Double Coin Knot Bra with Wrist Tie-Back - bondage tutorial

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Chinese merchants once took the design of the Double Coin Knot to represent prosperity. For us, the Double Coin Knot represents an ideal knot for securely harnessing the chest, while maintaining a clean and elegant look. Also, because the Double Coin Knot is flat, the tyee can lie chest-down with little if any discomfort from the knot.

Rope length: 40 to 50 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch

Begin by placing the middle of the rope around the back of your partnerís neck. At the top of the chest tie a Double Coin Knot.

With both hands, pinch the left and right loops of the Double Coin Knot and stretch them out until they reach the front of your partnerís armpits.

Have your partner hold the stretched loops of the Double Coin Knot in place.

Just below the chest, tie a second Double Coin Knot. Make sure the knots are flat.

Take the dangling ropes below the second Double Coin Knot and spilt them flat across your partnerís chest. Then, move behind your partner with the dangling ropes in hand.

On the spine of your partner, tie a Double Coin Knot. Make sure the Double Coin Knot is securely tightened, but flat.

Now fish the respective rope ends underneath and then out the stretched loops of the Double Coin Knot your partnerís been holding.

Pull the lengths through the loops. Follow up by pulling the rope ends snugly back toward you.

With the dangling ropes running down your partnerís spine, loop each rope into a bight. Pull the bights up beneath, then over the rope at your partnerís neck.

Using both hands, pull the two bights down to, then beneath the ropes atop the X formed by the stretched Double Coin Knot along your partnerís back.

With both thumbs and forefingers, fish each dangling rope behind and through its respective bight.

Now pull the ends of the dangling ropes completely through the bights.

Now grip the dangling ropes and pull them up toward the loop at your partnerís neckÖ

and then down again. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary to eliminate all slack.

Once the Double Coin Knot Bra is complete, bring the arms of your partner back until they are both lying atop the dangling ropes.

Then bring each of the dangling ropes up and over both wrists. Make sure that each rope wraps around its wrist and outside of the vertical ropes down the back.

Repeat Step 16, but wrap the ropes outside of the ones you previously wrapped.

Below the wrists, cross the right dangling rope over the left and have your partner fan his or her fingers, palms facing back.

Bring each dangling rope back toward you, between your partnerís wrists and forearms. Then wrap the ropes past each other and away from you toward your partnerís back.

Once behind your partnerís wrists, cross the right dangling rope over the left, and bring the ropes toward you again.

Tie an overhand knot securely around the ropes leading up above your partnerís wrists.

To finish the piece, take both ends of the dangling rope, one in each hand, and cross them while rotating them both counterclockwise.

Begin cording the rope, twisting each rope clockwise before winding it over the left. (See Cording Rope Ends, page 19.)

Tie an overhand knot in the ends of the rope to secure them, making the cord into a nice leash to your partnerís back.


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