Good Luck Knot Harness - bondage tutorial

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The Good Luck Knot Harness is a sturdy, clean and elegant piece. Compared to the harnesses sold in upscale fetish retail stores, it makes for a far more reasonably priced (the cost of the rope) way in which to fit a partner. Its lines place focus on the chest, so itís a great adornment for men or women. Plus it provides handy-dandy holds for gripping.

Rope length: 40 to 50 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

Begin the piece by first tying a Good Luck Knot. Be sure to make each of the closed loops of your Good Luck Knot about the length of a large hand.

Have your partner hold the Good Luck Knot across the chest. Bring the loose ends down the front, between the legs and up around the backside. Tie a Square Knot halfway up.

Bring each length around toward the lower loops of the Good Luck Knot. Then tuck the ends under, up and through each respective loop.

Bring the ropes back to the back, snugly. Once the loose rope ends are lined up with the spine, tie another Square Knot above the previous one.

Bring the loose rope ends up the back and over each of the shoulders.

Tuck both loose rope ends under, up and through their respective top loops of the Good Luck Knot.

Bring each rope down its respective side of the back, making sure to pull the piece snugly as you do so.

Thread each respective rope end under the lower part of the rope X on your partnerís back.

Then wind the loose rope four to five times around its leg of the X, leaving a small open loop at the end of the coil.

To tie off the rope, simply tuck each loose end of the rope down through the small open loop you left at the end of each wind.

Repeat the previous steps to compete the other side.

The result is a clean back and a decorative harness style on the front!


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