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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
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A game to increase the thrill of excitement

I think that most of us who love bondage, at some point have tried self bondage. Either as a way to explore bondage, or as a solution for those who don't have a partner. Or in cases when the partner is not at hand.

Either way self bondage can be funny, thrilling and exciting, but also a little dull. the problem is that you generally want a fool proof method to escape. And further more you often have some idea as to how long the session will last, since you set the timer, choose the ice cube etc. You also know that the time until rescue is a wait with no surprises.

This is a game to increase the thrill of self bondage.

You need a person who you can trust, probably someone who share your interest. But this person doesn't have to be your partner, nor want to actually play with you. He/she doesn't even have to meet you.

You start by writing down a self bondage scenario that you want the other person to carry out. In the scenario you use a combination padlock as the crucial point. You then place the description in an envelope together with an combination padlock that only you know the combination to. Your friend does the same.

Next step is to decide who will carry out the others scenario. You can flip a coin, join a bet or whatever is your cup of tea. The one chosen gets the other persons envelope, in IRL or via traditional mail. When occasion arises you set the action by phone. The "lucky one" opens the envelope checks that all needed equipment is available and carries out the instructions, using the combination padlock to definitely lock one self up.

Then helpless wait...

The other person controls the scenario by choosing the time for liberation. When he/she thinks that it's about time, he/she calls the helpless friend and waits for the answering machine to start. On the answering machine he/she leaves the message with the combination, making it possible for the bound person to start getting free.

If you want to tease the bound person, God forbid, you just call ,ask if everything feels ok and tell them you're going out for a night downtown.

the person in bondage hear the answering machine start and the combination being read out. The journey towards freedom can begin.

Especially if, (IF my laughed desperately what IF?) the scenario includes "cruelty" such as clamps, vibrators, water dripping into bucket etc, the experience of helplessness/power can be quite a thrill.

Please consider the following:

Check that you can hear the messages being left on your answering machine.

The combination padlock must be where you can see it.

There is no Quick release. If everything goes wrong, you have to try all the combinations.

Play with passion and a slight touch of sense!


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