Suspension self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

You will gather up your ropes and ball gag and a chair. As in the senario where you set yourself with your back to the door you will put a loop of rope over each side of the top of a door. On the back side of the door the rope loops will be tied to the door handle. Now close the door. Each loop should have a knot that hangs just over the top of the back of the door so that the rope can not stretch and pull down the front of the door. Confusing, I know. I just want a loop of rope showing on your side of the door. On the back side of the door a knot that forms the loop keeps the rope from pulling over the door once it is closed. The knot can't pull through the top crack.

Now you will tie many ropes around your body. Around your chest just under your arms. Under your breasts. Around your waist. Then use a doubled rope and tie it to the middle of your chest rope in front then down to the ropes under your breasts. Continue down to the front of the waist rope and tie to it before taking it on down between your legs and up to the waist rope in back. It then goes up to the middle of the breasts and chest ropes in back. Divide the doubled rope and take it over each shoulder and tie both to the middle of the chest rope again. You now have a body harness. You can improve on this if you want but I want something similar to this when it is done. Now tie a rope to the top of each shoulder rope. ( all these ropes should be strong...preferibly nylon if you have it) Each rope goes from your shoulders up through the loop at the side of the top of the door and then let each hang down for now. Next move the chair close to the door but leave room to stand between the chair and the door. A little less than 1/2 meter. Place the ballgag into your mouth and buckle it tight. Put your cuffs on your wrist and then climb onto the chair and stoop down facing the door. Do not kneel. Just squat down and rest your thighs on your ankles so your legs are folded all the way. You can use the back of the chair for support. Now tie each thigh to the ankle below it. Do not tie both legs together but tie them individually. Cinch between the ankle and thigh. Move to the edge of the chair and lean forward till your knees are against the door and steady yourself with them. Next take the hanging ropes and tie each one to a cinch rope at each ankle/leg coil and pull all the slack out of the hanging rope. Place your hands on the ropes that go up from your shoulders and pull hard on them as you ease yourself forward off the chair and move your knees towards the floor. Gradually straighten your arms till you are totally suspended by the ropes. As your weight hangs the ropes will pull your legs out to the sides and the harness will tuck itself in tightly between your legs. Give yourself just a minute to be sure nothing is pinched and you will be okay for a short while before locking your cuffs behind your back. Now all you can do is hang in your harness untill the safety line becomes free.


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