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In Webster's Dictionary servitude is described as 'slavery' and 'in bondage'. Those terms are simplistic and are discessted enough to meet the everyday person's definitions, but in BDSM those terms seem synomous with other parts of our daily lives.

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Service is defined as "the act of helpful activity". More in tune with what submissives need to learn. Being able to answer those questions such as "Does he need a refill on his beverage?" or more broadly "What can I do to please Him/Her right now".

Great servitude can be achieved by greater understanding your's Dominants needs.

Most every Dom/me wants:
1. Your respect
2. Your attentiveness
3. Your obience
4. Your ability to communicate
5. Their needs/wants/desires achieved

In a formal atmosphere your the greatness of your servitude will only be determined by how obidient, how attentive, and how much respect you have for your Dominant. In a relaxed atmosphere your ability to communicate and to fullfill their needs/wants/desires is added and stressed upon.

Okay, I get that, now where do I start?

Your ability to communicate is crucial right now. Ask their favorite things, what they prefer, what they desire. If you might not remember all these things, jot them down in your submissive's journal or set aside a little notepad to remember these items for you. Did they like that soup you made? How is their favorite drink made? Research a little to learn their favorite things in food, clothing etc..

Lady/Gentleman in the Kitchen, Cortsean in the Bedroom

A submissive has to perfect her arts as a Lady/Gentleman in the Kitchen and a Whore in the Bedroom. You are always a lady/gentleman: tied up, kneeling, gagged etc.. All proper schools can tell you a few things of a true lady/gentleman. Corteseans were held in high regard by high-ranking officials in Italy and other European countries. They were knowledgable, and never showed themselves as a whore, only as a skilled artist of pleasure.

The Ten Commandments of a Lady/Gentleman and a Cortesean

1. a lady/gentleman must carry themselves like one 2. a lady/gentleman must speak well with dignity and clarity 3. a lady/gentleman speaks well of others and remembers when to close their mouth 4. a lady/gentleman is attentive and is graceful 5. a lady/gentleman is intelligent and worldly

1. a cortesean is open and explores new things with excitement 2. a cortesean is creative and the best 3. a cortesean is always ready 4. a cortesean is a whore and a lady/gentleman 5. a cortesean is skilled at many arts and knows exactly how to please.

Stylized examples of servitude

Through play and scening a few examples throughout history are used as ways of servitude. Here are a few examples, I will do research soon on each of these and give some hints on how to incoporate them into your daily life.

1. a courtesan - knowledgable, skilled and a respected prositute
2. a harem girl
3. a french maid or ladies sissy maid
4. a geisha

These characters can be made to fit your life through dress and carriage. Playing a french maid is quite exciting especially when your Owner is holding a flogger in one hand ;)

Stylized examples of servitude are good for scenes and for when your Dom is sick. A french maid waiting on them hand and foot bringing them cold medicine and tissues is an excellent way to achieve servitude even through sickness.


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