Three-Loop Quick Harness - bondage tutorial

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Here’s a quick chest harness that looks good, ties in about a minute, and lets you hold on to your partner with a nice cord on the back.

Rope length: 20 to 30 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

About one foot to the left of the very middle of your rope, make your first loop by laying the right-hand rope over the left rope.

Make your second loop the same way, but make it about four times the size of the first loop. (This loop should be sized just large enough to fit over your partner’s head.)

Now make the third loop, right-over-left, the same way and the same size as you made the first loop.

This is the trickiest part: REVERSE the order of the “stair-stepping” of the loops so that the left loop is now atop the middle loop and the right loop is under the middle loop. Don’t let it untwist.

Carefully pull the left side of the middle loop through the left loop—at the same time you pull the right side of the middle loop though the right loop.

Steadily pull the loop to both sides until the left and right loops collapse and tighten themselves into a knot in the middle, leaving you with a new loop on each side.

Carefully pull on the right-side loop in such a way that it grows while the other loop shrinks to about the diameter of a soda can.

Lay the large loop over the head of your partner.

Adjust the size of the loops so that the knot is in the center of the chest above the breast line. Pull the ropes to each side around to the back.

Cross the ropes in the back…

and twist them back in the opposite direction to form an X. Then bring each rope around to the front. Pull these ropes pretty tightly to ensure a snug harness.

Bring both ropes to the front and pull them all the way through the small loop and back around to the back. Maintain tension in the rope to keep a snug fit.

Bring the ropes to the back. Keeping them as tight as possible, tie them together using a Square Knot.

Pull each rope up and through its respective side of the X in the ropes above.

Bring the ends all the way through so that the Square Knot is now behind the X.

Make a harness leash by cording the ropes together, twisting each rope clockwise while you twist it around the other rope in a counter–clockwise corkscrew pattern.

Tie an overhand knot at the end of the ropes and cut off the excess rope to make a nice tasseled handle.

The back of the piece is simple and secure.

The front of the harness is tight and secure, and it looks elegant and much more complex than it actually is.


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