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Gags are an integral part of the BDSM experience for any practitioner. There are dozens of different types and different desires fulfilled by them. You have many choices but weíre going to talk a little about penis gag. Like a typical gag it is placed around the head and it silences the wearer. Unlike a typical gag the object placed into the mouth is shaped like a penis. Most of the time itís not particularly large since choking is not the object. Instead itís like a cock head that fits nicely into the mouth that has been opened and it keeps the submissive silent.

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A pecker gag (thatís another name for it) is chiefly used to add a little extra humiliation to the BDSM proceedings. The wearer is made to feel like they have a penis in their mouths because that is their submissive position. They are a tool to be used for the masterís pleasure and the penis gag is all part of that. It is best if the submissive is familiar with sucking on a dick. A good penis gag is perfect for those that incorporate oral sex into their BDSM play. You must train your submissive to welcome the penis into his/her mouth.

There are different types of penis gags you can purchase to fulfill your desires. The simplest of them have a cock head that is placed into the mouth. The gag is then fasted behind the head. There are inflatable penis gag so the submissive has to expand their mouth to accommodate. There are double penis gags that have a large dildo protruding the opposite direction so the submissiveís face can be ridden by the master or mistress. There are locking penis gags where you can keep the key to ensure the submissive wears the gag as long as you desire. Many choices are available for the lover of penis gag.

You can find couple of different version of penis gags. There are 3 basic types pf penis gags Ė basic penis gag, inflatable penis gag and double penis gag. Most of them have between 2-3 inches long insertable penis gag which may not sound like much, but is long enough to kill a mood for someone with stronger gag-reflex.

I made a short description of all basic types of penis gag. There are many versions of those basic penis gags and even some unique gags that Iíll be writing about. But for start this should be fine.

Basic types of penis gag

basic penis gag

Basic penis gag
Most of basic penis gags are made out of leather harness and mouth piece. They are often called packer gags. Mouth piece have a penis head shape and is usually made out of rubber, silicon or leather. Some penis gags have removable mouth piece, that can be removed and washed.

inflatable penis gag

Inflatable penis gag
Inflatable penis gag is a gag that have inflatable mouth piece. If you have trouble finding penis gag with perfect mouth piece, then inflatable penis gag in the way to go. Mouth piece is small and easy to insert and you can inflate it up to 3 inches in diameter, which should be more then enough for just anyone.

double penis gag

Double penis gag
Double penis gag have two penises. One small penis for submissive to suck on and huge dildo on the other side for mistress to enjoy. Mistress can ride or seat on submissive face while he/she suck that small penis. Some double penis gags have removable dildo for easier cleaning.

There is a few things about penis gags that I would like to mention. While they are made for humiliation, they also have to be made the way you can enjoy them. For better experience, I would recommend that you buy penis gag made out of material that doesnít have taste or smell. Best choice would be penis gag made out of silicon.


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