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I'm sure everyone on this forum has fantasized about swallowing his semen while he masturbates. Then he orgasms and what was an incredibly hot thought thirty seconds previously suddenly seems like a dubious prospect at best.

After this happens a few times, it starts damaging the fantasy. You realize that either you are going to have to go through with it, or your erotic vision of swallowing your own cum will be forever weakened. Here is one of the more far out solutions I came up with many years ago.

The concepts is to tie yourself in the middle of the room using nasty knots that cannot be untied without difficulty. You will need at least two mostly opposite anchor points to prevent yourself from moving around freely. Tie yourself to the anchor points with long cords.

Choose a location where you have nowhere to put down a container. You also need to measure the length of the cords so that you can't reach the floor. This will take some trial and error.

Now picture this scenario: Each wrist is tied so that you can reach your cock and your mouth but that's about it. You are anchored to points on opposite sides of the room so that you can go nowhere without difficulty. You cannot reach the floor.

You jerk off and come in a shot glass. You are now faced with a conundrum. You can't put the shot glass down. You could drop it, but then you would get semen stains on the carpet or the rug or your prized comic book collection or anything else that you don't want semen stained with which you have surrounded yourself.

You could try untying the knots securing you, but one of your hands is holding a glassful of cum that you risk spilling if you aren't careful. You could wipe the semen all over yourself, but in your post orgasm slump that seem pretty nasty in itself. There is an obvious solution about what to do with the cum that doesn't make a mess.

What do you do?


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