Trinity Knot Bra - bondage tutorial

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The Trinity Knot can turn an otherwise simple harness into a work of art. Plus, it lifts and separates! Tied with longer rope, this piece can serve as the beginning of an intricate body harness with unlimited creative possibilities when used in conjunction with additional knots (like the Double Coin) and wraps. The Trinity Knot can also be left tied in the rope, making future harnesses instant and easy to repeat.

Rope length: 15 feet or longer

Rope diameter: Any

Start with a Trinity Knot tied in the very middle of a length of rope. Below the Trinity Knot, add space below the breasts by adding a Double Coin Knot.

Bring one end of the rope up its respective side and feed it through the top corner loop of the Trinity Knot, up from behind.

Leave just enough slack to form a large loop that fits around the breast.

Repeat the previous steps for the other side. Keep both of the loops evenly sized and symmetrical.

Bring both ropes over the shoulders and secure them with another Double Coin Knot, just below the neck.

Bring each rope under the arms and pass it through the outside corner of the breast loop on its respective side.

Double back each rope so it comes back under the arms. Tie it securely using a Square Knot or a Double Coin Knot.

Use this bra as a beautiful adornment for a simple outfit, or use it as the basis for a playful bondage harness.


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