The combination padlock self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
combination padlock for self bondage

I think that feelings like frustration and powerlessness are excellent spices in bondage games. This is a scenario that is built on these feelings.

I live in a house with a basement. One of the rooms in the basement has no windows and can thus be completely dark. As a preparation to the game I lead an extension flex to the top of a shelf where I fastened it properly. I then connected a timer to the flex and a lamp to the timer.

I then had my girlfriend sit on the floor in the middle of the room. I instructed her to pull her knees up till they presses against her breasts. I wound a long rope several times around he body and legs in a way so that the rope went under her armpits, round her back and just under her knees. I tied it of in the middle of her back and lead one rope end over each shoulder, down between her knees where I tied the final knot around the coils keeping her body bent. Since the ropes went under her arms, there was no chance of it sliding up, and the ropes over her shoulders kept it from sliding down. I then tied her ankles and provided her with a ballgag.

My next step was to secure her wrists. I used a pair of sturdy leather handcuffs that locked with padlocks. I fastened the first around her left wrist, using a plain padlock. I then placed the other around her right wrist, using a padlock that opened with a combination. The reason for putting the combination lock on her right was that she is right handed and thus would be forced to manoeuvre the lock with her left. Setting the timer I explained the situation to her:

- Now the timer is set so that it will be dark in fifteen minutes. After that the light goes on for fifteen minutes, after which it will be dark until the same time tomorrow… I will now go to bed. If you want to keep me company in bed, you will have to use the fifteen minutes to unlock the combination padlock. If you don’t, you’ll have to spend the night here. The combination is 011.

I kissed her on the forehead got up, closed the door and went to our bedroom. I checked the time. I went to bed trying to relax, but my body was boiling from excitement. I constantly checked my watch and tried to imagine what she felt like down there.

The first quarter of an hour passed and I knew she had light to work on the lock. What she didn’t know, but soon was to find out, was that I had given her the wrong combination!

I waited until her light must have been out for at least fifteen minutes before I went down to rescue her. Guess if she had been experiencing frustration and powerlessness . The prospect of sleeping tied the way she was in a dark basement room had not appealed to her and she was far from certain wheather I had known that the lock didn’t open. What if I had already fallen asleep!

We ended the evening in bed together.


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