Little things you can do in everyday life for your Master

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Catering to your Dom can be a full-time job, but real life gets in the way (aka school, pets, children, career, etc....). Here are some special things you can do to make your time together special and kick real life out of the way :)

Leave them a special screen saver message

Clean all their shoes
This is a great idea for both FemDommes and MaleDoms. Shining and deodorizing may not be the most pleasant task, but one they might be thankful for.

Suprise them with a sexy outfit/toy
If you are allowed to wear clothes, or ask if you can make a special exception and then come out wearing a see through teddy or slip. Or for femsubs come out only in nipple clamps and clit clamps.

Let them come home to a candlelit room with sexy music
A hard day at work washes away with a good Miles Davis cd and some insense and candles

Arrange a tray of massage lotions, oils and creams
Set out a tray and let them choose certain oils or creams. Pay special attention to the hard to reach or unattended places Elbows, toes, etc.... Taking the time on such menial places really makes the massage more important.

Pack their lunch or make them a special snack
When Lord Koi goes to work I pack his lunch, but sometimes I will slip a note in to say I love him. Also, pack some of their favorite foods. My Sir adores monzarella cheese so sometimes I pack lots of slices for him.

Make dinner special
Garnish! Make their favorite meal. A submissive is elegant and refined. Male or female. So make dinner elegant and refined. I know at times that is hard to ask with dogs, children and other life getting in. But, plan and you will be able to make something special.

Write a poem for them
A simple haiku consisting of 4 lines is not hard to write. It is simple, elegant and great for the start of a geisha night.

Wear their favorite everything
Do they like your hair up or down? Is it just dinner? Make up your face nicer, put on their favorite perfume, their favorite earrings, their favorite clamps under your outfit. Use body glitter! For males use their favorite aftershave or soap and dress elegantly.

Finally, do more than expected
Are they sitting quietly reading? Ask them if they would like a foot pillow, or a refreshing drink. Go the extra mile and you will be rewarded.


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