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She's now been taken into a different room and she's still bound and cleave-gagged with a scarf. This means she is unable to stop me pulling her dress down exposing her breasts and lifting it up showing off her matching red panties.

With her captive securely cleave gagged, Wendy proceeds to tie poor Cassie's elbows very tightly, arching her shoulders back, and pushing her heavy tits even further out! Wendy smiles viciously as she fondles the lush mounds, ignoring Cassandra's gagged moans! The moans change to squeals of pain when Wendy cruelly pinches the busty captive's delicate nipples while telling her of further humiliating treatment to come!

Just in case anyone hasn't guessed, I hate Manda, so it's fun to tie her up and make her look like a whore. In this set she is wearing an appropriate colour, Red, which suits her image. She's bound and cleave-gagged, which is also good!

Leather straps, cleave gag and latex.

She is bound on the livingroom floor and cleave gagged. Her toes are even tied.

I woke up dressed in a tight black PVC dress, some hose and some high heels. I was tied tightly with my arms behind my back and my knees and ankles tied and I was cleave gagged with a silk scarf. I couldn`t believe it!

6 cleave gagged and hogtied
This girl cleave gagged and hog-tied on the livingroom floor.

She is snug hogtie and cleave gag applied to my squirming body on a fury rug antagonized by the possibility of escape by the scissors that lay unreachable above my head.

Bound and cleave gagged in front of the fireplace.

As if it wasn`t enough to tie me to the table and cleave gag me I couldn`t believe it when he started tickling me ALL over. There was nothing I could do to stop him tickling my armpits, my breasts, stomach and then my bare feet. I was in agony!

She is cleave gagged, fondled, and her skirt removed before he tells her his friends are there for a poker game!


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