Succesful Traits of a Good Master

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The take care of themselves

In a world of credit cards and high responsibilities, it is sometimes hard to keep your act together. A Dom needs to have their life in order to take charge of yours.

Do they have a good credit rating?
Do they have some of the nice things in life (a car, a house etc...)
Do they have a good job?

What about their appearance? Self discipline is important for a Master.

They have a drive to be a Dominant
After being with someone for a while you will see through hard times they will still want to be your Dom. They still think they can provide you with the Dominance and care you need.

They aren't married
This was a heavy discussion a few weeks back on a mailing list. Being married and being a Dominant to another. There is one succesful couple I know at this, and they are happy. I DO NOT disregard married Doms, but I know there is MUCH MUCH more hardship than with an unmarried Dom.

They show affection to people and animals
Even the biggest pain-slut needs some good aftercare and cuddling or some tenderness needs to be involved. Can they do that? Are they loving to their animals, and other people?

They are sensitive and giving
Self-centeredness is NOT a good Dominant trait. They hold a subs life in their hands for a certain period of time. If they are too self involved the sub is sadly neglected. On the other hand a healthy self-interest and expectations for themselves are wonderful traits for Doms.

They have a sound temper
BDSM at times can be all about control. A Dom who isn't in control of his emotions is not good for a submissive. Can he walk away for a while when y'all fight? I am not telling you to find a Dom that never cries or gets angry. But, can they control it? Can they use that energy into correcting what was wrong?


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