String Work - self bondage illustrated scenario

articles and tutorials female self bondage scenarios

Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A: A ground bolt so that your head cannot move.

B: Blindfold/gag trainer to give you a harder time escaping from here.

C: Right wrist and right ankle are bound together by w/e means.

D: Rope going to ceiling bolt to restrict movement of your right wrist and right ankle.

E: The key frozen in Ice.

F: A weight for nipple clamps and for affect on the key's height (Make sure the weight weighs more than the key frozen in ICE which mean more stress on your nipples).

G: The nipple clamps (Suggested that you get the one that tightens as they are moved away).

H: A rope/chain that goes to the top of the jug pull on the quick release valve to speed up the water rush.

I: A bolt that stops your weight (requires belt with O-Ring) and left ankle from moving.

J: J is the jug of water for the enema.

K: The tube connecting to your anus giving u the enema.

L: Any object that can be used as a pivot for the string so that it keeps the Jug on the shelf or in place and also allows u to access the quick release valve.

Important Information:

You must also use a secondary release if the nipple clamps should fall of. If the clamps stays in place, fine, everything works. If you lose the clamps, you will just have to wait some time longer until your secondary release can release you.


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