Over & Back Harness - bondage tutorial

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The Over & Back Harness is one of the best ways to keep someoneís arms and hands immobilized and out of the way. Still, this tie should not be used on partners who are new to bondage or have poor circulation. Instead, it should be saved for those annoyingly squirmy, flexible bottoms who believe they can get out of just about everything.

Rope length: 30 to 40 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

Begin the piece by first tying your partnerís wrists in a Basic Wrap.

Bring your partnerís wrapped wrists over the back until both hands are behind the tops of the shoulders.

Gather the dangling rope together and tie a double overhand knot between your partnerís shoulder blades. Do this by turning the rope pair up and under itselfÖ

and pulling both ropes through that loop until the knot is snug.

Now split the ropes and bring each rope around to the front of your partnerís body. Where both ends meet in the center of the chest, snugly tie a basic Square Knot.

Flip each respective end of the dangling rope upward to cross your partnerís chest like an X.

Now bring both respective ends around to the back. Weave them under each of the ropes in line above the overhand knot, pulling the ropes all the way through.

Pull the ropes apart to form a diamond shape, pulling your partnerís wrists down to the level of the shoulders.

Bring the ropes to the front, above the breast line. Tie them together snugly with another square knot.

Weave each end of the rope over the top two arms of the XÖ

and under the bottom two arms of the X that crosses the chest.

Under the bottom two arms of the X, tie an overhand knot (or really just the first half of a Square Knot).

To tighten the piece, pull this knot snug until the both Square Knots, top and bottom, meet.

The remaining rope can be corded to create a leash.

This leash makes a nice handhold for controlling your partner.

The diamonding method on the back is what makes it so difficult for submissives to squirm their arms over their heads to get their wrists to the front.


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