Knees to Nipples - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

First of all, freeze a rope with a key of your wristcuffs. When done, fix that rope at the ceiling in order to have while the ice melts a key that swings down and stays hanging at 2 ft over the floor in the room(set this system in the living room).

Take off all your clothes.Got to the kitchen

Take a leather neck collar with a D. Ring and fasten it around your neck with a padlock ; be sure to position the ring behind the neck.

You will bind your ankles with cuffs and use a spreader bar with two leathers cuffs around your knees (just over them).

Put handcuffs on your wrists but don't lock them.

The last step : take a rope or a leather strap and let it go through the ring at the middle of the spreader bar. The two ends will be fixed on your rings at your nipples : I know you use key rings as clamps. The strap must be in tension if your thighs are not bent are their maximum against your stomach. If you try to spread your thighs a little, it will pull on your nipples immediately.. Lay down on the floor in the kitchen. Then lock your handcuffs behind your neck after passing your arms over your head. The trick is that if you want to release from bondage, you will have to crawl very carefully to the living room and you need to catch the key that will swing down after the melting of the ice. But to reach the key you will have to sit down and catch the key hanging from the ceiling. With the tension on your nipples, you will have contract your muscles to set your legs at their highest position.

Have fun !!! and tell me if you have tried this scenario ?


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