A Game For 2 - self bondage scenario

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clamped gaggged in corset
tied in latex
crotchrope corset
rope tied in garter belt

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
self bondage drawings

A - A blindfold.

B - A gag (one which "WILL" make him dribble).

C - Nipple clamps or pegs.

D - Handcuffs.

E - Tape around hands to keep them in fists.

F - A vibrating buttplug inside him.

G - Spreader bars keeping ankles apart.

H - High heeled shoes (These may or may not be needed, used to make his penis and her mouth the same height).

1 - A blindfold.

2 - A belt (To make sure she cannot remove the penis from her mouth).

3 - Nipple clamps (secured so that she cannot rub them off against his legs)

4 - Handcuffs.

5 - A vibrator.

6 - Ankle cuffs.


There is no release method on the picture, use your imagination, the simplest would be an ice or clock release that dropped all the padlock keys near to the hands.

First thing, both people strip naked. Do whatever you can to make his penis stay erect for as long as possible.

She needs to kneel in front of him to get a comparison of height between his penis and her mouth, if her mouth is above his penis then he will need to wear high heels. If he needs to wear high heels "H" then make him put them on now.

He must make a fist with both hands, She will wrap sticky tape arond his hands starting from about half way up his wrist, this will prevent him from opening up his hands "E".

She will then handcuff his hands behind his back "D".

She will then blindfold and gag him "A & B".

She will then part his legs with the spreader bar "G".

She will then Insert the vibrating buttplug into him "F", do not turn it on yet.

She will put the nipple clamps or pegs onto him "C".

She will kneel down in front of him.

She must put her ankle cuffs on now "6"

She will now put her vibrator into herself "5", Do not switch it on yet.

She will put nipple clamps onto herself "3", making sure they cannot be rubbed off on his legs.

She will now blindfold herself "1".

She must switch on both the vibrator and the vibrting buttplug "F & 5".

Make sure that the controlls to both the vibrator and the vibrting buttplug are thrown out of reach from now on.

She must now put her mouth arond his penis and put the belt "2" around both of them, the belt must be tight enough to prevent her from pullung her head away and the buckle must be out of reach and locked.

Last of all She must handcuff her own hands behind her back.

Wait for the release.



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