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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
bucket for selfbondage

A game of battling wills

When playing with bondage, thereís one thing I like to add. The element of struggle between minds and wills. For instance if you play that you have captured an enemy spy and that you are to force her to give up all her secret information.

Or If you make a bet. It could be something like this: I have you now in my power. Within one hour I will bend you to my will, or Iíll trade place with youÖ.

Of course the binder has to apply some sort of pressure on the captive and this scenario is one suggestion as to what that might be.

I prefer to use a broomstick or some other rod or pole. The scene is to take place in the bathroom or some other room with a water tap. One would also need a hook or a towel hanger or something like that.

I start by tying my captives wrist behind her backs. I also tie her elbows as close as she can keep them for an hour or so. Next I tie her ankles. I then Insert the stick/pole between her arms and back. I fasten it to her ankle tie and proceed to tie her knees to the pole. I tie a long rope around her waist and the pole, chinching it properly. Usually I also wrap a long rpoe around her chest both above and beneath her breasts. Chinching it between her breasts I lead one end over each shoulder and fasten it in back. I then place her next to the hook or the hanger in a manner so that she is facing the water tap. In this position I secure her to the anchor point. Personally I prefer to use both a gag and blindfold.

My next move is to tie a rope to the waist rope in back lead it between her legs to the front where I thread it under the waist rope and let the end hang loose. I carefully see to it that the rope goes between her lips and right over her clit. Then I take the loose end of the rope and lead it to the tap where I thread it trough some hole or place it half a turn around the tap itself. I then tie a large bucket to the rope.

And this is where the really fun part begins. I open the tap so that the water pours slowly into the bucket, if I want to be cruel I just let it drop, drop by drop. Then, without saying anything, I leave her to discover how it all works. Tied the way she is, she canít move much and there is nothing she can do when she starts to understand her predicament.

After a while, 10 minutes or so I return and tell her what she will have to do to be released. It may be revealing all her secrets, give up a bet, offer herself to me in a way I will describe later, or maybe Iíll tell her that I do this for fun and there is nothing she can do to get out of it.

I then check on her every ten minutes or so, caressing her and kissing her to keep her interested in the game. It always keep getting more and more intense, and I decide how fast her frustration will grow by turning the tap.

I think this is most fun when something is at stake. I like a game when I am using this to break her will and make her do something. Of course it gets more interesting if there is some way for her to win also. For instance if she can endure for an hour, or until the bucket is full.

I love the way this can add playfulness to the game. I mean what if I have tied my girl like this, and told her that she will win our bet if she can stand until the bucket is fullÖ

- Darling, is it getting strenuous? OK, I will let you rest for a while.

I then close the tap and leave her with the bucket half full, the time running and her getting no closer to her goal. Thatís a little everyday devilry that I like to add my bondage games.

And for you female binders, tying a man up. This scenario works at least as well with a rope tied around the balls and then attached to the bucket, promise!


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