great photo or just for fun. Tese are my top 10 for both tops and bottoms.

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Rope Relationships

Rope itself can be a form of sex—incredibly intimate, raw, powerful—even without any sexual touching. This can be a hard concept to grasp when you’re first starting out, but many soon discover that rope play can be transformative and empowering for everyone involved. I’ve also watched many new people come out of this deep experience feeling lost, confused, and hurt.


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