Nipple Pull - female self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A: This is a ballgag harness or some other type of gag. It does not matter as long as it keeps you quiet...

B: This is a par of locked thigh cuffs. They are locked together with object C.

C: This is a pair of locked ankle cuffs.

D: This is a pair of high heels. (They are not really needed.)

E: This is a tape with rice sprinkled on the inside. (Se {Chinese tape torture}.)

F: This is a pair of locked hand cuffs. They are locked to a chain that is locked to a anchor point in the floor.

G: This is a pair of clover style nipple clamps. they are connected to a rope leading to object G.

H: This is a empty bucket. The bucket should have a holes in the sides so that the water will only fill to a certain level. The level should be chosen according to the wanted level of discomfort/pain.

I: This is a bucket filled with frozen ice (Once again, ice is normally frozen...) The bucket is hanging from a rope leading to object J. When the ice melts, the water drops down into the empty bucket.

J: This is something to prevent the rope to pass the suspension ring in the wrong direction.

K: This is a weight. The key is hanging from the weight. (Could also be taped to the side of the weight.) When the ice in the bucket melts, the weight will pull the bucket up, lowering the key to your hands. Make sure that the weight is heavy enough to pull up the empty bucket.

Additional Information.

The waiting can be made more exiting with the use of some additional toys. Use your imagination and the things that you have.


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