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The Rope Panty is the ready-to-wear result of combining the Trinity (Celtic) Knot and the Snake Weave. Both beautiful works of rope in their own right, together the two make for a stylish decorative rope piece that’s sure to grab attention!

Rope length: 30 to 40 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

rope panties

rope panties

Begin the piece by first tying a Trinity Knot.

rope panty

Have your partner hold the Trinity Knot in place slightly below her waistline, with the rope ends between her legs.

Pulling the loose ends of your rope up her backside, note the point on the ropes that reaches the small of her back.

Holding this measured distance with your thumb, have your partner let go of the Trinity Knot. Carefully take your piece onto the floor.

From your measured distance up to the base of the Trinity Knot, make a Snake Weave. Once your Snake Weave is complete…

weave each loose end of the rope through the corner loop of the Trinity Knot. NOTE: the end that emerged on top should pass from below the loop, opposite the other.

Once again, have your partner hold the Trinity Knot in place between her legs and slightly below her waistline.

Bring the end of the Snake Weave back between her legs…

and up her backside to the small of her back.

Take the loose ropes and tuck each end under and up through the corresponding loop at the end of the Snake Weave.

Approximately halfway between the small of your partner’s back and the front of the piece…

tie a sliding overhand knot as in Steps 1 through 3 of the instructions for the Fisherman’s Knot.

At approximately the same location but on your partner’s opposite hip…

repeat Steps 1 through 3 of the Fisherman’s Knot.

Adjust the piece by moving each of the respective sliding overhand knots back and forth.

rope panty

Once the piece is comfortably in place, you can snip the rope ends and fray them into tassels to add a little more flair!


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