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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
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You will bring a chair into the hallway under the pipe. The chair is just to sit on till all is ready. Some of this you will have already prepared for the senario. You will place a cuff around each arm just above the elbow with the D rings toward the opposite arm. Another set of cuffs will be locked on at your wrist. Sitting on the chair you will slip on your high heel shoes that are too small for you. You will tie your ankles together and cinch them. You will also run ropes under the soles of the shoes just in front of the heels so the shoes are actually tied onto your feet and can't slip off. You will tie your legs together just above the knees and cinch those ropes also. The end of a short rope will be tied to the D-ring on one of the cuffs above your elbow. The loose end will go across your back and then pass through the D-ring on the opposite cuff and left just hanging down for now. Another short rope will be tied to that cuff's D-ring and then it also will go across your back and pass through the D-ring of the first cuff. Now if the two ropes are pulled downward your elbows will be pulled closer together but we want you to still be able to move your arms for now so don't tie the ends to anything yet. The bit-gag is placed between your teeth and buckled tight behind your head. You slide forward on the chair and sit up very straight. You wrap a rope very tightly around your waist just above the hips many times constricting your waist much smaller. Tie the ends together when all the rope is used. There are two ropes hanging from the pipe above you. A snap clip is tied to the end of each one and both are hanging to the same heigth from the floor. One of the snap clips is fastened to one end of your wooden spreader bar. The other end of the bar is lying on the floor for now. A third rope hangs from the pipe next to the rope that is clipped to the bar. It has a loop and tent knot in it. A string is also tied to the pipe at the same point as the rope that is fastened to the bar.

With everything ready you stand up from the chair and lift the spreader bar from the floor and pass the end between your thighs. You lift up on your toes and snap the second snap-hook onto the end of the bar and position yourself halfway between the ends of the bar. Having adjusted the hooks earlier the bar is just the right heigth. If you lift high onto your toes there is no pressure on the bar but if you lower yourself onto the heels of the shoes the bar presses firmly against your sex. Now we begin the complexities of the bondage. If your bit gag has a D-ring on the strap you can use a couple snap clips fastened together to clip the gag to the rope that supports the bar behind you. If not then you will tie a short cord between the gag and that rope. The cord must be too short to reach the rope without pulling the rope and the gag closer together. Now if you sit on the bar it will force your head back a little. Next you will clamp your nipples and tie a string from the clamps to the rope supporting the bar in front of you. This string also must be too short to reach without pulling the rope and clamps closer together You will have to lift onto your toes to complete this part. Now if you sit on the bar the gag and the clamps will be pulled in opposite directions. A nose hook will now be placed into your nose and the cord will be pulled over your head and tied to the gag strap in back. The string hanging from above you is then tied at the top of the nose-hook so that even when you stand all the way up on your toes there is still a little pull on your nose. If you lower yourself your nose if pulled upwards and your head forced way back. Next you will reach behind you and pull all the slack from the ropes that pass between the elbow cuffs. Slip the ends of these ropes under the waist rope and pull it as tight as you can before making a knot at the waist rope. Last you will reach your arms beyond the support rope behind you and lock them to the tent loop. Now pull the loop till your arms are raised up behind you and your elbows are pulled close together. Your arms will not be very high, maybe less than straight out behind you but you will not be able to lean forward to relieve any tension so that will be plenty.

You are a crafty little girl and way too often manage to excape your bondage too soon. This time I want the key to the lock to be frozen into an ice-cube. Not a large cube, but one that will last a while. You will use the hose with the ice in the toe to keep you from getting the key right away but even after the ring falls and you can retrieve the key you must wait for the ice-cube to finish melting before you can get free.

I am sure you will be eager to get free after a short while in the high heels that cramp your toes. You will be sitting briefly on the bar but soon returning to a more lofty position to lessen the pain in your breasts and the pull on your nose. Getting the key finally but still having to wait to free yourself will be terribly frustrating


I hope this makes it to your "to do" list,

Play safe and have fun.

A few modifications

As for the shoes......I pictured standard heels. Sounds like yours are very high. No shoes will be okay but I had counted on your feet being uncomfortable to incourage you to want to sit more often. Perhaps in the time between now and the time you can do this you can create a type of rope sandel for me. Take a short rope and fold it twice so it has two loops at the same end. When you hold the rope now there are four ropes in your hand. Hold all four together as one rope and tie a knot in it about four inches from the end. From the knot there should be two loops now. Slip one loop over your second toe and the other over the fourth toe and place the knot under the arch of your foot. Then use the remaining rope to tie it in place onto your foot. Repete this on the other foot also. This will make it very uncomfortable when standing on your toes and also when lowered onto your heels. If you make the bar high enough that it supports you and you cannot lower to your heels you will still have to stand on the ropes under the balls of your feet untill freed.


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