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First, I bound her on the stool, subjecting her tits to tight round and round bondage, and tipped her nipples with clothespins! She didn't like it! The ball gag caused her to drool more than any other girl I've shot, before or since! It was as if she had a bottomless well of saliva! I love it when a tightly bound girl drools around the bit gag! The tight crotch rope caused her a lot of discomfort as well.

Holly - Led into the room by Taylor, Holly seems to be in a lot of trouble as Taylor suggests to Holly that she has plans for her that she won't like. Her bit-gag removed, Holly lays down on the bed to think about how to try and escape.


You look terrific, my sweetie. These black latex pants, the sticky tape on your nipples and the high heels sound like a perfect match to the red rope I have for you today. Your hands tied behind your back, your tits surrounded with knots, mouth bit gagged, and you are ready to be thrown upon this beautiful bed. You're so charming, my submissive beauty!

She got the I'm a slut bit gag expecting Taylor to get a similar treatment, but actually Taylor's gag agrees with the first one. Holly was unhappy!

In just my open PVC outfit, I am strung up to the ceiling by a bit gag, with bands around my body to stop me escaping. What has he got in store for me?

She is bit gagged and her toes are tied. Her toes are then connected to her gag!

She is chair tied in the kitchen and a bit gag is placed in her mouth!

I was bit gagged then tied in a tight hogtie in my corset and latex catsuit. That will teach me!

Her lips worked around the gag as I put her into tight "squash" breast bondage, savoring how the soft flesh swelled around the cords, getting red and tender! She whimpered into her gag as her boobs throbbed and ached! I loved it! She didn't, but she was tied, bit gagged, and completely helpless!


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